PancakeSwap farming and Staking: High Yield Passive Income Crypto

2021.12.02 18:10 Real_Robinhood_ PancakeSwap farming and Staking: High Yield Passive Income Crypto

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2021.12.02 18:10 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 193

The Pirates

“Jean-Luc, move to the right.” Franklin says as he steps forward and Jean-Luc quickly does. There’s a tearing sound in the local Axiom and Franklin slams a fist into the gut of the teleporting Adept and then grabs her face and pushes her to slump up against the wall next to the small armoury Jean-Luc set up. She looks more like she’s from a fantasy novel rather than part of a space and alien planets adventure. There’s a deep brown to her skin with a mottled look that makes her look like she’s carved out of wood, and her green hair is in leaf shaped clumps.
“How obvious are these girls to you?” Miles asks and Franklin chuckles. “What?”
“It’s something out of a cartoon almost. It’s like one of those falling bits with the high pitched whistle but backwards mostly. It slowly gets louder, more and more obvious as it arrives and then a crashing sound as they emerge. I get about five seconds warning.” Franklin says before pausing. “Sound’s the wrong word though, but I’m sort of processing Axiom with all my senses and the teleporting is twigging to sound more than anything. I can see it, and the smell is indescribable.”
“Hunh. Go figure.” Jake remarks even as Jean-Luc grabs out numerous components and starts putting things together.
“What do you think guys? Five or ten seconds?”
“Ten, I’d rather they be disarmed then go off in our faces if we get jumped at the wrong time.” Miles says. “Speaking of I think we’ll need to seriously start mucking around what we’re sending. Bombs once or twice will eventually be countered, even if we send in some warcrimes. We need more than that.”
“Frankie buddy! Think you can open up a solid portal? Bombs are fun, impact grenades are even more so, and a hail of bullets are even better.” Bek asks and Franklin considers.
“Hmm...” He thinks before his arm snaps out and grabs someone slipping into reality around the face, dissolving the khutha piercings that control them and throwing them to the other wall and away. Another Erumenta with glowing hair that could not look more confused or dazed if she had been hit in the face with a halibut. “I think that’s doable. These girls are coming at us in all sorts of different ways. Last girl was slow and gentle to sneak up and the one before was rushing in. Between all of them it’s giving me a very easy passage to the ships above.”
“That explains why some of these girls are getting the gentle treatment and others are getting straight up assaulted.” Jake states and Franklin shrugs.
“Some of them come in charging attacks and those are the ones I want to disrupt as hard as possible. Speaking of, Victor, Jake stand here and here and be ready to punch at shoulder height between you.” Franklin says before gesturing positions for them both. “Now!”
The double sucker punch from the largest men in the squad cause the forming target to actually flip in midair and fall to the floor limp and thoroughly knocked right the fuck out, another plant Erumenta that causes the one still conscious and otherwise cowering against the wall to gasp.
“You’re friend is aggressive as hell isn’t she?” Franklin asks lifting up the Erumenta as her khutha piercings fall out and he carries her to the wall and rests her against it.
“What is going on!?” She demands in shock.
“Your dread master has bitten off so much more than she can chew that we’re going to be using her for personal entertainment.” Lu remarks with a grin.
“In fact, there’s a competition to who will be causing the most damage to the fleet, and the fact that all the you girls are being drawn to our Axiom Adept-“ Ryu begins.
“Hello.” Franklin says with a shit eating grin and a wave.
“We have a bit of an advantage in enemy takedowns, suffice to say.” He finishes with a chuckle.
“C’est Fini!” Jean-Luc says holding up a bundle of red dynamite sticks with a brass clock strapped to it with a bundle of wires over the top.
“Like something right out of childhood. We just need Yosemite Sam to show up and threaten that dang varmint.” Miles says picking it up with a huge smile.
“It’ll take another teleport to really bring me the last signal and get the proper idea of one of the ships.”
“How does that work?” Victor asks and Franklin exhales as he tries to find words.
“Uh... basically in the moment they come through they’re in two places at once and connecting them together, this lets me look through and get a bit of a map as I get a better and better look.” Franklin says before thinking before lashing out with his right hand and grabbing someone around the face and holding them in place as the piercings fall away even as they emerge from wherever they were before. “Here we go! Thank you miss, step to the side and we’ll be killing the bitches that took you from your home.”
