U.S. and EU signal "converging" views on China after high-level meeting

2021.12.02 19:42 amnesiac7 U.S. and EU signal "converging" views on China after high-level meeting

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2021.12.02 19:42 mushroomramen Good chest binders ??

Hey humans! I'm 21 and finally coming to terms with being non binary, spent a long time thinking I was just rejecting feminitiy as a societal concept, that remains part of it. However I came to a sudden realisation the other day that its more than that, cut my hair, started enforcing my pronouns and I got big big euphoria which only made me realise that it wasn't just a blip it is who I am. Anyways, I have a large chest (AFAB, without wishing to trigger anyone but I'm okay labelling myself that at the moment, it's for context as to what I mean by large chest) and was wondering if someone could recommend some good safe binders that you can get in the UK. Big thanks, big love ❤
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2021.12.02 19:42 BumblebeeMaleficent9 [USA - TX][H]Etsy - Fully loaded Gaggia Classic Pro

I'm selling modded Gaggia Classic Pros from my Etsy store! I have designed a custom enclosure to beautifully display and use your mods. If interested, more details can be found below!
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2021.12.02 19:42 ilygawd My supervisor sucks as a child caretaker and idk what to do

the obvious thing to do is to report her right, but im struggling because 1. she's my supervisor and if nothing doesn't happen then i’m screwed for the rest of the year 2. she's like 30 and she’s one of those adults who believe in capital punishment and treating your kids the same way they treat you (so im scared that confronting her will do nothing) context: a little kid was touching some of the supplies for todays activity, and keep in mind he's in like kinder or something, and she kept yelling at him to not touch her stuff and obviously he's a kid so he's gonna be curious. so the little boy touches her jar of google eyes, then she gets mad and she goes "i told u not to touch my stuff, how would u like it if i touched your things", so she picks up his mine craft backpack and throws it across the room (like 5ft away not across the whole room) and goes "you see how do u like it?!" And i am gagged!! i was like?? how is that equivalent ma'am?! so she turns around and she like laughs it off with me, and i'm just gooped to the gods boots down mama! and the little boy starts crying obviously, and while he's crying she's talking about "you see that's how i feel the same way ur crying is the same way i feel about my stuff" anyways i'll feel bad if i don't do anything about this and i just really need advice
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2021.12.02 19:42 Sentient-Sock Sits on the couch? Well guess what, I hear boss music

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2021.12.02 19:42 theunfinishedletter Can anyone think of a stylish yet practical way to store old newspapers?

Which, by the way, I would still like to have access to for reading purposes. For this reason, an archival box isn’t really what I have in mind. I just want to avoid the littered and disorganised look of papers on top of each other and shoved into a filing tray.
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2021.12.02 19:42 balto-hero Country names

We pronounce/call people by the name they would call themselves. Why don’t we call countries by the name people from that country call it?
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2021.12.02 19:42 TheStreetJesus Happy Thursday 🦁

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2021.12.02 19:42 MelanieIsaGold Vocal Deep House 2021 - Vocal House - Deep House - Deep House Lounge

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2021.12.02 19:42 jwigle99 [SEARCHING]. 2013 veteran. Th 12, lvl 175. 5899 cup personal best. Looking for a solid home for CWL

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2021.12.02 19:42 ThatsARepost24 One of the biggest disappointments

Recently picked up what I thought was a fantastic deal on a 779 and free 723 stand. Stand is awesome, saw looked awesome.
Then I just saw all these cutbacks, a 32 tooth blade on a "top of the line" miter saw are you kidding me? The manual even recommends against using rip blades.
Maybe it's just me but the sliding action is not smooth at all. (is that normal?)
Sadly I will be returning the 779 as I can't support buying a product that has had features removed and reduced quality over the years while paying the premium price.
Will I feel the same with the 780?
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2021.12.02 19:42 julloo_94 Colonoscopy scheduled tomorrow, just took my first dose of Sutab (the pills!)

Has anyone taken Sutab? What fun should I expect? I'm kind of worried about nausea so I've been sipping on a Ginger Ale
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2021.12.02 19:42 LlamaRzr [original] Meganekko-okularnica, czerwone oczy i żółte rajstopy czyli słodziak z torebką

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2021.12.02 19:42 TheVeryCuriousAI Took the quiz, what does it mean?

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2021.12.02 19:42 OrionInSpace I saw The Descent (2005) for the first time other night and this movie needs to be talked about more! What does everyone think of it?

