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Bloomberg Crypto-I created a Discord Room w/ technical bots to open source instant changes in $SHIB and other Crypto

2021.10.28 04:17 TimTheToolManTayl0r Bloomberg Crypto-I created a Discord Room w/ technical bots to open source instant changes in $SHIB and other Crypto

Bloomberg Crypto-I created a Discord Room w/ technical bots to open source instant changes in $SHIB and other Crypto Im currently working on a Python Project w/ open sourced repo's to create a useful Discord to filter out many of the other spammed Discord rooms.
My focus is to make this a Bloomberg like Crypto Discord w/ technical analysis and open sourced fetched news feeds to get us the most up to date information and news when it hits. I'll be adding more bots as the day's come, I thought i'd throw out an invite for any of you to join and contribute. Feel free to make some suggestions, i'd like to collaborate with any other developers as well!


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2021.10.28 04:17 Obewyn Spotify Technology SA (SPOT) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

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2021.10.28 04:17 mpartis Xronia polla elladara

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2021.10.28 04:17 puiyi-fan-club I know is coming tomorrow, so I'll only pick 1 lucky person and make him smile. Comment down below

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2021.10.28 04:17 kodiakgrappler ITAP of my journal and pen

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2021.10.28 04:17 AwardPuzzleheaded822 One day, I finally stood up for myself(Storytime)

I have an highschool bully that just bully the quiet kids that just do their work and don't do nothing wrong because she thinks every quiet kid are NOT going to say something. Everytime, my bully sees me, she starts bullying me and I just there and nod my head and be like "Are you done?". So one day, I had enough of her bullying me so at lunch, she decide to bring her "friends" to bully me with her, so when they all say that they don't like me and I respond "So why are you talking to me then if y'all don't like me. If you like me and wanted to be friends then simply just said that since you bully/talking to me ALL THE TIME.". Then my bully got quiet and was shocked that I stood up for myself and also she was embarrassed in front of the whole cafeteria. Students started looking at me in shock like "She clap back..." (That phrase mean "stand up for yourself"). My bully and her friends was about to say something but they just walked off in shame. My friends also looked at me in shock because I usually just sit there and nod my head. The next day, I was ready for my bully to bully me but came to find out that she wasn't in school that next day that had me like "That's weird" because she be at school everyday. The next 2 or 3 days, she came back and then just looked at me like "Should I say something to her or keep it to myself?" throughout the whole entire day. The next day, at lunch, she and her friends walked up to me and said "Sorry...I think about what you said and you were right. I didn't think like that. But you really turned me down. So can we be friends?" Then I said "Give me some time" because she bullied me throughout our whole freshman year but I believe in second chances so the next day I said to her "Okay, let's be friends". And then became friends after all of that.
If you are getting bullied, stand up for yourself or just ignore them or tell a teacher. Remember, You have family and friends that cares about you, so don't just give up on yourself or life. ♡
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2021.10.28 04:17 Willow-tit Pandoria has genuinely one of my favorite designs from the games (art by me)

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2021.10.28 04:17 Stooban Thing I Wish I Knew Earlier - Looty Mc Shooty Hunter Talent

Having only just accessed W3 recently and unlocking my Hunter, the Looty Mc Shooty Tab3 talent is looking pretty strong.
The caveat for this talent though is:

You must retrieve the object from the ground. So if it goes straight in your inventory, drop it and then pick it up.
This means that quest rewards that are given straight to the inventory, items purchased from the town shop, crafted items from the anvil, premium items bought through the gem shop, and really anything that doesn't touch the ground first is missed damage%. This looks like it counted from the beginning of account creation, so getting into the habit from the get-go would be wise.
At level 100 for Looty Mc Shooty, each 1 item is the equivalent of 0.36% damage and up to 0.4% per item if you're lucky enough to get a 125 book for Looty Mc Shooty from the Library (20% per 50 items).
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2021.10.28 04:17 the_rose_cake Three months on Escitalopram and I've never experienced something positive. The last 16 days I have upped my dosage to 15 mg, but I'm only getting more agitated. Today I'm seeing a new psychiatrist and I'm gonna ask to gradually stop taking the meds. Any things I should know or say to the psych?