“What the what?! Who, what, how?!” The confused as hell Erumenta asks before being gently pushed away by Sai who offers a comforting smile. This one looks different with sea green skin and hair that seems to be endlessly flowing with water that doesn’t actually make anything wet.
“You’ll figure it out, just relax.” Miles remarks even as Franklin starts pulling at something in the air and it starts to waver and wave around his hands as if he had somehow grabbed thermal distortion and was coiling it into a disk that he then hooks his hands into the middle of and pulls apart into a circle with glowing edges that leads elsewhere.
“Behold! The Central power core of one of the ships.” Franklin proclaims before leaning over and looking at the large, ominously glowing device with warnings that it needs delicate treatment. “I think it’s missing some decorations. What do you think Baron Martin?”
“I have just the thing to make it fabulous. Trust me, I’m French.” Jean-Luc jokes as he reaches through the hole in midair and puts the bomb down before turning it on. He pulls back and Franklin causes the window to collapse and shatter as if it never was.
“Think they’ll appreciate his delicate touch?” Victor asks with barely contained laughter.
“Oh who can tell with the minds of women?” Jean-Luc remarks with a wave of his hand and there are some chuckles all around.
“A good point.” Franklin says before moving to the side and sweeping his arm out to hook it around a woman’s neck as she teleports in and her khutha piercings just fall out. “What do you think?”
“What? What!? WHAT?!” She demands in utter shock. Bright blue skin and glowing hair with a look on her face that could not be more confused.
“Sound like an endorsement to me. Join the rest of the girls lady.” Miles jokes before giving the woman a serious look and gesturing to the slowly growing crowd of freed Erumenta.
“We need to hit them again. Franklin. Can you single out who the leaders might be? I’d like to give them some Russian courtesy.” Victor asks and Franklin thinks.
“I’ll need another... hold on a moment.” Franklin says before rushing towards Victor and jumping to drop kick someone forming out of nowhere into his arms and he puts the enslaved adept into a bear hug as Franklin rises back up and boops her in the nose. Victor shifts his grip and gets her walking towards the other Erumenta.
“What just happened?” She asks her sisters who look baffled.
“Alright, I got a good ping. A trinity of higher end Axiom users that didn’t seem to have the piercings. You’ll need to give me a second to scan, if they’re more slaves I’ll tell you.”
“Merely open the portal and I will grant you the time you desire.” Victor says and he unslings his rifle. The large weapon could easily clear a room no matter who or what is in it and it still looks small on the large man.
“Alright, you asked for it.” Franklin says gathering up the flowing energies again and then instead creating of forming a disk he tosses it up and down simultaneously and he pulls it apart like a pair of curtains from the opposite side.
The three masters of the Oregas start and stare as reality parts in front of them with the Axiom dancing like a set of curtains. They prepare to attack when a MAN steps through a hole in reality. A Tret bulging with muscle and a jaw so chiselled that they go weak in the knees. He has what looks like a weapon, but it’s clearly deactivated without a lick of Axiom in it, or him, smart man must have surrendered fully. There’s an enormous amount of their Erumenta Axiom users on the other side so this must simply be the first of the spoils. They can scarcely keep from drooling at the sight of him.
“Priv’yetstvuyu Vas. I am Victor by name and by nature.” He introduces himself in a foreign tongue that drives his voice into a deep rumble that sends a thrill of naughty thoughts through their heads.
“Anything else to say?” One of them asks, his voice alone is pleasure. Even after they have their fun with him he’s going to sell ludicrously high.
“Prashai.” Victor responds and he opens up on full automatic and sweeps all three of them.
“The hell did you even say?” Bek asks as Victor steps backwards through the portal and Franklin lets it close.
“First was a formal greeting, then was a way of saying both goodbye and forgive me. It is said only if you think you will never see the other again.”
“Appropriate.” Miles remarks. “Franklin, what happened? That worked far too well. They should have done something.”
“Uh... they’re kind of giving us camouflage.” Franklin begins before he steps back and holds his hand out, another Erumenta runs into it and her piercings fall out and rain onto the floor. He then guides her to be with the others in their confusion. She’s another fire type, bright blue skin and glowing/burning hair.
“Was that an example?”