Below is a script from my review that's on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to know where to go find it!🔽
The film came out in 2005 of all years I know it’s crazy to think when I first saw I thought “ya this is definitely an older film but more recent at least” and I was wrong the movie looks great for 2005. Now when it comes to everything behind the movie this is actually one of the areas where people will definitely not be as familiar with this film and it shows. The director of this film is Neil Marshall and many of you have probably never heard that name before and it is probably because he hasn’t done much in his career as a filmmaker or director specifically. Most recently he directed the new Hellboy movie and look to be straight to the point that was not really a good film by any stretch, had some cool parts to it but ultimately wasn’t very good unfortunately. But this film is a good one and is probably his best film by far, I’ve also seen another film of his called Doomsday which is kind of like a post-apocalyptic type film that wasn’t all that great either but wasn’t terrible by any means. Moving on to the actors this is again another reason why this film probably didn’t get any talk and that’s because the actors in this film are people you’ve certainly never heard of before and I myself had never seen in other stuff either. And by the way that’s in no way meant to belittle these actors and their acting ability they are all actually really good in the film. The film only ended up making $57 million in total over its lifespan which in all fairness for a movie like this it did make its money back but at the same time that isn’t really a lot of money to show for how many people went and saw it and for that matter probably remember it that well. But for me this movie will definitely be a more rememberable horror film for years to come, I love this movie it’s great and more people should be talking about it and go and watch it for their first times. It’s very well directed especially when we get into the film more and more as the film goes on and by the time the last shot is on the screen. I would also love to give a shout out to the team of people who came up with the poster for the film that poster you saw in the beginning is a genius poster and one of the best posters for a film that I’ve ever seen so shout out to them for that. Again, very well acted for a group of female actresses that I had never heard of or seen before, it’s shot well especially in the parts where we get into the cave. We should also read of the synopsis real quick too; A year after a severe emotional trauma, Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) goes to North Carolina to spend some time exploring caves with her friends; after descending underground, the women find strange cave paintings and evidence of an earlier expedition, then learn they are not alone: Underground predators inhabit the crevasses, and they have a taste for human flesh. And so there you have it, a monster horror film that if you had gone in blind not knowing anything you’d be shocked to know that that’s in fact the plot. These people come across these goblin looking monsters that want to feed on people like zombies and basically that’s when the movie goes insane and becomes amazing. Everything in this film when it pertains to the monsters is just spectacular. Again, I must reiterate that this movie is shot very well and even at times has a found footage aspect to it to show how scary it can be there is even a scene where a camera that is used for found footage is used to shoot the scene and it’s CRAZY! The gore and the violence are all very prevalent throughout the film and it really showcases its true R rated nature more then any other R rated monster horror film in some cases. It’s also a shorter film as well clocking in at around an hour and a half, so the length is very good even if I was hungry for more no pun intended the pacing was very good as well. Now the film does have two endings, one for the R rated cut and then one for the unrated cut of the film, I got the unrated cut and tbh knowing what comes after this film I felt as thought it did kind of put a damper on the ending a little bit but not too much. The reason I say that is because of the fact that for those who don’t know there is a sequel that came after this that I’ve heard is not very good and wasn’t needed based off the unrated ending. The R rated version’s ending is much better and pretty much solidifies the movie as its own thing and a standalone story. I will say too as far as criticism’s go I do think the main plot point that ends up putting our characters in the position that they are in between our two main girls Sarah and Juno, it’s very troppy and I feel as though some would look at that plot point and say “Ya that wasn’t very smart and doesn’t really make sense”. Other then that I don’t really think I have any other criticisms although I will say now that I think about it there is a character turn in the film from one of our characters that I won’t say who but I felt very odd that out of nowhere this character could just do what they could and it not somehow get them killed but that’s all I will say on that matter. Other then that guys for my final verdict this movie gets a 9/10, I really liked this movie it’s very fun and enjoyable and brings many surprises and scares especially if you are going in blind without knowing anything.
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2021.12.02 19:42 ntYSTATeRI Purchase for my Cane Corso obsessed friend

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2021.12.02 19:42 danielis3 add a light source without changing current lightings?

when i use the lighting effect, it makes everything around the attention point darker, and makes the center brighter. but thats not what i want. I want a specific part of my video to become brighter, but i want everything else in the scene to stay the same brightness, is that possible?
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2021.12.02 19:42 yksjysjys Peaceful cafe near my university

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2021.12.02 19:42 inceptiondreams Zekrom on me. Please put number below

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2021.12.02 19:42 hoyitschis [WTS] Wilcox J-Arm (MD)

Hey ya'll, recently picked up a panobridge. Looking to sell my Wilcox J-Arm. It's in great condition.
Paypal G&S $169 shipped.
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2021.12.02 19:42 meni_s Weekly reviews (past week review)

I started doing weekly reviews of my tasks and projects. I go over the past week, see what i menaged to do and what i didn't. Then i use those to plan the following week. Problem is - I can't find an easy way to see all the things i completed in the past week. Any ideas? Tools?
P S. I currently use Microsoft To Do to menage my tasks.
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2021.12.02 19:42 redxdragon12 it’s the tables fault

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2021.12.02 19:42 Tiny_Algae8850 seriously why the fuck

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2021.12.02 19:42 superkitemanking Y’all, is there something I’m missing here?

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2021.12.02 19:42 dannylenwinn Temenos Wins 2021 IDC FinTech Rankings Real Results Awards for Digital Banking. 'The annual IDC FinTech Rankings have become an important measure of the health and direction of technology in the industry and the emergence of innovative solutions from new and established players.'

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