Since i'm seeing so many people saying how clunky the combat is, what class/weapon makes the combat shine the most in your opinion?

2021.09.27 19:15 Guywars Since i'm seeing so many people saying how clunky the combat is, what class/weapon makes the combat shine the most in your opinion?

I wanna start this game but i'm afraid this "clunkiness" many people are talking about might make me drop the game very soon.
Guns seem fun to use from some videos i saw.
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2021.09.27 19:15 akaVerity Check out my supercut for my Nuzlocke!

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2021.09.27 19:15 naturesloot69 what kind of pines are these?

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2021.09.27 19:15 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Hidden 'gimmicks and phaseouts' could balloon Dems' $3.5 trillion bill to $5.5 trillion | FOX

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2021.09.27 19:15 NotRealOpinions Jenna Coleman

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2021.09.27 19:15 MilkyUnicorn01 I guess this about sums it up

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2021.09.27 19:15 cutelittleslut69 check my profile for more 🍑

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2021.09.27 19:15 dumdumdemi567123 looking for Mesprit raid

Plz FC 7913 5708 9859
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2021.09.27 19:15 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Florida manhunt for 'cop killer' Marine enters 4th day with 200-strong search, schools locked down | FOX

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2021.09.27 19:15 LSAT_Blog LSAT Reading Comp Structure And Tone

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2021.09.27 19:15 BrilliantMeal I can use some help with a texture pack.

Hi there!
So I made a texture pack that changes all GUI in 1.16 and it worked all fine and well but since the update the optifine part is not working. I've been trying to find out what I did wrong for hours, probably a way that I need to redirect it to another folder but I'm very lost.
If someone has skill with the coding part I'd like to ask if you can look at it and maybe have a clue what went wrong.
It's about the following texture pack:
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2021.09.27 19:15 Rick-Deckard7 Stanley Kubrick

So am planning on purchasing the Stanley Kubrick 7 movie collection bundle on Apple TV but it shows there is two versions, what is the difference? Also since I already have 2001: Space Oddesey, will it be cheaper for me? Instead of $44.99 what is your take on purchasing movies digitally on Apple TV instead of physical copy?
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2021.09.27 19:15 xplisit21 Cold Cases of Etobicoke - RIP to all, some crazy stories involved

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2021.09.27 19:15 SPDStories Looking For Advice and Free 1-shots/short campaigns

Hello, fellow Starfinders!
TL:DR: I'm looking for free 1-shots/short campaigns I can adapt to add to my current campaign, as well as advice/links on encounter building and good use of computers/hacking within a campaign (from a GM's point of view)
Quick backstory on me and TTRPG's...If you don't care, skip down! Never played until about 5 years ago then started learning about D&D 5e. Couldn't find a game, so created one as the DM and, as a storyteller, had a blast. I've done a few more campaigns since then, but they've all been like 80% premade, 20% homebrew/improvised except for the last one that I planned (which went unplayed). About 1.5 years ago, joined a game of Starfinder with some friends, but didn't like the GM's style (and also realized I really don't like being a player much), so it only lasted like 3 sessions.
Flash forward to last month and a friend told me he's interested in trying a TTRPG and never has, so naturally, I got excited and started to plan...After talking more with him, he said he'd like a cyberpunk/sci-fi game over D&D style, hence Starfinder!
I started to plan a campaign from scratch as I had done with D&D and felt overwhelmed. Not only did I not know the system as well as I know D&D, but the possibilities are exponentially more. You have all of space, unlimited planets, solar systems, etc., you have hacking and computers and drones...all things that make me EXTREMELY excited to work with, but it's just all so much.
In order to not overwhelm myself, I decided to start doing what I did with D&D, find a pre-made, adapt it for my own use, and build upon it. I found the Into The Unknown module direct from Paizo and it aligned with what I was kinda wanting to build so well I got to work on it and the first session (while it had some bumps and scrapes) went really well. We only got thru about 1/4th of the module, so we have at least 1 more session before I have to do anything after that. While I"m feeling more confident in RUNNING a game, planning is still overwhelming to me.
So I am thinking, for now, I would love to find other free 1-shots/short campaigns I can take and adapt, but Starfinder doesn't have nearly as many resources as D&D. Does anyone have any links to good content I might be able to adapt?
And finally, I'm also looking for advice on campaign building, mostly with encounter building. I've watched a few videos and understand the basics of it, but if anyone has any advice/links on making balanced fights I'd really appreciate it.
Same for anything computehacking-related, since that's such a huge part of the world (especially in my campaign) and also very complicated.
Thank you to anyone who replies (and extra thanks to anyone who actually took the time to read the whole post!)
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2021.09.27 19:15 vagabondfenn Swan Song but what if it had glasses?

