Heading into Final Battle

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2021.09.27 18:31 buddychad420 Heading into Final Battle

My players face Imyrith, and probably a custom version of Tiamat next session. They are using a combined Fire/Storm Giant assault to draw her attention while slipping in with a small team using wind walk. Any last minute tips or tricks to make sure the battle feels climactic?
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2021.09.27 18:31 hyperh4 Tifa

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2021.09.27 18:31 DioPrime Can a good aatrox 1v9 in soloq?

I just tried out aatrox after I bought him, I love every single detail of the champion, from design to gameplay. But I know he can be easily countered by grevious wounds fiora/irelia/camille/vayne. Before trying him in ranked after I got a bit better at him, do you think that a good aatrox can go on his gameplay flaws and 1v9 low elo soloq?
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2021.09.27 18:31 RobinoRedditBoy2 Repost to make it happen

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2021.09.27 18:31 LittleBigLemon question

will draconic evolution be added to atm6 to the sky since it got added to atm6
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2021.09.27 18:31 Gullible-Context-119 Why Graphic Design Is Important To Your Business - Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising

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2021.09.27 18:31 SonnySunshineGirl A lot of people don’t know this but your best friend/rival makes a great pillow.

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2021.09.27 18:31 Hearing_Connect My Mining Journey so far (BTC - RVN - ETH)

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2021.09.27 18:31 Kazk2501 PC BL2 (Want) Explosive Bearcat, lv 63 Can trade u a fire bearcat

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2021.09.27 18:31 FarmGullible This is nothing

This is nothing
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2021.09.27 18:31 gingerarsehair Is it bad I don't care that I don't get a period?

All my other health markers are generally fine but i don't get a proper period anymore, I lost it from being underweight then got it back for a few cycles when i was weight restored now i've lost it again especially as I'm taking birth control (progestorone).
But i don't really care? It sounds terrible but I don't want kids, I know osteoporosis is a thing but I eat loads of dairy, am a healthy weight and weightlift (good for your bones) so it seems like there's no problem. Does anyone else just... not really care, or is this more important than I think?
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2021.09.27 18:31 clikher Trade in where?

Hello I ordered the iphone 13 pro. It hasn’t hit my account yet because the delivery date is October 20. They say I get 200 off for my iPhone X with no problems. My friend went to Verizon and they have him $800 off for the same phone. I have AT&T… should I go to the store to see if I can get a better deal? What are the cons to doing it this way compared to sending into Apple for $200 off?
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2021.09.27 18:31 celinewashere Where can I get the dressing from the southwest salad kit?

I looove that dressing. Does anyone know where I can buy that dressing in a bottle?
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2021.09.27 18:31 dodgycunt97 Where to get low premiums (In Australia) please note, place like JM Bullion dont offer international shipping. ✌

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2021.09.27 18:31 Izanagi500 Should I make a platinum trophy guide for DMC V

View Poll
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2021.09.27 18:31 UglySofaGaming Some of the best Dreams from the last week

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2021.09.27 18:31 chezzy1985 What would be the best team for arena?

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2021.09.27 18:31 WarHistoryDog We need to make more Oversimplified memes

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2021.09.27 18:31 Sephyu888 MaxAB recrute Plusieurs Profils sur Casablanca

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2021.09.27 18:31 username_too_lon 343 grade

Just got a d on the first quiz, class grade sitting at a fat 30%. I studied a ton too lol. Is it too late to salvage my grade? Should I drop?
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2021.09.27 18:31 Crazedidiot How do I unlock/get Vault Cards?

I just got into Borderlands 3 again and played through the game with Zane and loved it. Started the DLC and played up to Hammerlock wedding. Loved the Cthulhu Lovecraft plot of it and chose to play through it with other characters. I restarted and now playing Amara through the story about to hit Eden 6. I went around looking for the character logs in Sanctuary because I never listened to Amara's before.
I take another look at the nose of the ship as I'm warping and fall off. I turn for the stairs and saw a door with green lights like oh cool another way to cargo bay maybe. It opens to a cool looking room with Shield x1, Gunx1, and grenade x1. What in the actual Feck! I know I haven't played in a while so can anyone tell me how to do this. I've barely looked it up and noticed it's apart of the director's. It is installed and I have the extra skill tree and other dimension skins. I don't know if I have to beat the game in true vault hunter mode or be maxed level before I see it, but Vault card is no where to be seen on my menu.
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2021.09.27 18:31 possumwitch666 My mom regularly gave me bad haircuts as a punishment for misbehaving. I also should have not been allowed to dress myself. 1996-1997

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2021.09.27 18:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW German Election Results: What the Hell Just Happened?

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2021.09.27 18:31 ____toxic____ Something weird happened.

About 6 months ago, my main survival world got corrupted so i lost everything. Since then ive been on another world. I was going through my old worlds and i found out that my world isnt corrupted anymore.
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2021.09.27 18:31 Peeecee7896 VIDEO: French President Macron Hit in the Head With an Egg

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