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2021.09.27 17:23 cbvv1992 🔥55% Off Code And Clip Coupon – $13.84 Apple Wacth Stainless Steel Bands+Mesh Loop Bands 2Pcs

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2021.09.27 17:23 TawnyMaexo How to stop falling so hard so quickly

I’m so mad at myself because I know this is such a turn off. I’m a single mom of 2, I just got out of a 6 year relationship but I’ve been mentally checked out for a year or so. I finally met someone that ticks my boxes, but I’ve only been talking to him for 5 DAYS! There’s so much to him that im attracted too but im coming off as desperate and I hate it.
I’ve explained that even though it’s been a few days, im really into him and Im mad at myself for coming off so intensely. He told me to embrace it and not to be mad at myself, that people come into your life for a reason. He gives me reasons to believe he feels the same way. And on the other hand he takes hours to reply to me and doesn’t ask me anything to get to know me so im feeling a little rejected.
I feel both head over heels and rejected at the same time.. I want to keep talking to him and see where this goes but I don’t want to keep coming off so desperate. Do I say that I feel rejected when he takes so long to answer me or is it too soon to feel like that? Maybe if I didn’t feel rejected I’d feel more confident about our “relationship”.
Please give me any honest advice.
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2021.09.27 17:23 No-University5072 Meet Poppy, an ex-grumpy cat, now mega love-bug, who loves the bathtub

Meet Poppy, an ex-grumpy cat, now mega love-bug, who loves the bathtub submitted by No-University5072 to cats [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 Boss_Aesop How to view viz digital version of One Piece in high quality?

Sure the images are better than scans but the their resolution is still low (72 instead of 300). I came across the Arabic version of One Piece where I can see the pen strokes and screen tones like you’d only find in expensive replicas from shueisha
Screenshot comparison of 1026 cover page: https://imgur.com/7yD4gyp
Exhibit A: https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/one-piece-chapter-1026/chapte23240
Exhibit B: https://3asq.org/manga/one-piece/1026/
I checked both the viz mobile and web readers…
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2021.09.27 17:23 Arckhunter @Arckhunter : Landsat 9 Is Set for Liftoff https://t.co/yi8AiMA47l

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2021.09.27 17:23 Redditemeon TRD Sport suspension vs TRD Factory leveling kit suspension

Hey, guys. My new 2021 TRD Sport Taco should be showing up within' the next couple weeks. Gonna negotiate to have a couple basic extra thrown in and get myself the leveling kit POTENTIALLY.
Main question: I have this big concern that the new suspension that comes with the leveling kit will be a worse ride than the stock suspension. Is this a valid concern or does the leveling kit actually ride surprisingly nice? Also has anybody heard any durability horror stories on the TRD kit?
Only gonna be a +1 on the tires and get some BFG KO2 tires down the road. It's purely for aesthetics, love the aggressive tread.
Bonus optional question: How likely is it really that I could get some running boards and the bed mat thrown into the deal for free? Or is Toyota super stingey on throwing anything in?
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2021.09.27 17:23 GuilhermeAraujoMusic Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Fingerstyle)(Chord Melody)

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Fingerstyle)(Chord Melody) submitted by GuilhermeAraujoMusic to classicalguitar [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 BitteristheTruth Hello? Fellow youths?

Hello? Fellow youths? submitted by BitteristheTruth to Cringetopia [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 TheDogeInvestor Used Style2Paint AI to color my favourite Panels

Used Style2Paint AI to color my favourite Panels submitted by TheDogeInvestor to Helck [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 Mysterious-Nerve-776 💎SolBnb is Launching Now, $BNB and $SOL (4%-4%) in every 60 minutes! Huge marketing plans is coming! The Next Gen reward token, SOL NFT platform is coming

