UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row

2021.10.28 04:34 topotaul UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row

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2021.10.28 04:34 jn_11 My (M23) Girlfriend (F21)slowly beginning to invade my privacy and becoming controlling after moving to another city

To be clear, we have had a really good relationship for the few years that we have spent together. There have been slight hiccups but nothing has ever caused a fight or argument that has raised significant red flags before she moved to another city a few months ago.
However, she has always struggled with the fact that I have female friends. All of my friendships with these women are strictly platonic and often formed around academics, so there is no chance I would ever take interest in them or pursue anything that could be considered cheating. My girlfriend has begun to make very backhanded remarks regarding my female friendships, becoming clearly upset at even the slightest mention that I’ve had an interaction with a female. My personality is naturally friendly, and I do not treat my friends differently based on their genders. I have explained this to her several times, however she continues to subconsciously display her mistrust in me that I am not capable of having platonic female friendships. From asking if I think they are pretty, admitting to stalking them on social media’s, and making comments that my platonic friends look similar to past women that I have had feelings for, I am beginning to feel controlled and frustrated with the situation. She has repeatedly looked through my phone without my knowledge, even after me defining that this is an Invasion of my privacy and something I am not comfortable with. She claims that she does this because I hide my friendships from her, but this is simply because I know she will become upset if I bring up anything about another woman. I don’t do this maliciously, I don’t have anything to hide but It feels like no matter what I do it’s a lose - lose situation.
Has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation where red flags suddenly appear after years of dating? I am beginning to feel desperate, and I would like to sit down with her and have a talk about this but I’m not sure how she will take it. Any advice?
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2021.10.28 04:34 Chokeyouhard My x wife (f30) is using our children as a weapon during the divorce, now I'm thinking of leaving the kids because of my x wife's actions.

She have taken almost all the money from the house, she gets child support even tho the kids are 50/50. And now 2 weeks ago she was lying to psychiatric and a doctor about my mental health to try to get me locked up there. And now she have kidnapped my children claiming I do drugs infornt of them, I don't even fucking drink.
I know my kids so well, they are 5 and 3, and I know that this drama has a huge impact on them. I have not made my choice yet to fight back for them or to leave. I don't know whats best.
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2021.10.28 04:34 Rare_Significance932 I work for a big Corporation Factory

It was a weekend and a fairly idle work day, I work long shifts and when there are no requests to attend to I typically find a quite place to nap. The office was even emptier during the beginning of the pandemic so it was simple to wander down an abandoned isle of cubicles: pick a dimly lit area--crawl under a desk and close my eyes. It's not ideal but when I need to sleep there's not much that will get in my way of just passing out.