“The presence of the piercings and the Erumenta together make the area feel like some place under their control when they get here. That’s why most of them aren’t expecting a fight, and why when I open portals they don’t expect one from us. They can sense this as the highest Axiom concentration so their plans are working against them in a big way.”
“Uh... yea actually. Pile onto the biggest concentration of Axiom and drag it off world to be pierced or killed.” The latest Erumenta says and Franklin turns to her with a grin.
“We finally find a brave one?”
“Finally nothing, we’ve been at this for a half hour tops.” Miles remarks before pulling out his communicator. “Which reminds me.”
“Ma’am, if you’re willing to give us information on what’s where on the ships of the slavers then we can tear them apart before they even know what’s hit them. That and we get to win our little contest, no question.” Marcus says as Miles is somewhat occupied with a quick but whispered conversation. His tone is incredibly smug though.
“Contest?” The freed slave asks in shock.
“We’re racing our wives on who can do the most damage to the invading fleet.” Miles says as he hangs up. “And we’re currently ahead but it might not last. One of the five ships is on emergency power and is slowly drifting into an unstable orbit. At this rate it’ll crash into the ocean in a week.”
“Hah!” Jean-Luc cheers and gets a high five even as Franklin palms the face of another incoming adept and she just staggers to a stop and stares at the madness she’s suddenly in, the sudden loss of her controlling piercings taking all the momentum out of her sails.
“What is going on?”
“Progress ma’am, progress. Stand with the others please.” Miles says gesturing to the growing crowd nearby. “Jean-Luc, we could use your touch again, this time I want you to splurge.”
“Alright, give me a minute or two and we’ll pop another ship’s power core.” Jean-Luc remarks. “What do you think, some ‘plastic surgery’ on the next one?”
“Well the girls around the galaxy look like they’ve been worked over by a master of the craft. May as well give the ships the treatment too.” Miles replies as Franklin reaches out and grabs a forming Erumenta by the back of the head and gets her staggering to the others. “They must have hit an entire colony of you women.”
“They did.” The brave one remarks and Miles nods.
“This’ll be over soon enough.” Franklin assures them. “Especially since I got another good look into another ship. Who wants to be our shooter?”
“Hang on a second.” Jake says stripping his shirt off to show off his wife beater underneath and ties a bandana around his bicep while putting a cap on backwards.
“I thought you left the hood behind.” Miles rebukes him and he chuckles.
“You may leave the thug life, but it don’t leave you.” Jake says with a chuckle as he adjusts his pants to show half a foot of underwear and pulls them out of the boots to complete his transformation from respectable soldier to gangster. “I need another pistol.”
He’s handed Miles’ sidearm tucks it into his pants to the man’s visible disgust. “Oh relax you know I’m clean.”
“It’s the principal of the thing.” Miles responds.
“You ready?” Franklin asks as he catches the face of another Erumenta who freezes totally as her piercings fall away. At his gesture she tiptoes away and out of the group.
“Hit me bro.” Jake says with a huge grin. “I need gold foil for my teeth or something.”
“Should have thought of that before now.” Franklin says as he causes reality to waver and then parts it like a curtain. Jake swaggers through to see a woman, almost human looking, turn to regard him.
“Well well well, this is our first major spoil? All dressed up for me?” She purrs.
“’Sup Biotch? Yer the one runnin’ round the hood tryin ta slap brothers in chains?” Jake asks and there’s a repressed groan from the team’s side of the portal.
“I asked if ya’ll be the pimpette tryin ta slap me and my brotha’s in chains?” Jake clarifies and grins when he hears the sound of someone facepalming.
“First prize is just plain-” She begins to say when Jake pulls out his pistols and unloads them into her.
“Dat’s one ded biotch.” Jake says before sauntering back through the portal.
“Alright, give me back my gun you cretin.” Miles orders and is handed the pistol back. It’s reloaded and the magazine is examined.
“What, you’ve got no problem with Victor doing the stone cold Russian routine but thug life is off limits?” Jake asks as he properly holsters his gun back alongside his boot and adjusts his pants and underwear into a proper position.
“There’s a certain level of dignity I’d like us to have.” Miles returns as Jake slips his shirt back on and shifts the cap to a forward facing position.
Jake just looks around at them, at the growing horde of freed Erumenta wearing nothing but the chains around their waists and then back to Miles
“Don’t say it.” Miles says and Jake closes his mouth into a grin rather than voicing a protest.
First Last
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2021.12.02 18:10 Hsixtwosix How come RV’s, campers, and vehicles with people living in them parked in no parking zones don’t get ticketed or towed?