SOLBNB $SOLB is a double dividend yield paying token on the BSC. Inspired by the Binance Smart Chain and Solana communities, the dev team who are long time crypto investors aim to provide the $SOLBNB community with the best of both tokens, a fun atmosphere and lots of $BNB and $SOL for everyone to share!
All holders of $SOLBNB (regardless of the amount of tokens held) will receive $BNB and $SOL in equal amounts of value (4%-4%) automatically airdropped into their wallets every 60 Minutes!
🔥 NFT Market place coming soon
🔥 Partnering with professionals from all sectors.
🔥 Daily AMAs and Community Games with Giveaways.
🔥 1K Telegram members and growing
🔥 CMC and CG soon.
🔥 Get rewarded in $BNB or $SOL rewards for holding $SOLBNB tokens.
💠 Tax Fee: 10%
8% goes back to the Holders in SOL and BNB
1% is for marketing / buyback
1% goes into the liquidity pool as it is with every crypto token.
♻️ BNB and SOL Redistribution: 8% of all transactions have BNB auto-redistributed to $SOLBNB holders. Auto-claimed every 60 Minutes after every sells and buys.
🔐 LP Allocation: 1% of all transactions go to liquidity pool
🐳 Anti whale/dump lock: Sells are restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply
SOLBNB is a reflective, LP acquisitioning and Buy Back Token. Which means that every transaction will distribute tokens to the holders, it will also liquidate assets meaning it will provide and grow the liquidity pool and burns tokens automatically. We have also set up Buy Back protocols. All of which redistribute with every transaction. Every action taken is with our community in mind.
Our Tokenomics are designed for the future. The anti-bot and anti-dump features will provide our HOLDERS stability in a safe, and 100% rug proof, environment. We also know that marketing and liquidity play an important role in the growth of the token. So our fees will make sure that this part is taken care of with every transaction.
SOLBNB has a very low Buy-In fee and a time delay has been implemented on both buys and sells to prevent chart manipulation by bots. To prevent Big Dumps you can only sell with a maximum price impact of 0,3%.

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LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb52eeaf29004837275e97751a36f9a89ada8d0f6
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2021.09.27 17:23 Laliberte106459 How do you deal respectfully with Christians who want to convince you about Christianity?

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2021.09.27 17:23 platejr63 Custom Game

Let me know if I am wrong, but I am sad that they removed some options on custom game. Like food spoil, paying taxes and King involvement. I really dislike having 5 stacks of the same item, but with different % conditions. I don't like so much clutter in my storage boxes. Is there a way to get this back?
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2021.09.27 17:23 bocajnumber Rules question on Events

I have a rules question about Dominion Adventures that I can't find the answer to on the wiki. "Inheritance" says it can only be used once per game. Does that mean once per player per game or once per game total? Thanks in advance if you can answer!
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2021.09.27 17:23 Crafty-Bedroom8190 How do you turn a "6" into a "9"?

Get drunk.
If you're lucky, the poor girl will be as drunk as you.
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2021.09.27 17:23 HotDuriaan Got my first Bobcat miner, green light but not synching?

So I just got my first Bobcat miner 4 days ago and I put it up immediately and started the synching process. Everything was fine until yesterday when the app started showing my miner as offline and in need of attention, even though the miner itself has a green light.
Seen a older thread about this, this is a normal issue and I should just give it time? Or is there something else I should do? Any help or information is greatly appreciated :) Cheers
submitted by HotDuriaan to HeliumNetwork [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 onlyhereforadvicee Do you think it could possibly be stolen lulu? I know its possible to have many lulu items, but i find it odd that she has different size, many same patterns, all new with tags... what is your opinion?😅

Do you think it could possibly be stolen lulu? I know its possible to have many lulu items, but i find it odd that she has different size, many same patterns, all new with tags... what is your opinion?😅 submitted by onlyhereforadvicee to lululemon [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 LucyTheLemonGirl This kid doesn’t know that bads aren’t misses

This kid doesn’t know that bads aren’t misses submitted by LucyTheLemonGirl to youngpeopleyoutube [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 Accomplished-Bag-164 Baby FootBall Token | 10% BUSD Rewards | Doxxed Dev | Huge Marketing Budget | Chineese Whales already In | Launching Now

⚽️Welcome to Baby Football⚽

BABY FOOTBALL is a community owned football inspired token. Baby Football tokens aims to bring football stars closer, and spread the awareness of the game to the whole world 🌎

Our Smart Baby Football sends you Busd every hour 🤩

BUY, HODL and Relax, Your Rewards will come to your wallet automatically

Launching Now !


