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My first character drawing :)

2021.10.28 04:51 ItsPhenrir My first character drawing :)

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2021.10.28 04:51 lock3ttup What I haven’t been able for to say

I used to write when I was a kid. My only form of expression. Somehow, sometime, that part of me faded. When my wife and I were going through the toughest times, I would be calling out to her from within but appear robotic from without. These are some of the words I was never able to say.
They tell me to write, and so I write. I haven’t, in years. It used to be my only outlet and now I seem to find every reason not to. I don’t have time. Nothing comes out. I can’t anymore. I don’t have anything to write in. My wife buys me this journal and I start the cycle over. No time. Wrong kind of pen. I hate this pen. But they tell me to write, and so I write. I don’t know what I’ve become. I’m an almost emotionless machine grinding it’s way through life. Eat. Sleep. Work. Relax. Eat. Sleep. Work. Relax. Life on repeat. My relationship with my wife died slowly over the years. A product of hope and love, adolescent fire rekindled into so much more….. and I let it fade. I no longer have the tools to cope with everything happening in my life. I discarded them in war to save my soul and I can’t find them again. Truth be told, I didn’t know they were gone. It’s one thing to be told a thing, and something else altogether to discover it yourself. But, they tell tell me to write. To find myself buried within this empty shell. A sun in a universe of emptiness, so dark no light escapes. And so I write. I don’t think today will bring any revelations. No deep, personal discoveries. But I will try to keep trying. I despise what I am, what I’ve become. I’ve become the machine. The function is my life, a cog in the grand scheme. Maybe tomorrow I will try again.
I wrote this two years ago, and never shared it with anyone. I can’t help but think that if I’d shared it with her when it mattered, things might be different. The moral of the story, I guess, is that it’s never too late unless you let it be. Whoever your partner is, they just want to know you. If you’re going through it, and there’s a chance to save it, don’t be too prideful to put the gloves down and sacrifice your pride. When you can see the forest, the trees don’t mean as much.
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2021.10.28 04:51 frenlyapu Proof that sugar is from the devil😁

Jack Nicholson plays the devil in the film WITCHES OF EASTWICK. He admits it in the film!😆
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2021.10.28 04:51 Cool-Photograph8182 Y’all like my beginner battlestation?

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2021.10.28 04:51 Arctus2020 The Planet of A Thousand Gods