I work on the Westside near Olympic/Barrington area. There are many signs posted around that say “no parking between 10PM and 5AM.” However, there are so many RV’s, camper vans, and people living in cars who park in those areas 24/7 without being ticketed or towed. Whenever I park in a no parking zone, I get a ticket without fail. Why is this?
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2021.12.02 18:10 Salty-Queen87 Teach the truth. Birds aren’t real 😂

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2021.12.02 18:10 Race_Four Pessima needs some work

Pessima needs some work
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2021.12.02 18:10 cal_dragoste FREE MONEY OR GIFT CARDS! Fetch App referral code: X3PQV, get 2000-4000 points back / free 2-4 dollars when you scan your first receipt! Great for gift cards and food! It's as easy as scanning recent receipts in the app! Thank you so much and I appreciate it!

For copy pasting: Fetch referral code: X3PQV
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2021.12.02 18:10 daviorme Most awaited moment in the history of Destiny

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2021.12.02 18:10 Breadbombs Dear CCP

Here is a guide how to unfuck the whole Scarcity/Prosperity/Buff/Nerf thing in a step by step guide.
-Step 1- Bring back all minerals to all Space as they were before the removal of these, and please don't try a different model.
-Step 2- Keep the Blueprint changes but bring Gas sites to Null/High/Lowsec. Because no one want to go and harvest or Transport insane amounts of Gas/ice/Minerals/Pi from other regions of space.
-Step 3- Since everything is available now(with a few exceptions like Mercoxit/R64 etc.) you can now gather every resource needed to produce the changed Blueprints ( Capitals/Battleships/Faction stuff). Furthermore now you can tweak and twist the numbers of needed resources for some stuff, since even with the previous changes you still need a insane amount of stuff. The halving of water needed for Core temps is a good start but we need more of this.
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2021.12.02 18:10 tayloratm Jeffrey Epstein introduced 14-year-old victim to Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Ghislaine Maxwell trial testimony reveals

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2021.12.02 18:10 johanwilliamszx Is it true that a Medical Writer could earn $102,603 per year?

According to this blog article medical writer in the United States is $102,603 per year, and the average hourly rate is $49/hour. is that true?
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2021.12.02 18:10 Cyonita Where are the educational experiences?

Its been two years
Imagine learning chemistry inside a fully hands-on virtual lab. Learning about the body and anatomy by traveling inside a human like on The Magic School Bus. How about physically deconstruction and reconstructing cross sections of animals for biology, where you actually can move and see where each piece is and how it works.
Where are these practical and innovative learning experiences?
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2021.12.02 18:10 me_want_pizza_now What's a good holiday gift for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list?

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2021.12.02 18:10 -Aporia Decentralization may even be able to eradicate the inflation that plagues cryptocurrencies.

I'm very confident that by now, every crypto user understands that buying cryptocurrency can help them offset the depreciation of their fiat currency, and individuals in third-world nations are particularly profiting from this.
I also read that the EURO has lost 33% of its value in the last 20 years, which isn't surprising, and this is why European citizens need to understand that they should abandon fiat currencies and invest in coins like $SUKU, so they don't have to worry about prices rising tomorrow.
In addition, different cryptocurrencies are affected by inflation, but platforms such as DAFI Protocol are working to solve this problem by allowing every decentralized network to maximize reward distributions based on demand, essentially creating limitless applications that support reduced inflation and user growth.
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2021.12.02 18:10 CatoTheBarner Can someone help me understand why GPN is performing as badly as it is?

Full disclosure, I work here. I've got an ESPP set up, so I do have a small percentage of GPN in my portfolio (not enough to hurt now that they're tanking lol). But generally, to my untrained eye, the financials seem at least decent. Q3 earnings report was generally positive, beat EPS and revenue estimates, and beat Q3 2020.
Quote from the CEO: “We are pleased to have delivered the strongest performance in our history in the third quarter despite facing incremental challenges from COVID-19 during the period."
From the CFO: “We are gratified by the strong financial performance we delivered in the third quarter, which exceeded our expectations despite the incremental impact of the pandemic. We achieved double digit adjusted net revenue growth, strong adjusted operating margin expansion and impressive adjusted earnings per share growth compared to both 2020 and 2019.”
When I look at the earnings history by quarter, I see green across the board. So what am I missing here? During the pandemic, the stock price fell $87 from Feb to March (obviously). After that, it rebounded and by December was higher than it was previously. But in 2021, there has been an even greater drop off than what we saw in early 2020! So far this year, the price fell from a high of $217 in April down to about $120 today, a drop of $97 and 44.7% in less than eight months. The Q3 earnings report didn't even cause a blip of good news, it just continued to fall. What am I missing that's causing this?
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2021.12.02 18:10 whatever12357 Suicide(ft. Lil tjay)

Lil tjay has a different verse from the one that got leaked. Spoiler: its worse
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2021.12.02 18:10 47ShadezOfGray Add me to a Zekrom raid pls

My code is 6018 0768 5636
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2021.12.02 18:10 NeedAGoodUsername Ready for Christmas~!

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2021.12.02 18:10 CKsTechnologyNews Tesla announces $1,900 electric quad bike for kids

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2021.12.02 18:10 EmSiTheBoy Ratio

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2021.12.02 18:10 Nightscalestudio The first five Sanguinary Guards.

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2021.12.02 18:10 peachy_psychologist Murphee Area Dorms

Do any of those windows? I think I saw Fletcher hall windows opening, but I wasn’t sure. Does anyone know if you can open the pretty windows?
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2021.12.02 18:10 amnesiac7 Why Mainstream Media Pros Pledged Themselves to the Oath Keepers

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2021.12.02 18:10 OutofBox11 Why x-axis first?

Trendy x5sa, why does it move x first rather than z? Is there a way to change that?
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2021.12.02 18:10 Gateoftheories Modern Family Tier List

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