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2021.09.27 19:15 Fuzzy_Train Dober City NFT - 10,000 uniquely generated Dobermans representing the Upper Echelon of the Dober City society. Drops in early October. It is still very early, but judging by what I've heard from the developers, I believe it has an 15x potential on Launch day. Check the comments for more info.

Dober City NFT - 10,000 uniquely generated Dobermans representing the Upper Echelon of the Dober City society. Drops in early October. It is still very early, but judging by what I've heard from the developers, I believe it has an 15x potential on Launch day. Check the comments for more info. submitted by Fuzzy_Train to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 19:15 MomsSpaghetti83 Sombra - CMC listed + Unreal Engine / Unity / Maya / Nuke -- Cross Chain NFT Market + Elite VFX studio that gives 10% to holders from NFTs + 3% from transactions.

🔲 What is Sombra Network? Sombra is a multi chain NFT social marketplace and premiere VFX studio. Sombra’s mission is to bring high design and quality to blockchain visuals and push the boundaries of NFT innovation as far as possible. Starting on BSC we have our first chain bridge and wrap planned immediately following the marketplace launch October 5th. We bring new social features, new NFT utility and a hell of a lot of fun to blockchain. 🔥
🔲 Wen launch? Beta is live now. Full market launches October 5th with the best artwork you’ve ever seen. 🚀
🔲 Unreal Engine?
You bet! We use Unreal Engine in-house as our main render engine for NFTs as well as mocap for our upcoming avatar series. We also use it as previz for our visual effects jobs and have even begun using it on commercials. You can check out a recent commercial for Subway our dev finished last winter using Mocap - Using Unreal as a real-time tool and other VFX software and technical gear, we are able to bring the future of innovation to NFTs.
🔲 Marketplace Beta (live market Oct 5th🔥**)**
🔲 How does it work? 🤷 💎 NFT sales give all SMBR token holders 10% back through a buyback function in contract code. Each month we airdrop holders their rewards from the 10% based on their wallet holdings. The more you hold, the more rewards you get. Check out the diagram here:
🔲 Why? NFTs are taking over and here to stay. They will govern the future on many levels and those who embrace them now will be rewarded. Sombra has seen the future and is racing toward the Ready Player One life we all see ahead. We aim to bring real utility to NFTs and fully integrate them into the digital world around us while maintaining a real-life connection and foundation. That which can connect to the real world but maintain its magical mysticism shall shine like the North Star of crypto innovation.
🔲 Who are the devs of Sombra? 🎥 VFX artists and well-established entrepreneurs 💰 run Sombra and with their years of experience they are bringing ground-breaking ideas to the forefront, like the new Sombra Avatar Series which will leverage new emerging technologies into a new type of genetic generation and utility. We are fully doxxed and available to chat, zoom, linkedin, facebook and more. We are professionals.
Read our Dark Paper Here:
Why Buy? ☑️ The most Doxxed Dev and Family in crypto. Fully transparent and rug proof. You will never find a more honest team that cares about its community like Sombra does. ☑️ Bi-daily update youtube videos with dev team ☑️ IMDB legends on team - man behind the Matrix and Spiderman is lead NFT artist! ☑️ Epic Games connections ☑️ Riot Games connections ☑️ Bethesda Games connections ☑️Thats No Moon Connections ☑️ Incoming famous artists NFTs ☑️ Global brand connections and active NFT projects ☑️ CMC listed and still on recently added ☑️ 50+ artists ☑️ 300+ NFTs
Launch Features ☑️ Social NFT platform with commenting and trending based on social popularity ☑️ NFTs with Utility such as AR, interactive, and personification ☑️ Range of NFT prices and types ☑️ Real-Time Customer Service ☑️ Sombra has over 50 NFTs artists with amazing IMDB credentials
Partners ☑️ Galeri AR App (app to view NFTs in custom gallery with friends!) - ☑️ Award winning VFX studios Bonfire and Juice - BonfireNYC : - Juice: https://juice/pl
☑️ TokenFrame ☑️ Looking Glass Factory ☑️ Little Wanderers NYC ☑️ Partnership to End Addiction ☑️ Major Ad agencies ☑️ Large Scale Brand Deals in discussion ☑️ Discussions with Apeswap 🙈
Sombra has a token, right? Yes! SMBR is the token symbol Buy: ( BSC:
🔲 You can buy SMBR token from sombra swap and pancake. 🔲 Exchange listing to come
HashEx Audit 🦺 HashEX is our audit company of choice and you can read out audit here:
SMBR Economics
💰 3% back to holders from transactions 💧 3% back to LP from transactions
Charity? 🐈 Sombra has specific NFTs that are sold for charity. We just finished our partners website so make sure you check them out and donate if you can. Little Wanderers is a NYC based cat charity and we have donated over $10,000 to them so far!
🔨 How does minting / payment for artists happen? Sombra artists can either manage their own accounts via metamask or have Sombra manage it for them. The social aspect of the account is accessible without metamask so artists can opt to not use crypto and have us take care of that for them. BNB is the main form of payment unless we are managing the account at which point it can be USD or crypto.
📣 Marketing In progress - Check out our medium for more on marketing. Medium: Marketing article:
🔵 CMC + CG 🟢 Both are listed
Miscellaneous 📊 Total Supply: 100,000,000 📊 Circulating Supply: 75,000,000 🔥 Burn: 25,000,000 (one time - from 100 million)
🎨 NFT % - 10% to Holders / 10% to Sombra / 80% to Artist 💰 3% to holders from transactions
💰 3% to LP from transactions
Social and Contact 📱Telegram: 📱Twitter: 💻 Web: 🔲 Contract: 0x8ad8e9b85787ddd0d31b32ecf655e93bfc0747ef 🔲 Darkpaper: 🔵 CMC: ✍️ Medium:
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2021.09.27 19:15 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Anjali Kapoor (new)

