🔥40% Off Code – $19.19 Large Outdoor Door Mats Rubber Shoes Scraper 36" x 24" for Front Door Entrance (Grey)

2021.09.27 17:35 cbvv1992 🔥40% Off Code – $19.19 Large Outdoor Door Mats Rubber Shoes Scraper 36" x 24" for Front Door Entrance (Grey)

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2021.09.27 17:35 foetusized In Nashville for the show tonight

I’m actually in Murfreesboro right now, at a relative’s house, but will be leaving for the town soon. My son bought two VIP tickets for the show, then fell out with the friend he was going to take, so today this 54 year old father is going to his first metal show. Hopefully, there will a calm spot for the old guy with a cane to keep out of the crowd. Metal-wise, my tastes are more Sunn 0))) these days, but looking at YouTube videos the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to appreciate the talent of Lorna Shore, and the music on their new EP.
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2021.09.27 17:35 UnusualPumpkin7688 🔥 MoonX - Launching Soon [0 Days old] Hyper Deflationary Utility Token w/ Use Case [$0 Market Cap] A BurningMoon X MoonX Collaboration 👀 with Legendary Dev Rainhard🔥

MoonX is a hyper deflationary Utility Token that will revitalize the BSC space and bring the crypto community together on this unified mission to the moon. It will be the native currency on ProjectX aiding activities such as, but not limited to: a charting platform, dext swap, launchpad, NFT minting, token bridge, escrow services, plus more!
Website : https://moonxbsc.com/
MoonX is designed to increase in value as time progresses via its anti-gravitational auto-burning mechanism.
MoonX will be the fuel of the future, so let your imagination run wild with the thought of a fully comprehensive platform that gives the end-user and projects alike, all the tools & functionalities they require on a single platform!
The strategic relationship between MoonX and ProjectX enables both entities to work in unison with one another and offer each other the freedom to thrust their way to the top of the crypto universe!
Our mission is to provide true value through utility and scarcity.
What Is ProjectX?
ProjectX intends to change the way we interact with Cryptocurrency as a whole. It will be the one stop shop for all of your needs simplifying the journey for both new and old enthusiasts alike.
For strategic reasons, we will not be revealing everything that ProjectX will provide until we are further into the development of the platform and ready to reveal it.
Utility Token:
✅ 10 Million Tokens Max Supply
✅ 5 Million tokens burned immediately on launch
✅ 5 Million Remaining
✅ Presale allocation: 1.5 Million
✅ Pancake swap Liquidity: 1.5 Million
✅ Team allocation: 750,000
✅ Project Development: 1.25M
✅ Solid Marketing Plan
✅ Coin Websites, CoinmarketCap, Coingecko and CEX Exchanges
✅ Utility token for ProjectX
2% Reflection (Auto Burn)
4% Marketing, 3% Platform Development, 2% Giveaway
4% Distributed To Liquidity Pool
Contract Features:
✅ Whale Protection - Max Wallet size will be 1% of the total supply
✅ Dump Protection at launch
✅ Auto Burns - Occurs during buy and sell transactions
✅ Auto Liquidity - Generated through buy and sell transactions
Start Platform Development
Listings on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap CoinHunt etc.
Community Building Missions & Rewards
1st Marketing Campaign
5 million token Community Burn
Token Contract Audit
White Paper Rollout
Website Launch
Website : https://moonxbsc.com/
💰 Contract: 0xbc456bb8b40b0d00ea3d4342afbe8acd0697addf
💰Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbc456bb8b40b0d00ea3d4342afbe8acd0697addf
💰Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbc456bb8b40b0d00ea3d4342afbe8acd0697addf#readContract
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2021.09.27 17:35 Foreign-Power1179 it’s hard being a fresh grad amidst all this. i wanna be hot and employed not hot but unemployed lmao.

