GBPNZD short

2021.12.02 19:50 MDNTman77 GBPNZD short

GBPNZD short 🟥 Harmonic Return Strategy
Open 1.95128
Stop 1.95355
Target 1.90209
RR Ratio 13.7
Potential pips 479.6
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2021.12.02 19:50 justianbro ATTACKWAGON 💎


🗓Date: Dec 3rd

Keep an eye 👀 Listing on Saturday

Follow our announcements channel to know immediately when it goes live!

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2021.12.02 19:50 NotVinhas Purge line not sticking

I'm new to all of this and have been using the ender 3 for a about a month now. I've had lots of issues with leveling lately as if the machine decalibrates after every print to the point that I see myself screwing several turns from calibration to calibration. A thing that's been happening lately is that the purge line is not sticking to the bed and after starting the brim the big chunk of pla falls. Sometimes it leaves a weird sticky residue on the bed while trying to print the purge line. Any help is welcomed!
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2021.12.02 19:50 jimmy-was-here-610 i'll survive

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2021.12.02 19:50 Ben-Stanley You gotta think outside the box with these Hawkeye character reveals

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2021.12.02 19:50 Random-Commenting Who was your gateway?

Who was your gateway to the left? I just brought up a few names that are mentioned on this sub, but obviously I can create an exhaustive list.
View Poll
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2021.12.02 19:50 TheBazeur Enough already.

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2021.12.02 19:50 coljavskiyi ✊$RoninGamez – Just got listed in CMC! ⭐ | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | All NFTs will be out made by lead dev ❤Alex Lopez – in charge of Magic the Gathering, NBA 2k, NFL 2k☀︎ | Revolutionary gaming and NFT eco-system | ☄︎ Liquidity Lock | ☑︎Next x100

Join the bullrun! $RoninGamez is currently on upstreak as they got listed on CMC
Get into the community to experience the upcoming utility presentation
Waste no time and take hold of the precious $RONINGMZ tokens while they are still hot!
☘︎Where to buy? Pancakeswap with 8% slippage! ☠︎
✖ What is Ronin Games?
Ronin Games is a multi-player gaming and NFT ecosystem created to revolutionize the field of Parimutuel betting.
Ronin Gamez is building a platform to bring together the best aspects of Crypto, Gaming, NFTs & Betting. The RONIN token will serve as the native utility token on the platform, being used for, but not limited to, interacting with the games by purchasing upgrades & NFTs, betting, voting/governance, staking and more.
♾ Who is their main dev? He is a world know figure in the gaming world!
His main lead gaming developer is – Alex Lopez. He was responsible for major computer video games like “Magic the gathering”, “NBA 2k”, “NFL 2k”.

❤️Tokenomics - Roninomics:
☝️Total Supply: 100,000,000
☝️Tax -6%: 2% Auto liquidity, 4% Marketing
☝️Secure – Time base tokenism solve anti-pump and dump, paper hands, sniper bots
☝️Robust – Airdrop rewards for diamond holders
♻⛩️Total Distribution:
♨️ Private Sale – 20%
♨️ Pre-Sale – 40%
♨️ Liquidity – 14%
♨️ Airdrops – 10%
♨️ Staking – 6%
♨️ Team – 10%
✈️Contract Address: 0xC6ac148250736a67E84864Eae2B45A8a81D9e163
❄️ Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Ronin Games’ team have given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
♟️ Website:
✉️ Telegram:
☎️ Twitter:
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2021.12.02 19:50 Zmanzanita72 What can I do with Mains as a GIM?

I am mainly asking as I want to do Barbarian Assault while keeping prestige, but my other group mates are not as thrilled with doing BA. Am I allowed to join main accs while keeping prestige?
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2021.12.02 19:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See sandro_fx's idea on TradingView below.

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2021.12.02 19:50 Philo1927 Judge tears apart Texas social media law for violating First Amendment - Ruling blocks law that would force social networks to carry objectionable content.

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2021.12.02 19:50 a_constant_rewinder Ada Lea - heard you [Official Music Video]

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2021.12.02 19:50 Curious_Cut_707 STONKS |🚀 VISUAL CONCEPT OF STONKS APP | 🚀13 Days Old 🚀 | $280k MCap 📈 | 680 holders | Be early in the next 1000x moonshot 🚀 LOW CAP .

