Astronomers spot first planet outside the Milky Way

2021.10.28 04:31 ZoolShop Astronomers spot first planet outside the Milky Way

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2021.10.28 04:31 bibidibaboodiboo Shib Army even broke the CoinGecko :) :) :) :)

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2021.10.28 04:31 budasaurus Week 31. Still waiting…

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2021.10.28 04:31 AffiliateLeakz 🚨Wide Dogecoin Robinhood Recordsdata!!!!!🚨

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2021.10.28 04:31 vinny-vanie-vin So I have a thoughts

Manga spoilers ahead. Obviously. Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers You've been warned.
Why do I feel like if Phos had just remembered their love of Adamant as Kongo Sensei none of Aechmea manipulation would have worked so smoothly. And like it would have been a completely different story. This is coming from a person that's re-read 3 times beginning to end and bits and pieces here and there.
I love this manga so much and I understand that Phos did something nobody asked for. But they really did have the best intentions with the information they had it made sense. It really does feel like everyone loved them and then immediately hated them for even coming back from the moon.
Like I know it's because they split the gems up into two teams. I still can't help but feel like that's exactly things went down. When phos came back it wasn't "omg you're alive and we can get back the others too!" It was "phos is alive and they're okay? Omg the clothes, sword, and eye!" Like it's so weird how they didn't to treat phos like a relative/family member but just a "WOW THAT'S COOL THING" idk just a thing I noticed.
It wasn't like what's happened when phos got the gold alloy arms. They were being all wow about it but it was also so friendly and in like playful "I haven't seen you in years and you're all grownup now" it's just interesting to me.
ALSO STOP BLAMING PHOS FOR NOT KNOWING THINGS. How was phos supposed to know that Kongo Sensei praying would get of everyone??? Asking the enemy Aechmea to clarify the rules when he's just there to manipulate Phos to be his new working machine? Yeah no. Phos is still very gullible true but we can't expect them to change completely.
Even insane revenge murdery phos is gullible for thinking that being awful and intimidating will get them what they want 100%. They carried that with them a lot so I'm interested to see what the hell of waiting 10,000 years will affect that trait. They fell for the Aechmea fake out for the eye so I assume the mercury of Cinnbar hasn't effect their gullibleness too much.
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2021.10.28 04:31 brittwithouttheney This is Zuko, a stray kitty from my neighborhood that chose me and is now inside.

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2021.10.28 04:31 ContentForager Can we *not* normalize overconsumption, bad spending habits, and hiding purchases from partners? (/r/glossier)

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2021.10.28 04:31 Sush6749 .

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2021.10.28 04:31 Pandy-CGz- Gwen from League of Legends Model

I'm looking to find a vtuber model for Gwen from League of Legends but I have not found one yet. I was wondering if somebody has seen one or know somebody who could make one.
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2021.10.28 04:31 Kilazur They’re in love

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2021.10.28 04:31 rustyBassStrings Back when I was 14 I was obsessed with the misfits and wearing movie theater glasses with the lenses popped out lmao

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2021.10.28 04:31 bawsey Nas quoted Biggie here for a chorus and on “It Never Ends”

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2021.10.28 04:31 Party-Supplies Anyone ever IM'd or boofed HXE?

Hey there everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with any of these two ROAs. I usually IM ketamine when taking higher doses and have always been kind of intimidated IMing RC dissos, for some reason. I never really thought of IMing HXE until I found a post about someone wanting to do it but there wasn't much info about it at all since the comments got off topic and somehow began talking about IVing dissos(tried, not fun imo) so I didn't get much out of the post for the ROA. Anyone tried this ROA for this disso? Or have anyone used this ROA for any other RC dissos. Is it worth the trouble experimenting with? If so, what dose would you recommend? I only IM high doses of ketamine so it wouldn't be very easy coming up with a dose for a disso of a different potency and am aiming for more of a casual use rather than going for a hole.
I'm also wondering how boofing HXE is. I'm planning on experimenting with as many of the ROAs that I can. Usually I try boofing any of them I try because boofing is known to be one of the better ROAs for disso for a lot of them. But after some research, I've found some conflicting information on it. A lot of people have told me and speculated that it should be a good ROA but then I've found a few people mention in posts that it was not effective at all and worse that insufflation apparently. I kind of doubt it and assume they weren't empty enough and fucked up absortion but I can't be certain. So I thought I'd ask and see what other peoples' experience with this ROA and this disso is. What would you recommend to dose? I was thinking of trying 40mg for both IN and boofing. That's what I started out with for DMXE and it seemed like a pretty good starting point.
Thank you to anyone who shares their experience. I might make some sort of experience report if I decide to try one of these or both these ROAs. I think some people would appreciate a comparison of different ROAs for this disso and maybe others in the future.
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2021.10.28 04:31 Faenix_Wright just use food coloring

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2021.10.28 04:31 Saitama_ssa_Diciple Can I use datapack with mods?

Guys could you help me? Can I use datapack like Terralith in the same time with mods like Suplementary or Farmer Delight?
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2021.10.28 04:31 BinaryOptionAlliance 🐕🏀 $ShibaBalls 🐕🏀 | 10% rewards in $SHIB every hour 💰| Fair Launched 🤝| Liquidity Locked 🔒| 100x potential or more 🚀 | Anti Whale 🐋 | For more information please join our Telegram

Are you tired of rugpulls, scams, and honeypots? Today we present you to $ShibaBalls!
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The token will have tons of upcoming marketing so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.
Our Tokenomics:
100,000,000,000 Total supply
50% of the tokens are burned to ensure more token value
2% max wallet to ensure no whales
Our Tax is 18% for buy and sell:
10% in SHIBA reward
3% to locked liquidity pool
5% to marketing and buyback
Total of ~18% Slippage (18% + 0,5% Pancake)
Links and Social Media:
💰 Telegram:
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💰 Locked liquidity:
💰 PancakeSwap V2:
Contract: 0x0eca40780b1a45422721140b5041d0f8950ffa49
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2021.10.28 04:31 CronoDroid Ailee - Make Up Your Mind @ MBC Radio - Kim Shinyoung's Hope Song at Noon (211028)

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2021.10.28 04:31 CarlJacobswithaC made this for felix (im new to this)

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2021.10.28 04:31 AffiliateLeakz Dogecoin JUST STARTED GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! ⚠️ LIVE SPIKE ⚠️

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2021.10.28 04:31 randomIndian_idiot No offence

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2021.10.28 04:31 TittysForScience There isn’t anything better than learning from a wizard!

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2021.10.28 04:31 OmegaCat9999-lol-759 What's this?

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2021.10.28 04:31 hoethecat Apple Music Royalties for US not reported

US Apple Music Streams still haven’t been reported on my end however I can see reports for GB. It is confusing me a bit as usually they both come together and my stats for US streams show a different story. Is anyone facing a similar issue or just me?
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2021.10.28 04:31 boyxgwapo Random starter units in Coop Engagement

After the maintenance today, there seems to be a problem in how the starting hand works in coop engagement because whenever I am doing a coop engagement the starter units are now randomized, before it was based on how you setup your lineup. I don't remember SP saying anywhere in their patch notes that they would update this.
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2021.10.28 04:31 Microbiologist45 How to tell people why you left the church

I live in Texas and the majority of my coworkers are Latino. They often talk about church and I chime in sometimes because I understand the nuances of being raised catholic. What should I say if they ask why I no longer attend. I was fucked by a priest and that makes alot of people uncomfortable so how do I politely explain why I no longer attend
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