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2021.09.27 17:35 wastemanagement17 Azelf Raid 1853 5965 3076

Adding first ten
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2021.09.27 17:35 LaggySquishy [Searching] Th14 with all heroes maxed. (On the road to leagues)

I am looking for a clan that always does war, and friendly and active in chat. I am not great at attacking myself but since I am Th14 with maxed heroes I can get 3 stars on lower bases easily. I also dont mind donating especially maxed siege machines because I am always making them. I might join in with my second account aswell (also Th14 almost maxed heroes) so any recruiting clans hmu! Preferrably english only.
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2021.09.27 17:35 Mysterious-Nerve-776 💎SolBnb is Launching Now, $BNB and $SOL (4%-4%) in every 60 minutes! Huge marketing plans is coming! The Next Gen reward token, SOL NFT platform is coming

SOLBNB $SOLB is a double dividend yield paying token on the BSC. Inspired by the Binance Smart Chain and Solana communities, the dev team who are long time crypto investors aim to provide the $SOLBNB community with the best of both tokens, a fun atmosphere and lots of $BNB and $SOL for everyone to share!
All holders of $SOLBNB (regardless of the amount of tokens held) will receive $BNB and $SOL in equal amounts of value (4%-4%) automatically airdropped into their wallets every 60 Minutes!
🔥 NFT Market place coming soon
🔥 Partnering with professionals from all sectors.
🔥 Daily AMAs and Community Games with Giveaways.
🔥 1K Telegram members and growing
🔥 CMC and CG soon.
🔥 Get rewarded in $BNB or $SOL rewards for holding $SOLBNB tokens.
💠 Tax Fee: 10%
8% goes back to the Holders in SOL and BNB
1% is for marketing / buyback
1% goes into the liquidity pool as it is with every crypto token.
♻️ BNB and SOL Redistribution: 8% of all transactions have BNB auto-redistributed to $SOLBNB holders. Auto-claimed every 60 Minutes after every sells and buys.
🔐 LP Allocation: 1% of all transactions go to liquidity pool
🐳 Anti whale/dump lock: Sells are restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply
SOLBNB is a reflective, LP acquisitioning and Buy Back Token. Which means that every transaction will distribute tokens to the holders, it will also liquidate assets meaning it will provide and grow the liquidity pool and burns tokens automatically. We have also set up Buy Back protocols. All of which redistribute with every transaction. Every action taken is with our community in mind.
Our Tokenomics are designed for the future. The anti-bot and anti-dump features will provide our HOLDERS stability in a safe, and 100% rug proof, environment. We also know that marketing and liquidity play an important role in the growth of the token. So our fees will make sure that this part is taken care of with every transaction.
SOLBNB has a very low Buy-In fee and a time delay has been implemented on both buys and sells to prevent chart manipulation by bots. To prevent Big Dumps you can only sell with a maximum price impact of 0,3%.

✅ Ranking on CoinHunt / CoinSniper / CoinHunt / FreshCoins / RugFreeCoins
✅ Special Marketing With SafuPaper Release 👌👌
✅ Daily Reddit CMS Trending posts | Multiple Times a day
✅ Poocoin Campaign Ready 🔥🔥
✅ 24Hours Marketing before Pancakeswap Listing
✅ Team of Twitter Influencers Collaborating & Ready
✅ ID verified Doxxing & Contract Audit Report With Techrate
✅ Multiple AMA sessions
✅ Inhouse Marketing & Media Team with New Stuff everyday 😎😎🍰🍰
✅ Strong Shilling Army Active | Weekly Contests Ongoing
Contract Address: 0x860d2b62ae92ad3f5c9275b4ff4d8153f1f4671c
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x860d2b62ae92ad3f5c9275b4ff4d8153f1f4671c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x860d2b62ae92ad3f5c9275b4ff4d8153f1f4671c#readContract
LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb52eeaf29004837275e97751a36f9a89ada8d0f6
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2021.09.27 17:35 b0wchikka Overnight price changes - significance?

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2021.09.27 17:35 Fresh-Werewolf6500 Jolse custom fees?