We want to present you our meme coin - 📈 StonksCoin 📈- **FIRST MEME COIN WITH REAL FEATURES!**🚀
Let's begin
It's 100% community token. Right now we are focusing on marketing, Stonks App and soon we are going to be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
🎯 Our main goal - STONKS - decentralized contracts for different market
Our ultimate goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem which allows you to decide about freehold in a free and unlimited way, regardless of internal or external motivations without any kind of intermediary or third party. At the first stage, we created a Stonks token, a symbol of free financial decisions (you do not always need to be professional, you have a fundamental right to be wrong). Second stage - this year - we will build dApp which will allow you to set stop loss & take profit orders on PancakeSwap & Uniswap. The final target is to create a decentralized prediction market where you can bet your STONKS tokens on future outcomes. You will be able to put a wager on a variety of events chosen by you - economical (stock prices and indexes), along with political and sport outcomes.
Join our community, keep in touch with the latest news and just enjoy and create the memes:
🖥 Telegram @StonksCoinBsc 🎰 Contract address: 0x52fd0db7597c332c0d3449a35f03625d881c3117
💲 Where to buy?
🌟 What are the advantages?
• The best crypto meme ever made • We are community-oriented coin - LET'S MOON TOGETHER! 🚀 • Liquidity locked for 1 YEAR • We are transparent - you can ask us about everything on Telegram channel • Passive income - 4% is redistributed to our holders
💎 Tokenomics
💧 Liquidity 5️⃣% 🎁Redistribution 4️⃣% 🔥 Burn 1️⃣%
♻️ Taxes
📌 Buy tax: 10% 📌 Sell tax: 10%
See you on our Telegram channel: Discord ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
🌎 Website: (🔜v3) 📱 Twitter: 🔗Reddit: 🎶 YouTube: Stonks Song
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 02.12.2021
Visual concept of application is ready!
2021 Q4
⚙️ Initial Dex Offering - ✅Done ✅ 👨🏼 300 holders - ✅Done ✅ 💵 At least 150k mcap - ✅Done ✅ 📎 Whitepaper v1 - ✅Done ✅
✍️ Coin market Cap & Coingecko Listings - ⚙️in progress
💰1m mcap - ⚙️ in progress 💡Idea development - ⚙️in progress 🔧 Buildining development team - ⚙️in progress
📈 Marketing - ⚙️in progress
2022 Q1
🤑10m mcap 🎖50k memcap (total unique memes in circulation) 🏹Uniswap listing 💥Banners on Wallstreet & Timesquare 🎉 3 members on payroll
2022 Q2
💶150m mcap 🥇150k memcap (total unique memes in circulation) 📌Listing on small CEXes 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦10 members on payroll 👏 (decentralized robinhood for stonks) on testnet
2022 Q3
⚡️ live on mainnet ⭐️1b mcap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It's only the beginning
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2021.12.02 19:50 IAshBlackI Gorgeous ✨

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2021.12.02 19:50 Alejandro42069 Working 2 jobs

Would HR have a problem with me working my currently remote state job and working another private sector job simultaneously?
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2021.12.02 19:50 gramz4sale Boost for boost

Will boost back immediately. Tyia
Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.12.02 19:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘We can dream’: Inside Cuba’s new Fidel Castro museum | Al Jazeera

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2021.12.02 19:50 MasterRogue123 Alright guys we all see meta guns and peeps with cool mods on guns. But now show me your worst guns you can make. I'll go first 😅

Alright guys we all see meta guns and peeps with cool mods on guns. But now show me your worst guns you can make. I'll go first 😅 submitted by MasterRogue123 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 19:50 Pikah Zotac arctic 3090

Anyone know if these mine well like the trinity 3090? Any difference has anyone got one of these cards
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2021.12.02 19:50 Tito1872 These days, if you criticise the referee

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2021.12.02 19:50 Maskatarian She's decided to come for us ...

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2021.12.02 19:50 comradejimjam Mod question

If I buy the steam version, can I still add the mod so I can add traits and gear to creatures?
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2021.12.02 19:50 hovdeisfunny Comic character kerfuffles have character camps clashing over claims in /r/whowouldwin

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2021.12.02 19:50 grooooovyyyyyyyy All her new stuff + no invite needed
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2021.12.02 19:50 driedupkelp Mass transcription software

I’ve got a couple thousand mp3 files ranging from 30 seconds to 25 min long each. What are some free (assuming not a lot of options given the qty) and paid options for mass transcribing these audio files?
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