The air in the room was tense. What had been - just a few moments ago - a series of fiery declamations on the superiority of the V'kerti Empire over the Humans was chilled by the Speaker of the V'kertian Pantheon.
"Our great and gracious gods, in all their wisdom and knowledge, have granted us one plea," the Speaker had said, "Do not wage war on the Humans."
The Emperor and his advisors looked at the hooded figure sitting amongst them. This V'kerti of the religious caste had white scales, was adorned in the traditional hooded clothing of the order, and wore a blindfold - as is customary among those granted the title of "Speaker". It is said that it is because only those who are able to directly commune with the V'kertian Pantheon are granted the honor of being a speaker, and that glancing into the eyes of such individuals will flood one's mind with the visions that the Speaker has witnessed until one has been rendered mad. Of course, most would say that this is nothing more than a glorified myth, and that this garb is purely ceremonial.
Grand Commander Torda, in his imposing imperial battle armor and grayish green scales, rose - easily towering over a vast majority of the advisors.
"This- This-," he began, seething with rage and unable to find the right words. It had long been known that the garbs of the Order were made purposely ambiguous in honor of their similarly ambiguous Pantheon. In fact, it had long been assumed that only the most ambiguous members of the species could become Speakers, due to their closer proximity to the Pantheon's likeness - another ceremonial myth, surely.
"Speaker!" the Commander finally settled, pointing his sharp claws at the hooded figure, "Surely it is their fear that drives them to speak these words! Their cowardice shadows their judgment!"
Grand Commander Torda looked at his fellow advisors, "Surely our Gods know of the greatness of His Excellency's Empire! Our economy and industrial capacity far outclasses the fractured, caste-less and disordered society of Humanity! Their factories churn unnecessary rubble in their desire for…," Torda grimaces as he mimics the human tongue, "...equality. Our military outnumbers theirs tenfold! Our arms far outclass theirs! They may as well be Saruf laid bare, awaiting slaughter!"
At this, the other advisors nodded in agreement.
"And their pantheon…" the Commander speaks in a harsh but hushed tone - as if avoiding the ears of the Inquisitors of the Order while directly antagonizing its Speaker, "it consists of thousands of deities. Their beliefs are fractured, and the power of their gods are weak because of this! Not to mention the fact that about half of their species are…"
Grand Commander Torda pauses, his face contorting further as he is forced to speak such an atrocious word,"... Atheist."
The other advisors expressed their disgust. The V'kertian Empire had long been a largely religious species. From its first steps into sentience, they have always followed one deity or the other, and they have long fought in honor of their patrons. Pantheons would rise and fall. Rival gods would either be killed or integrated into the stronger pantheon. The strength of the Gods were determined by the number and devotion of their followers.
When the Empire stepped into the galactic stage, they found that other species had much the same experience - either rival pantheons would compete until the strongest prevail, or there was only one pantheon to begin with. In rare, pitiful occasions, the gods would destroy each other until none were left - leaving their followers weakened and aloof, forced to fend for themselves. The V'kerti learned early on that they cannot charge off into crusades against rival pantheons, as the cost would be far too great. Instead, they held a policy of mutual respect - engaging in open trade and diplomacy, and providing aid and protection for worlds whose pantheons had fallen in their shortsightedness. That had been the way for eons, and they had all assumed that this would continue by the grace of their gods.
But then, the humans came.
First contact with the humans went along smoothly. That this species had no deity was unsurprising. They were born on a deathworld, so they might as well have been forsaken from the moment that they gained sentience. What sadistic deity, after all, would grant self-awareness to a species subjected to such conditions? But, then, the empire's diplomats met more of these humans. At first, finding followers of a handful of deities was not too surprising. There have been other civilizations - albeit uncommon - that have found ways of ensuring nonbelievers and followers of the pantheon could coexist in harmony. Despite the idea being unfathomable to the V'kerti Empire, mutual respect was still possible.
Of course, however, something had crossed the line for the Empire - unbeknownst to the humans. In fact, the humans, right now, would think that they were just a few cycles away from a formal alliance with the highly diplomatic V'kerti Empire. If they caught wind of the ongoing discussion, it would probably send their Diplomatic Corps into a panicked frenzy - but that is a tale for another day.
"To have this many deities in a single pantheon of a species capable of divine technologies such as FTL travel and have an entire class for non-believers, at the same time," the Grand Commander snarled, "goes against the very doctrines of creation! Such chaos is a threat to our very reality! If we were to raise this with our most fervent allies, they, too, would be outraged! And the combined might of our empires and gods will blot the light of the home star of these aberrations in one fell swoop!"
The room erupted with cheers from across the table - a fervent, fiery nationalism arising from the hearts of all who were present. All, that is, except the ever patient Speaker and the most observant Emperor.
After a few moments, the entire room became quiet as the advisors turned to look at the hooded figure, eager for a reply - some, smirking with confidence, while others looked on with dread. Grand Commander Torda remained standing - his bulk towering over the more slender build of the Speaker, like a predator eyeing his prey.
"Commander," the Speaker asked as if he had carefully measured each word that he was about to say, "How much do you know of Human history?"
Torda scoffed at white mass. "If you are referring to their weapons of mass destruction, we can easily defend against them! If you are speaking of the fact that they had detonated such armaments against their own kind in honor of their own respective gods, then so be it! We have met countless others-"
"No," the Speaker interrupted - his voice still measured; his expression, stoic.
"No?" the Grand Commander replied, confused, amused, and perhaps a bit outraged, "Pray tell me, oh great Speaker, what have I gotten wrong?"
"The Humans did not detonate their nuclear armaments by the command of their gods," the Speaker stated bluntly, "they did so of their own accord."
