Syphon for Mac

2021.09.27 18:44 comtnman22 Syphon for Mac

Anyone have experience with Syphon on a Mac? I'm thinking about using it for recording some speaker sessions from Zoom. Using ZoomISO to create the Syphon feeds and then either OBS or Syphon Record for the capture. Thoughts or concerns?
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2021.09.27 18:44 PetiteOmega A manga I read long ago

I'm trying to hunt down work by an artist I read years and years ago, because I recall their art as being incredibly beautiful. Their bottoms were very very feminine (female passing) and their books contained little stories, like one where a prince goes to an establishment/brothel filled with fantastical magical workers. It's said that you can have your desire for one night. His servant who is in love with him is then selected to be transformed into a magical-looking creature and spend the night with him.
Another of the artist's stories takes place in an establishment of entertainment. The main character falls in love with the singer there and eventually tries to run away with them.

Another story is a king who grows his kingdom for his love, bigger and bigger and gets lost in it, gaining a big harem and forgets his original lover. When he then loses everything, everyone but his lover leaves and they can be happy together again.

I am unsure if it is by the same artist, but there might also be this story about a sort of cat people you can buy, who will imprint on the first person they see and die if they do not have regular sex.

I remember the art as being not just defined by the very feminine bottoms, but by the characters having fairly wide mouths and the art being very detailed. I wasn't sure where else to ask than here and hope this rings a bell for someone c:
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2021.09.27 18:44 Swarley133 Dallara: BMW, Cadillac LMDh Projects “Very Separate”

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2021.09.27 18:44 Remarkable-Damage478 Agent Milton brings an old friend to Arthur...

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2021.09.27 18:44 john88676 Is this the ventro glute?

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2021.09.27 18:44 Hellvis_50s Morning fog (RN88 road, France)

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2021.09.27 18:44 AssortedCooking "Crispy Potato Bites"- Nice and crisp on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Quick and easy to make.

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2021.09.27 18:44 ScrapPotqto Thanks Kokomi Main Person

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2021.09.27 18:44 fromthesignal Why doesn’t anyone seem to care that Vladimir Putin just stole Russia’s election?

As soon as parliamentary election results in Russia were announced on September 20, opposition parties, independent observers, and Western countries decried blatant ballot-stuffing to favor President Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia. Election authorities credited the party with about 50 percent of the national vote, despite preliminary results and pre-election polling projecting a far lower tally. The distribution of votes will allow United Russia to maintain a constitutional majority in the Duma, Russia’s legislature. Protests against the vote-rigging were nearly nonexistent, as the only party to organize a demonstration defending free and fair elections was, in a historical irony, the Communist Party. And despite criticism of the tainted vote from the United States and the European Union, democratic countries are sparing Putin any repercussions from stealing the election. Why isn’t Vladimir Putin facing any international consequences—or even any significant opposition in Russia—for falsifying election results? - The Signal
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2021.09.27 18:44 Karttrogie cry about it nazis

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2021.09.27 18:44 memesdoesntcontrolme What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

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2021.09.27 18:44 jlreid85 Then and now. Still sleeping 😴

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2021.09.27 18:44 inthe801 DNA editing or gene-edited babies editing of babies should be legal and allowed.

Many countries have banned DNA editing of babies, but I think it should be allowed, and all the arguments against it are fear based. Of course, we still have a lot to learn before it can be done safely, but industrialized countries should embrace the technology to help prevent genetic disorders. "Designer babies" are not a problem because people would each pic diffract traits, just like people pick different types of clothing or cars.
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2021.09.27 18:44 wildtaco [homemade] French-style omelette

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2021.09.27 18:44 rafice6541 I hate women. I hate women. I hate women. Keep seething mods. I hate women. I hate women. I hate women. I hate women.

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2021.09.27 18:44 G-Aldama Bitcoin is Hot

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2021.09.27 18:44 kevin-unknown App still suck for you?

I’m still getting randomly paused even though I haven’t seen an order for hours and sometimes the offers don’t register on the app until there’s only a few seconds left on the timer causing me to make a rash decision and sometimes lose out on money. Is this happening to anyone else? I’ve upgraded to the newest version of the app and IOS. Support wasn’t much help and basically said restart my phone. Anybody else having these issues? The customer service rep said it’s a known issue
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2021.09.27 18:44 harihacker GCam does bring out some good images from F3.

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2021.09.27 18:44 SafalOP BitGame: Lucky Token

Lucky Tokens (LUT) are the lifeblood of the Bitgame ecosystem and enable users to take part in the future of online sports betting. LUT is the BitGame platform’s utility token used to share profits with users. Different from other sports betting platforms, Bitgame’s unique LUT ecosystem utilizes the idea of the token economy to create a whole new token-based internal circulation ecosystem For more information;
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2021.09.27 18:44 GothicSpartan 'Soul Purifier' by Antonio José Manzanedo

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2021.09.27 18:44 programmer2514 Birthday Cake Applesauce

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2021.09.27 18:44 FarmGullible Love this game! But I hate when this appear...

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2021.09.27 18:44 Dramatic_Spell5708 China's Casino Crackdown Part of Quest to Transform Macau

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2021.09.27 18:44 Financial-Raisin-388 FINE, but HOW | Let’s raise the standards | Post #3

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2021.09.27 18:44 Stinky-Ass-Feet- DAMN, SON! I ain't never seen Gas Prices this fucking high in my life 🤣😂🤣

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