In the website they say that they declare the package as a gist with low value so you don't have to pay customs but if it get caught on customs then you have to pay the custom fees. Has anyone order from Jolse? Did you have to pay custom fees?
I live in Greece and the customs are very expensive
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2021.09.27 17:35 desibeauty420 #namaste

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2021.09.27 17:35 binkparbie How much candy do you eat a week?

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2021.09.27 17:35 RosyGlow Hey, got any beta for climbing this rock?

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2021.09.27 17:35 to_myroots Hold the line solo cover, tried my best

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2021.09.27 17:35 Sensitive-Actuator94 Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Motivational Speeches https://youtu.be/TBuIGBCF9jc

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2021.09.27 17:35 couponfordeals 47% off < $47.99 < DIPPER G902 9 inch AR Globe Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.09.27 17:35 swoop_ds Syrinscape is finally done all the chapters!

I haven’t checked to see if the last chapter is loaded in yet but they announced that the ‘mega pack’ will be available on Friday.
I’ve run this module to the end for two groups and have two more going right now. I’m looking forward to having that music instead of relying on the roll20 jukebox like I did in the past.
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2021.09.27 17:35 kingmadfgdfg I like this

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2021.09.27 17:35 edgesandnets Fake Crowd Noises Used In China National Games Table Tennis

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2021.09.27 17:35 niuz-bot VIDEO Cîţu: PNRR este aprobat, semnat şi va fi aplicat; pentru România va însemna dezvoltare şi modernizare - [Politica]

Planul Naţional de Redresare şi Rezilienţă este aprobat, semnat şi va fi aplicat, lucru care pentru România va însemna dezvoltare, va însemna modernizare, a declarat luni prim-ministrul Florin Cîţu.

"PNRR este aprobat, semnat şi va fi aplicat, lucru care pentru R...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/politica/2021/09/27/video-citu-pnrr-este-aprobat-semnat-si-va-fi-aplicat-pentru-romania-va-insemna-dezvoltare-si-modernizare--786568
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2021.09.27 17:35 Regular_Advantage155 Should I (39/m) tell him?

So I've been talking to this woman, I like her but we haven't been out yet. One of her ex's is a long time tattoo customer of mine. They've been split up for year's but I feel pretty hypocritical about it.
Backstory: This guy was a friend of a shop I used to work at. One day I had caught my ex cheating and took it to Facebook (the only time ever) and he slid in my DMs with a bunch of questions. My suspicious nature led me to believe he was going to try to hook up with her so ever since I've treated him well and kept him close, but never outside of work. I've hit him up for some nutritional info but that's about it.
Over the years he has come in with a bunch of girls, eventually they break up and the girls then get together and share war stories and often come back and share them with me. Now, I've never had a bad interaction with this guy myself but we are talking about the most toxic bs you can imagine. From stalking on and offline to restraining orders to dogs with crushed heads, kids that he can't visit and all sorts of other horrible shit.
I've matched with a couple of the women over the years but always assumed he was catfishing me. Turns out, I was wrong about at least one of them. I've put a ton of work on him over the years, always give him a great deal. We have a good conversational relationship.
My question is, I tell him? Do I wait until we've been out a few times? Or do I blow it off and hope for the best? My current plan is to bring it up when I see him next and apologize for thinking he was catfishing me to see where he's at with it before it starts.... Not that it would stop me, but at least all of my cards would be on the table.
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2021.09.27 17:35 mumpf1997 Construction work in Hamburg, Germany

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2021.09.27 17:35 BrianAnim My walkaround footage of Flight Sim Expo 2021 this weekend in San Diego

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2021.09.27 17:35 Skeetboi17 I found some silver for $1.29 over spot

Just letting whoever out there know that this looks like a complete steal...
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2021.09.27 17:35 develasco22 Emi Martinez asking Cristiano to take the penalty kick right in front of Bruno Fernandes

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2021.09.27 17:35 MAAAAAAAAAMAAAA If you could any company , what would it be?

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