"What foolishness do you speak of?!" Torda snapped back, unable to accept what he had just heard.
Indeed, it was not uncommon that species of all beliefs would willingly commit such heinous acts if commanded by their deity but to say that a species willingly did so on their own? Insanity!
The Speaker stood - as confident and with purpose as the Grand Commander, yet as graceful as the gods themselves, "It is true that this war that we speak of began on the whims of some of their gods. It is true that their actions were swayed by the higher powers of their world, albeit without them realizing which gods they hoped to honor by doing so. It is true that many gods of many pantheons took sides in the conflict, as in all conflicts that we are familiar with."
The advisors nodded in agreement. Grand Commander Torda remained still, wondering where this was going.
"But our gods had reached out to theirs to seek understanding," the Speaker continued, "and it is with great horror that they found a deep scar that will last until the end of time inflicted on all gods of all pantheons of humanity! The gods of gods of each pantheon of humanity spoke plainly and truthfully: their creation heeded their words with a passion none in this universe had seen before…"
The Speaker took a breath, again measuring his words carefully, "...and burnt their own gods and fellow followers indiscriminately in the process. It is for this reason that they coexist as they do, now, for the alternative is the complete destruction of their entire plane of existence."
Grand Commander Torda slammed his fist on the table, making the advisors closest to him flinch. "Lies!" he bellowed, "Trickery from their gods of chaos and mischief! You must have communed with their gods, blasphemer! To even suggest that there can remain many pantheons, to this day, is insanity! No species can gain enlightenment without the rise of a single, unified pantheon! Fellow advisors, Your Excellency, we must cease entertaining the babbling of this fool!"
The Speaker reached out from behind their head and unfastened their blindfold, turning their head to the Grand Commander.
"If you do not wish to heed my words," the Speaker began with a tint of anger, slowly opening their eyes, "then receive the visions of our gods!"
Grand Commander Torda saw the Speaker's eyes for the first time - dark as the void with white specks like a starry night sky. Before he could muster a reply, his mind was flooded with images: gods whispering into human ears; weapons of war firing across battle lines; angular metal boxes on wheels with guns strapped on top of them charging across fields and foe alike; industries of peace and prosperity turned instantly into machines of war.
And then, he saw the worst of these images: gods across both sides standing in shocked horror; soldiers herded like cattle, forced to walk from one end of a landmass to the other in the planet's equatorial regions; gods weeping for their creation; entire families herded into camps and subjected to unspeakable acts of violence, forced labor and toxic fumes; gods showing regret; afterlives of a hundred forms filled by the thousands, each rotation.
Then it came: big, bright explosions thundering from the planet's surface to its atmosphere - the explosion only barely masking the collective screams of the thousands of gods of the hundreds of pantheons of humanity. An intense, burning sensation spread across the Grand Commander's body, as if he had been dropped from orbit into the core of their home star.
Then, clarity. A promise: "Never again".
The Grand Commander could, now, see the Speaker who was fastening his blindfold, once more. Torda slowly sat down - a look of horror on his face. The other advisors tried to ask what he saw, but he could not find the will to speak.
The Speaker - once more adorning his blindfold and hood - turned towards the Emperor.
"Your Excellency, it is true that Human society is disordered and chaotic when compared to our own. Their gods bicker amongst themselves over menial things as much as the humans, themselves, do on a daily basis. Their systems are redundant, their priorities are illogical, and their resources are inefficiently utilized. Right now, the empire far outclasses and outnumbers the humans. That is all true," the Speaker says, respectfully bowing, "but the gods have determined that any action against this race would lead to our undoing. If we blot out their home star with our mighty fleets, there will be a dozen gods that lay claim to it as their domain. If we land upon their world, there will be a hundred gods of nature, thunder, storms, and seas ready to sweep our forces aside. And, worse yet, if we crack open the crust of their homeworld, we risk inviting the wrath of their species' primordial deity, Gaia, who slumbers deep within its crust and whom the humans worship simply by their will to live. And that has yet to consider the vast fleets that the humans, themselves, may yet muster."
The room was silent as the Speaker paused to breathe. At this point, the advisors were pale with fear, as if the apocalypse had been revealed to them. Grand Commander Torda remained motionless, staring blankly into the table - the images that he saw still etched into his eyes.
"The Humans do not actively believe in every single pantheon, no. Nor do they attempt to force these pantheons together," the Speaker continued, this time addressing the room, "but these pantheons remain honored in their myth and sanctified in their media. The relics of rival pantheons are preserved, instead of obliterated, in halls dedicated to history and the arts; and for this, these pantheons persevere to this day. While their gods, individually, are weaker than one of our own, the vast multitudes of deities that stand guard over Humanity far surpasses even the combined might of the Holy League. And even with such a vast number of nonbelievers, their scientific and technological breakthroughs are just as much a result of the species' own innate intelligence as it is the result of divine inspiration granted to the believers."
The Speaker turned back to the Emperor, "Your Excellency, this species is fractured and divided, and so are their many different deities but the gods wish that we do not give them a reason to unite for they are not just a planet of a thousand gods, but of a hundred different pantheons - all of whom are unified in their fondness of their creation."
The Emperor stared back at the Speaker - his mind still grasping all that has been stated. He looked up from his chair, his eyes drifting onto the mural depicting the V'kerti Empire embraced by depictions of the Pantheon's gods. He knew he had to make a decision, and that there would be no turning back from whichever choice he made.
For the sake of his people - our children - I hope that he heeds our words.
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2021.10.28 04:51 The80sSlasher Does anyone know when the update to the Halloween Chapter is suppose to be coming?