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2021.09.27 19:15 Old-Brain-3915 Exhaust cleaning problems

Do any of you guys have problems cleaning your exhaust? The black coating on the exhaust makes dust stick and burn on it and now it’s nearly impossible to get it off… I want to get a zard exhaust with the black coating but I don’t want to have the same cleaning problems that I have with the OEM.
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2021.09.27 19:15 Tepiltzin Do living creatures created by prestidigitation have souls?

One of the effects of prestidigitation is:

You create a nonmagical trinket or an illusory image that can fit in your hand and that lasts until the end of your next turn.
If we look at the trinket's list in the Player's Handbook, number 99 is:
A wooden box with a ceramic bottom that holds a living worm with a head on each end of its body.
The trinket list isn't exhaustive, but this particular one sets the precedent that you can create living creatures.
If a giant (the trinket must fit in the casters hand and giants have big hands) was to cast prestidigitation and create, let's say: "A wooden box with a ceramic bottom that holds a living halfling", would that halfling have a soul?
If it doesn't, why not?
If it does, what happens to it at the end of the giant's next turn when the trinket ceases to exist?
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2021.09.27 19:15 FunnyNWittyReferenc "And next you'll say... Happy birthday Joseph Joestar!"

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2021.09.27 19:15 donttalktome_please I've met lots of people who are willing to punch me when I want them to. It's still isn't enough tho

I've always wanted to get beat up and recently I've reconnected with some people that can kind of help me with that. I've been asking them to punch me in the arm or in the chest at full force. I have some bruises on my arm and I got the wind kind of knocked out of me, but it's not really enough. They're holding back and I can tell, and I don't like that. I wish they hated me so they'd punch me harder, or worse. I don't know how to get them to hurt me more, one of them has noticed. I just want them to punch harder
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2021.09.27 19:15 libertarianets Halo MCC matchmaking on Linux is now possible. Will 343i implement it?

Easy anti cheat just released apis that work on Linux
So in theory the MCC/Infinite teams can implement these APIs and matchmaking/online should work!
Has there been any commitment from the teams to implement these APIs? Seems like a smart move because for Microsoft the games are the main product, (with so many games on PC.) Seems like they would be happy to increase their userbase and therefore revenue by letting in Linux users to matchmaking.
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2021.09.27 19:15 EternaLife05 Structure

Can someone detail how price structure is used to day trade on forex? Txs.
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2021.09.27 19:15 AramisSAS FitX kündigen - Lockdown Monate

Ich werde meinen FitX Vertrag kündigen. Das geht sehr easy via der FitX Member Area. Die 10 extra Monate, welche durch Lockdowns zusammen gekommen sind werde ich nicht nutzen.
Nun habe ich die Möglichkeit über diverse Online Portale einen Teil der während des Lockdowns gezahlten Beiträge zurück erstattet zu bekommen. (Betrag -30% ; -30%)
Laut FitX Mitarbeiter(in) kann ich auf deren Website im Hilfe Bereich via Kontaktformular eine Pause einlegen und würde angeblich das Geld zurückbekommen. Die Erklärung hat keinen Sinn ergeben und das mit der Pause erschließt sich mir auch nicht.
Gibt es eine euch bekannte andere Möglichkeit das zuviel gezahlte Geld zu erhalten ohne 2x 30% abtreten zu müssen? Vielleicht hat ja jemand Erfahrungen mit FitX und diesem Thema.
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