After some fitful touch-and-go, I came back to my senses. Noticing the lighting seemed more gloomy than normal... Maybe I overslept?? I needed to get back to my desk. Without thinking much of how disoriented I felt, I began making my way down the aisle towards the staircase to my floor. Or at least that's where the staircase should be, there was a single door instead. I opened it into an empty room, aside from a general nursery vibe with play mats and children's toys, no people "that's a good sign" I thought to myself. I can't understand why I didn't turn around and go back the way I came, but what the heck I didn't have time to worry about that, I just needed to get back to my desk. I spotted an exit on the other side of the room, making my way for it. I knew there was a childcare center somewhere on campus for employed mothers but I didn't remember one being the same building as me, plus why'd they have to make it so eerie and abandoned. When I popped out the other side I still found myself unaware of my surroundings but thank god there was a desk and an attendant! she didn't seem busy but I still found it odd that when I asked: "I'm a bit turned around, which way is the exit?" she said "right down that staircase hun" pointing at an obscure opening down a hallway without so much as looking at me or where her hand directed my gaze. I was only on the first floor when I went to sleep and I had no recollection of there being a sub-floor level in my department, maybe I really was out of it when I found that nook to nap in. As long as these stairs get me out of here that's all I wanted, I was feeling increasingly unnerved by the second. When I got to the bottom there was two large and ornate doors, completely out of place in an office space whose color scheme consists of 5 different shades of blueish-gray. I stopped there for a moment, wondering if I should just give up and head all the way back to my hiding spot, looking back up between the staircase and these doors that were clearly not meant for simply leaving a building. My thoughts were interrupted as a janitorial services gentleman stood cleaning the floor not more than 15 feet away, feeling relieved I tiptoed regretfully(over his handwork) to ask him "I was directed down these stairs to an exit? could you point them out to me?" anticipating some version of "idiot these are the only doors down here" I was surprised when he came out neutrally with "yup right this way through those doors is where you need to go". My heart rate started to pick up, "not supposed to be here" a thought so audible someone could have whispered it in my ear, why am I still ending up places I've never been before, I should just turn back. Without knowing what really compelled me except maybe a decent dose of something-is-behind-me-just-go! I opened the doors and stood there in silence for a moment: there were a few steps down to an enormous room, the ceiling had to be 2 and a half stories tall, much taller than the flight of stairs I descended to get here. To my left were windows that almost spanned the entire length of the wall, I should specify that they weren't necessarily windows that you can see out of, more like windows that are below ground and let in light, similar to a basement, if you looked out all you would see is the concrete structure. To my right was a grand staircase, the kind that fits an entire family line on one step, and as far as I could see ahead of me the hall branched off into corridors of similar size. Now that I'd taken in these details I became aware of the eyes-or more like faces- that had turned my way, for there were more janitorial personal sprinkled about this imposing parlor, quietly cleaning in their soft white colored jumpsuits. "I must be in the wrong place" I mutter to myself as the workers turn back their attention to the floors without a word of acknowledgement. "You're catching on", I usually startle easily but when I discern the voice next to me I am barely fazed, instead I round to contemplate why they seem familiar, to this day I don't even remember their features only that somewhere in the recesses of my mind I knew I had met them before. I reached for the doors behind me as they stepped aside, hands calmly clasped behind their back, no doubt in amusement at my face as I decided "I'm out, I need out" only to step into a small room...not the staircase landing that I had just come from but a bathroom..? I stepped in to this perfect square space, lined with sinks and mirrors, all the faucets on causing a slight fog on all the reflective surfaces. Where is the exit? like some cornered prey I hustled to the wall opposite the entrance, expecting a second doorway to manifest. When I found none I turned back to face my silent spectator, the more I tried to look at her face the more her features distorted, almost like the steam in the room had all gathered together. Feeling thoroughly accosted, at my wits end, and almost like I needed someone to say something because it would be less intimidating than facing an a attack from something that did not make sounds, I finally asked her "what do you want?!"
There was an almost palpable *click* in the air, as if every inanimate object I passed by had been playing still and it finally exhaled and turned its eyes upon me, she said "Where should we begin"

I took such a deep breath in that I sat up holding my chest, my heart hammering, my eyes watery, unusual since when I sleep with contacts in the first time I open my eyes they are very painfully dry. But here I was, under the desk in the deserted cubicle aisle I had napped in. I have never woken up so quickly in such an emotional state that I was desperate to get back to my desk. Needless to say I have not fallen asleep at work since then...
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2021.10.28 04:34 luciddreamingislife What scared the hell out of you as a kid that is absolutely not terrifying at all?

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2021.10.28 04:34 Royal_Bonus8765 (19M) I've been depressed since the day I graduated high school, and I'm not really sure why. Is there any way I can rid of this bad feeling?

I still remember the moment when I was walking out of my high school graduation a few months ago. Everyone was hugging there friends. And there I was, alone. I went home immediately and cried for three days straight after that night. And FYI, I am not a crier at all. I tend to struggle to cry, even in sad situations.
I don't know why, but I have not been the same since that night four months ago. Nothing really pleases me in life anymore. I'm always assuming the worst about the future. I'm constantly questioning why I should be "happy" about the future when everything seems so boring from here on out.
I honestly have no clue what is wrong with me. It's like a switch was just flipped that night that caused me to feel like my life is over. I feel unable to enjoy life anymore, and like I need to just accept that from here on out everything will be shit.
Does anyone know what I may be suffering from? Do I therapy?
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2021.10.28 04:34 james33299 Major gas supplier Qatar Energy plans ‘green’ bonds -sources

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2021.10.28 04:34 FukuroDono I wish he had more moments in the series. Does anyone like Sora and his Cyber Pegasis?

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2021.10.28 04:34 Nicknsfw18 PIC

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2021.10.28 04:34 Mad_Chemist_ A White hospital executive says he was fired and replaced by two women as part of diversity push. He was just awarded $10 million in a wrongful termination lawsuit

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2021.10.28 04:34 UI_Chaos yeah

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2021.10.28 04:34 Original_owl09 So, does hair subliminal actually work?