I remember during a live stream when they announced the Halloween event. it was said that both Laurie Strode and Michael Myers would be getting a redesign to fit closer to their movie counterparts. Does anyone know when this happening?
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2021.10.28 04:51 Director_Arinze I managed to hit on these 😭 second time entering a draw on SNKRS didn’t get the mummy’s though 😤

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2021.10.28 04:51 Faenix_Wright changing the course of history

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2021.10.28 04:51 Kichai_C Stump puffballs? Found growing on a dirt track between houses, various trees growing either side. They smelled amazing, so I'm hoping my ID is right!

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2021.10.28 04:51 economicsdesign What Is IBC: Inter Blockchain Communication?

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! :D (Link on our profile)

So you learned what an IBC is and how important it is to the Cosmos ecosystem. This feature makes the cryptocurrencies built on Cosmos easier to interact with and more efficient to use capital. This protocol creates the infrastructure for tokens to communicate across various blockchain tech stack.
General Conclusion If you are active in the Cosmos Network, one of the first terms you will come across is IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) and IBC is a very important feature of Cosmos Network. So what exactly is IBC and why is it important to the Cosmos Network?
3 Approaches To Improve Blockchain Scalability With Ethereum as the standard, there are currently three main ways blockchain infrastructure seeks to improve the scalability & scale of smart contracts.

  1. The first way is through the use of Rollup technology, which allows the wrapping of transactions taking place in L1 on the sidechain into a single aggregated block and recorded on the original L1 Blockchain. This allows off-chain transaction data to be available on layer 1 whenever needed to validate a state transition. This is the Layer 2 extension technology that Ethereum is using. Check this video as Lisa explains what Rollup technology is. You can imagine it like creating a school bus for transactions on Ethereum. Although they are not arbitrarily scalable, they are a good short & medium term way to relieve congestion pressure. Imagine a school bus sending 50 kids instead of 50 cars on the road!
  2. The second path is to build a brand new Layer 1 blockchain to achieve higher throughput and scalability using other technologies. For example, in the case of Solana & Internet Computer to achieve higher throughput, they require each node to be extremely powerful. (Side note: this is the reason why Solana went offline for a while in Sept.) This means that transaction processing is no longer performed by the vast majority of ordinary users because to do so they will need to invest a large amount of money in computer hardware, which is suitable. with individuals or organisations that are technically savvy and have ample financial resources. This is of course a trade-off as it affects the decentralisation of the blockchain. In our analogy, that means bigger buses to transport people.
  3. The third path is to combine heterogeneous blockchains through “interaction protocols”. They are like building a system of highways across the country, connecting a series of provinces in a Country making travel easy and fast. Prominent projects in the third group can be mentioned as Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanche.
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2021.10.28 04:51 Far_Temporary6215 Spooky Shiba Just Stealth Launch🔥 | Same DEV As Kishu Forever| x1000GEM | Expect Crazy Fireworks 🚀