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2021.10.28 04:17 Entited_Person This idea hunted me for the past month

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2021.10.28 04:17 Tingkit07 LF Manager. Can grind now DM me ☺️☺️

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2021.10.28 04:17 Vizoksedsed 116.254.621

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2021.10.28 04:17 itsyahboiidavid How do I get to know what clip makes me "not eligible for monitisation"?

The other day I got a "you're channel isn't eligible for monitisation because you use reused content" which I don't. I want to know what content YouTube is talking about but I'm no longer in the partnership program so I don't have access to chat? What can I do?
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2021.10.28 04:17 VeronicaFoxx [Birds of a Feather] Flock Together - Ch06

Cuiwiliichiruuliaw gave the brielb a gape of his beak as he trotted past her through the holographic field towards the galley, just in time for Cara to exit the sanitation cubicle. Kiwi, as he was affectionately called by his human nestmate, gave a surreptitious nod of his head towards the back of the ship in passing. He continued on and seated himself at the dining table in a position that allowed him to observe their new Flockleader while also keeping an eye on Cara. He enjoyed sneaking bites and nibbles while she cooked, even if the end result of her endeavors was not always to his liking.
"That was easier than expected," he admitted quietly as the human began pulling out the ingredients to make more of her delectable burger patties. "Perhaps the brielb have not entirely succumbed to the shackles that ground them."
"Mmm," Cara agreed, matching his soft tone so that their conversation could hopefully remain private from Frand. "Someone like her doesn't end up with a ship of their own if there isn't some fight left in them. Let's just hope that the predictive algorithms can cope with her physiology. We need to get some brielb medical scans. Or, hell, if they have them, a brielb martial artist. Someone who actually knows how a brielb is supposed to fight."
"That is an unlikely occurrence. From logs that I have read of interactions onboard stations, brielb were never seen as security personnel. Brielb were almost never seen at all." He considered a moment, then fluffed his feathers and gave himself a shake to settle them. "Saving one is never enough, but one is a start."
Cara made another thoughtful sound, casting a glance towards the main cabin every so often as she continued with her preparations.
Cuiwiliichiruuliaw had barely been a fledgeling when the Uloalailai had come to the rescue of the Umuunz colony on New Endor. He had been born during the final decade of the Great Migration, so he had been too young to be allowed off of the Nestship. He had never gotten the opportunity to interact with any of the other species that they encountered until meeting the Umuunz. All he knew of them were the songs that had been sung by those who did have such interactions and the faithfully recorded logs saved and shared between all Nestships. Those told a story that had made him very glad that the Umuunz were nothing like the other dominant races in the galaxy, but meeting Frand had made his blood boil.
He had fledged for Wuluuliai, but he had followed in the wake of his dame and sire, earning himself a Learning Band for Aruur, the warriors, and another for the Auloai, the healers. This shy, damaged, deferential creature elicited every instinct he had to protect and heal: protect her from the depredations of those who had oppressed and injured her, heal the wounds that had been inflicted upon her mind, and build her up into a being capable of standing for and defending herself. This was a good start to that, if Frand were willing to take the training seriously. It would help build muscle mass and endurance, and it would instill the combat instinct necessary to combat the Death Wind.
Something else that gave reason for hope was that the brielb seemed to be rather quickly growing more comfortable around them. Or, at the very least, less fearful of them, less jumpy around them. The Galactic Encyclopedia intimated that brielb were a highly social species, so it could be hoped that she might eventually come to see them truly as part of her flock. Cara had been correct in saying that Frand's initial defense of them had been more desperation than anything else, but that immediate defense gave Cuiwiliichiruuliaw hope. To shriek defiance in the face of the Death Wind, it would require that many species stand together as one Greatflock. Perhaps the brielb could be one of those who flew at the wingtips of the Uloalailai and Umuunz.
"She gets tired quickly..." Cara observed, bringing him out of his thoughts.
He turned his attention back to Frand and saw that his nestmate was correct. The brielb was already panting only ten minutes into the registration process. The program was still compiling baseline movements and had not yet progressed into combinations. She was not stopping, though. He was not entirely certain of her body language yet, but he felt a sense of determination emanating from the mammalian sapient.
"Consider, Cara, one hundred and fifty years without a home planet," he mused. "How long does the average brielb live? How often do they breed? How many generations born and raised in the low gravity environment that is galactic standard? Frand created her repulsor harness to simulate a higher gravity, so she obviously knows that such prolonged exposure is detrimental to her species. She lives now in a higher gravity environment in her ship, so she is aware that her body is best served by this. Consider also, the atmosphere density is much lower than would be normal for her species. We were enhanced to operate at something approaching normal capacity in thinner atmosphere. Was she? I do not think that would be the case. And I do not believe that she took that into account when setting the internal conditions. She had the airlock entirely open when we first boarded."
"Oh. Shit. Yeah, okay, we can ask her about pumping up the O2 concentration and increasing atmospheric pressure in the main cabin. Oh boy..." The human paused her chopping as a thought occurred to her. "I hope she doesn't fucking smother when we hit the planet. Okay, let's make sure she has breathing gear on her while on the surface."
"Agreed. Look how she pushes herself, though. Passive observation of her biology suggests that she does not have an extremely efficient biological heat exchange mechanism. It appears that she pants, as do most mammals. I would posit that she possibly sweats from her pads, as biology tends towards convergence, and those appear hotter than the main of her body. That may also be due to the fact that they are unfurred, allowing the exposed skin to radiate more heat. But this is peculiar. I see that her tail is also becoming hotter than her core. Perhaps it serves as more than an additional limb?"