Organic Growth and Long Term Project

Chat already opened, get to know the team and community closer

💰 Fees

🌟7% Rewards sent as reflection every hour🌟

🌟2% Added to liquidity for stable pricing🌟

🌟1% Use for heavy marketing🌟

📣 Roadmap

•Website Launched

•Liquidity Locked for 1 Year

•Heavy influencer marketing pre and post launch

•Listing on Coingecko, CMC after launch

•Cmc trending •Listing on Major Exchanges

Please note Admins Will never Dm you first and please be aware of other copy coins

LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0964d200e1b0bfe73bc5ace85c72a9813e5034bb

Contract: 0x6e91730b224b66739e94ee18300b96720a3daf2f

Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6e91730b224b66739e94ee18300b96720a3daf2f

Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6e91730b224b66739e94ee18300b96720a3daf2f#readContract
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2021.09.27 17:23 mrKRONER My MK2 but he was shot by a tank

My MK2 but he was shot by a tank submitted by mrKRONER to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 Remote-Substance-193 *9 years experience* General Readings, Love Readings, Finance Readings. What is your crisis? Let's solve it together 😌

As the Title suggests, I have 9 years in this, I'm rather "advanced" and give extremely thorough readings, we don't stop until you get whatever it is you might be looking for. I decided to quit my job, complete leap of faith, and let the Karma of the Universe take care of me 😌 Help me solve with my "Earthly Matters" and I will help you with yours 🙏
Spread Love and Love the Love 😌
Reviews Reviews 2
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2021.09.27 17:23 xFxD Is this possible?

Suppose you have a dataset like so:
Day, Index 1, 1 1, 2 1,4 2,3

Day Index
1 1
1 2
1 4
2 3

What I want as a result is a table that looks like this:

Day Index
1 1
1 2
2 3
1 4
With identical days on the left grouped together (so you'd have the two Day 1's at the top grouped so only a single value shows up). Does someone know a method to achieve this?
submitted by xFxD to tableau [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 Plenter Both of these men lied under oath! The consequences for lying under oath is years in prison! Spread the word!

Both of these men lied under oath! The consequences for lying under oath is years in prison! Spread the word! submitted by Plenter to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 DigitDesign Help! I don’t understand, please explain.

There’s a saying I’ve seen in this subreddit that is “no one should have to work to survive”.
I don’t understand this. Of course you have to work to survive. If you were living outside of society, say in the wilderness, you’d still have to work to survive. You’d need to find water, food, and shelter. You’d need to toil the ground to grow food.
Even outside of “capitalist America”, you have to work to survive. Believe it or not but nearly every other society on earth has it far harder.
How does anyone seriously believe that at scale it’s possible for no one to work and for everyone to survive?
submitted by DigitDesign to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 17:23 daibido1123 Political System Federal-Feudal Hybrid System of Stellar/Interstellar Empire Help Needed

Hi all, So I am trying to write a Sci-Fi story as a pet project, and part of it would be a Codex of systems in the universe of the story. I am running into an issue though, with how to make a realistic and believable hybrid regime, of a Federal-Feudal political system. Where one of the galactic nations, is a functional mix of Federal Democratic Government, and Feudal Aristocratic Monarchy at the same time and intermixed at all levels.
For example, one idea I had was that the Monarch is Elected like how Poland used to be, but operates in a way like the French President, just for life, and instead of a Prime Minister, the Emperor with legislative support points a council to function as cabinet and collective Prime Minister, similar to the Swiss Federal Directorate.
Or in the case of the Feudal Lords, they operate as Nobel Families that are Governors of territories like Iqta operate, with Noble families being born from Corporation owners or leaders as a possible origin.
As I said, I am trying to figure out a system here, that is believable and relatable that at a passing glance in the story, is not alien, and in the Codex, is familiar and relatable to understand.
Any ideas to build on what I have here, or alternative ideas to explore would be greatly appreciated to help me out of my writer's block. Thank you all.
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2021.09.27 17:23 Leaning_ What's the best class setup I could use with all of these?

What's the best class setup I could use with all of these? submitted by Leaning_ to destiny2 [link] [comments]