Spooky shiba just stealth launched. Giving out rewards in Shiba Inu. !! BASED DEV. Same dev that launched kishu forever. Hype is real with this one. Major marketing is planned. VOICE CHAT IS GOING CRAZY. Those who were in kishu forever know that this dev is not scared to market a coin ! Already in contact with some big influencers.
In the spirit of halloween this is THE COIN ! Don’t be surprised if this hits 1 Million market cap!
DEV is based and well known in the space. Some familiar faces in telegram already. Shiba is pumping right now and so will spooky Shiba. 7 more days till halloween and that is just enough time for spooky Shibato go parabolic. Get your entry in and enjoy the ride.
Do not miss out on spooky season !
Shiba keeps pumping. This is heading in the same direction. MArketing is not even started and this is already flying. Hype is huge around this. The most insane part about this is the rewards. 7% Shiba rewards per transaction ! Just keep holding and gaining more Shiba rewards per transaction. This could be the next big thing !! 🔥🔥
Rewards: 7% rewards
LP; 1%
Marketing: 2%
📝 CONTRACT: 0x34ff9371ec528950dbf782c229979cac24d9f37a
BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x34ff9371ec528950dbf782c229979cac24d9f37a
LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd3d4DaFC4562558cAE9BCe51F38D0bDa8f68E74E
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x34ff9371ec528950dbf782c229979cac24d9f37a#readContract
Get in before it's too late!
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2021.10.28 04:51 Qd22k Quiet, a short by me

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2021.10.28 04:51 MG_Na_Fan Do something

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2021.10.28 04:51 karlkry selamat datang ke kedai makan r/bolehland

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2021.10.28 04:51 he_el Fed did it better with a lunatic mid carder.

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2021.10.28 04:51 moo422 Toronto's best burgers right now [Toronto Life]

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2021.10.28 04:51 Tadeo111 Dying Light - PART 26 - Playthrough - 4K 60fps

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2021.10.28 04:51 disfunkd Racing on Cold optimum tracks Vs Hot optimum tracks help!

Hey guys I was hoping you guys might be able to help me bridge the gap between these 2 different conditions so I posted a video yesterday hitting 18.2 on SPA track temp was I believe 20 degrees. However on a track temp of 33 degrees I’m over a second off.
Are there setup tweaks to try help me bridge the gap?
I need to find extra grip..
What advise would you guys have who are pretty good at keeping relatively consistent times regardless f track temps?
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2021.10.28 04:51 limoucene We are new to iPhone’s network , is there a way to put the back or cancel icon to the lower right of the screen? Loving the size :)

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2021.10.28 04:51 whoonenoveum propagadores do medo

pq q as pessas e basicamente o mundo td obriga os outros a fazer oq qerem atravez do medo. eu simplesmente to cansado disso, ng pode tomar uma opiniao contraria sem ser alvo de retaliaçao.
eu n qeria tocar nesse asunto mas e inevitavel com td acontecendo nao aguento mais me calar e fingir q nada ta acontecendo.
pq as pessoas ficam obrigado as outras a se vacinar? pq elas qerem se certificar q a pessoa q ela ta junto aja conforme suas expectativas? pra que ela quer isso? e oq ela ganha em causar panico nos outros pra agir da forma q ela acha certo? e outra coisa OQ É CERTO? Tudp q vc faz e certp??
Ta foda esse mundo tomara q acabe mesmo
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2021.10.28 04:51 forbidensoul well then...

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2021.10.28 04:51 duncan_D_sorderly British snipers practicing in Normandy 1944. Interesting to see they are still using the Pattern 14 Enfield No3 MkII.

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2021.10.28 04:51 Fee501st ❤️😝❤️

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2021.10.28 04:51 magictoyshop Late temp rise, did I ovulate?

My chart First month charting. We have unexplained infertility and currently awaiting first round of IVF. Cycles are regular. I’ve previously had a CD21 progesterone blood test to confirm ovulation which was normal. So confused by this first chart. I would put ovulation (if it happened) at CD17 or 18, but why did my temp take so long to rise after that? Anyone have experience with a chart like this?
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2021.10.28 04:51 ContentForager How to talk to Annie (/r/disneyvacation)

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