"Well, with a sample size of exactly two so far, we've determined that high end predatory sapients should probably exhibit a relatively efficient heat exchange method. Humans sweat, you guys fluff your feathers and pump the shafts with blood to help cool. It would make sense. It also means that their tails could be a big weak spot, though."
"Yes, this is true. It would require a dense network of capillaries near to the surface of the tail to work as an effective heat exchange, meaning that injuries to the tail could possibly cause fatal blood loss at a higher rate than injuries elsewhere. I wonder if the tail has any function in mating behavior..."
The human laughed, and Cuiwiliichiruuliaw gaped his beak at her. "Kiwi, you really should have fledged for Auloai instead. You're far more of a xenobiologist than an engineer."
He bobbed his head in the Uloalailai gesture that equated to a human shrug. "Biology is simply engineering and chemistry in flesh instead of machine. Machines are far more easily mended and understood."
"Yeah, but you can't bond with a machine." She corrected herself before he could speak. "Okay, shut up. I mean that they can't bond back. Well, they can, if you really try. Missus Nibbles didn't like thunderstorms, no matter what you say, and she always calmed her down when I petted her through them."
Cuiwiliichiruuliaw let out a hoot of his own laughter. Cara would never admit that the cleaning automaton was simply a machine, without personality or even sentience. He had discovered that it had a weakness in the shielding around some of its circuits that made it susceptible to electromagnetic discharge, such as those caused by lightning. Hence, its "dislike" of thunderstorms. It would activate without a specific cleaning program loaded and begin to wander, usually finding itself trapped in a corner until Cara would pick it up and hold it in her lap, whereby it would find itself trapped on the edge of a "cliff" and wait for further rescue.
Umuunz were an odd species, he had found, capable of bonding with almost anything rather than simply with other sapient and non-sapient biological creatures. They would ascribe emotional motivations to inanimate objects and machines as readily as to living things. Some of the Uloalailai had begun to do likewise in the time since meeting them, though Cuiwiliichiruuliaw had refrained from the affectation. It could sometimes be difficult, though. Especially when they did seem to have moods, particularly if an Umuunz was around. It was something that he wished to thoroughly investigate, but he doubted it could ever be proven that proximity to Umuunz caused machines to begin behaving in a sentient manner.
The feathered saurian caught himself sidetracking and shot Cara an annoyed glance before turning his attention back to the brielb and resuming his observations. It appeared that Ciela had moved on to the more progressive flexibility testing. Frand lay on her back with her forelegs stretched to one side and her hind legs stretched to the other, her torso able to twist through one hundred and eighty degrees despite its thickness. He was rather impressed. Uloalailai were able to twist their necks in such a manner, and even further, but not their torso, nor were humans able to do so. The brielb relaxed to lie flat, then curled so that her hind limbs were tucked beneath the fore and she was able to rest her head atop her own lower back. Impressive indeed.
Her relatively short legs gave her a very low center of balance, and she appeared quite as at home in a quadrupedal stance as bipedal. With the relatively wide, elongated claws that sprouted from the outer three digits on either forepaw and her nature as a burrowing creature, she would prove a formidable ambush predator if her stamina could be improved. He would have to insist that they increased atmospheric pressure and oxygen concentration in the ship, which would almost certainly help. As would her continued use of the program for regular exercise. But for now...
Cuiwiliichiruuliaw pushed himself away from the small table and moved back through the hologram to stand out of its range on the viewing side, by the airlock once more.
"You do not need to complete the entirety of registration in a single session," he advised the mammalian Flockleader. "Simply instruct Celia to pause registration, and you can resume at any time in the future."
"Oh. Er..."
The brielb stood in a pose with all four paws on the deck, her upper torso twisted to face the same direction as her lower body, and she had then twisted her head around to peer between her hind legs and beneath her tail to look at him. It was slightly disconcerting. He was grateful when she untwisted herself and stood upright.
"Thank you for telling me, Kiwi. Celia, please pause registration."
"Registration has been paused. Feel free to resume at any time, Frand. I hope to see you again soon!"
The holographic human waved a farewell and faded away as the start screen returned. The brielb took a deep breath, then used her thick tail to support her and slid backwards across the floor until her hind limbs were stretched out in front of her. The Uloalailai supposed it was an effective method of assisting heat exchange with the cool metal soaking up heat from her tail. He retrieved her dataslate and ended the program before handing slotting the tablet back into its usual cubby by the pilot's seat.
"May I get you some water or ice from the galley," he offered, and she twisted to look at him once more, blinking in surprise.
"Oh. Y-yes, please. Thank you. I could really use some water. Cold, please."
He trotted back to the galley and retrieved a cup before filling it with cool water from the sink and returned it to Frand. She peered into the glass for a long moment before downing it in its entirety and handing it back to him. He took that to be a request for more and acted appropriately. She drank the second glass down just as quickly, then gave him a long look. He was not quite sure what to make of the expression she wore.
After nearly a minute, she finally said, "It wouldn't be a very good idea to let anyone on a station know about that game. It's... it's too much like... um... th-they'd think you were tr-tr-trying to... to train me for combat or something..."
It was difficult to hold his silence, but he managed it. And made a mental note that this brielb was not to be underestimated, in any regard.
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2021.10.28 04:17 daddy_franzkafka I find it pretty f**king discusting that cumbiys keep harassing r/babies. Leave r/babies sub ALONE! Its a place for sexual stimulation and empowerment for men like me who ACTUALLY have penises resembling a baby's, the trolling and harassment will be met with a ban from the r/babies mod team.