There‘s been so much people saying that hair subliminal doesn;t work and I am unsure, does it work or does it not?
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2021.10.28 04:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IE] - Cop26: Our last chance to tackle climate catastrophe | Irish Times

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2021.10.28 04:34 Sufficient-Ad-8977 Is anybody having any problems with Reddit’s video player on the mobile app?

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2021.10.28 04:34 HandGrown Has/ is this happening to you ATM?

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2021.10.28 04:34 Plucky-Nova It's showtime for the next SSRs!

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2021.10.28 04:34 don2chon 🚀[LIVE] 24/7 SHIBA VS DOGECOIN PRICE | Who Will Win??🤔🚀 [1 view]

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2021.10.28 04:34 james33299 BOJ cuts Japan’s potential growth estimate, highlighting need for reforms

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2021.10.28 04:34 OrionPax7_7_7 Would you guys recommend summoning on this banner?

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2021.10.28 04:34 HaaKaanZ Controversial Opinion on S6 A12 Scotts Tots

A quick thing before I start is that this is my opinion if you don't have to chair it I I'm just looking to address my thoughts on this episode and why I did not enjoy the outcome or the plot of it. I would very likely discuss this with you all if you have your own opinion but please keep it civil. Also, this will highly contain spoilers if you have not seen the episode so "Spoiler Alert!"
After rewatching the show for the third time, something got stuck in my mind that I haven't been able to let go of. the episode "Scotts Tots" revolves around a decision Mickel made 10 years ago where he promised to pay for a lot of kids' college tuition if they finished high school. Now Mickel as a character constantly does small to medium decisions without thinking logically and that makes him a very fun character and with his lack och charm and the total dissolution of reality makes a character that is funny and likable.
Even tho Mickel messes up constantly, things always workes out in one way or another but he more or less ruined 30 kids futures by promising college is just horrible. he even waited to the last second, to tell the truth not giving them a heads up years in advance so the kids and their families could replan or look at alternative schools.
losing a scholarship is very hard and for a lot of ppl, this can even mean not going to college at all. the fact that this episode ends and you know all the dreams Mickel built up and later destroyed is just awful but the show never picks it up again, that just feels out of scrip or even a dream event that didn't happen.
The fact that the ppl around the office knew about this and didn't intervene earlier, Stanly might not care for his work and dislike Mickel but he would not have just sat and watched 30 kids go down the drain like that. he would have athlete given an e-mail informing the kind about this instead of just letting it play out in spight of mickel.
The rest of the show never mentions this again and you feel like you lost respect for Mickel like he did fuck up so badly this time it's not fun and games anymore.
That's my opinion if you agree or disagree please let this discussion continue in a civil faction.
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2021.10.28 04:34 wooksclubu Rakuten Referral Code : up to $40 BONUS Cash Back Link

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2021.10.28 04:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Biden, Dems get low marks on spending talks: AP-NORC poll | ABC

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2021.10.28 04:34 bongdaso247 Tin Liverpool 28/10: Liverpool trọng thưởng cho Mohamed Salah

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2021.10.28 04:34 HootingMandrill Promoting Interaction?

Greetings fellow commissioners. I've got a concern about my 10 man dynasty startup this year that I'm hoping ya'll can help me without. We're about halfway through our inaugural season, nobody has any complaints or anything, but I don't feel like the league is as involved and invested as I'd hope for them to be.
Now, most of us are in our mid to late 20s and we have lives so obviously I have tempered expectations, but myself and the other founding members really do want our league to survive for many years, so I'd like to find ways to keep people interested. While most of us are local and can more directly interact with each other, we have 3 out of towners, 2 of which are friends of one of our founding members but that I don't know personally. Since I don't have a way to directly contact them other than the Sleeper app we're using, I worry about keeping them engaged with the rest of the league.
I've tried starting up a facebook chat just so everyone can talk to each other, but a few league members don't even have facebook and the chat is rather stagnant, which is also the case with the sleeper group chat. My @all messages rarely receive a response too.
Does anyone have any recommendations on good ways I can promote an active and healthy league for all of my players?
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2021.10.28 04:34 sheckaaa Eli5: negative interest rates

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