I find it pretty f**king discusting that cumbiys keep harassing babies. Leave babies sub ALONE! Its a place for sexual stimulation and empowerment for men like me who ACTUALLY have penises resembling a baby's, the trolling and harassment will be met with a ban from the babies mod team. submitted by daddy_franzkafka to CumTownChat [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 04:17 Cyka_Blyat5 I'm hearing a lot of talk about people blaming these dips on Wales

Guys please leave Wales out of this, it's just a small country trying to mind it's own business. If you're gonna blame anybody blame England.. those guys are usually the cause of a lot of things. I reckon England caused this dip. Cymru am Byth, Wales forever.
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2021.10.28 04:17 Salt-Entertainment53 Just got GER for my first requiem, what should I get next?

Just curious.
View Poll
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2021.10.28 04:17 kei_rah How can I transfer Nicehash Bitcoins to Binance?

As the title says.
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2021.10.28 04:17 FunAssociation5 Need help choosing VTX

I'm confused with which VTX I should use for EV100 budget goggles, since I don't want to invest 400$ (1.75x as much as my plane) on goggles
My plan is to get the maximum range that they can achieve. I'm confused with what all the frequencies and mW mean.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.28 04:17 spdh1 Jennifer Ann

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Get in before it's too late!
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2021.10.28 04:17 lonelysheart420 Is this spider safe to allow inside? I don't wanna hurt it. I'm in NWFL. Around yellow river preserve? ID?

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2021.10.28 04:17 Money_Interaction292 SECOND WORST THING CREATED ON THE PLANET behind yourknee jokes

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2021.10.28 04:17 NotThatJosh Naples Island in October

I heard Naples Island goes all out for Halloween.
But, is it still worth visiting Naples Island this weekend during the day to see their Halloween decorations? Or, is it only worth visiting during Halloween night?
And, any specific area to see on Naples Island?
What's the situation for the parking? Any problems with just street parking on Naples Island?
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2021.10.28 04:17 ZoolShop Gas stations ration petrol in China diesel shortage

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