Bots in the game?

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2021.12.02 18:45 SweetWash5462 Bots in the game?

Me and my friends have been playing and we’ve all played the same 2 dudes
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2021.12.02 18:45 dubwool Flow Gardens - Alpen Gleaux

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2021.12.02 18:45 twofacetoo Arkham Origins Request

Crossposted from BatmanArkham
Hey everyone. So basically, I need some help. If all you want is to know what I need, CTRL-F to I've decided to cheat.
The story: I've been replaying Arkham Origins lately and decided that, once and for all, I was going to 100% the game. I'd done it with Knight recently and was on a roll, but I'd never tried it before due to Arkham Origins' terrible Dark Knight System. To clarify in case anyone forgot / doesn't know, it's a series of challenges that can only be done in a certain order. Of particular note is the 'Worst Nightmare' series, most of which can only be done in very specific areas. The game auto-saves, and there's no way of getting back to previous saves, meaning if you miss your chance, then you miss your chance.
So, I managed to complete Rank 7 by the time I began the Hotel sequence, and was ready to move onto Rank 8, 'Perfect Vision'. This requires the player complete a stealth section without using Detective Vision (which is pretty vital to stealth sections) and without being seen once. For the record, this means even if you take down a goon without him knowing you're there, if you do it in a 'loud' way, it still counts as being 'seen'.
I managed to pull it off on my 5th try or so in the hotel lobby, mainly by using Detective Vision to figure out where all the goons were at the start, then restarting the mission from the Main Menu and doing it for real. I pulled it off, the game displayed a lil notification confirming that I'd completed Rank 8 and had unlocked Rank 9's challenge. Now, by this point it was late (I'm talking about 2am) so I let the game auto-save, then quit. No errors, no crashes, nothing. Shut my computer off, went to bed. Started it up again the next day, loaded my save, went to check what Rank 9's challenge required... and I saw I was still on Rank 8.
The game had somehow glitched out my progress on the challenge, but had still autosaved ahead of where I had been last time, meaning I was unable to go back to the previous area I was in and try again. I was completely and utterly boned.
But... after breaking a few tables and throwing someone out a window, I figured 'okay, big deal, the game's glitchy, I knew that going in. I have plenty more opportunities before the endgame, and worst case scenario, I've still got New Game + to do it in'. So I keep playing, with a bitter taste in my mouth and a firm resolution not to let it happen again.
I continue through the Hotel sequence and get to the second (and I believe final) stealth section of the map. Once again, it takes me several tries, mainly because the bastards kept turning around right before I could reach them, or the game wouldn't give me the 'Silent Takedown' prompt and I'd do a lil flashy counter move next to them and alert them... but I finally did it. Took down all eight guys. Nothing unlocked.
No Detective Vision was used, nobody saw me once. I made absolutely certain of that. No loud takedowns, nothing at all. Just Silent Takedowns, not even a single loud Knockout Smash. My only conclusion is that the game is still glitched, thinking I've done Rank 8 when it's also telling me I haven't. Either way, I'm beyond caring.
I've decided to cheat.
I used Cheat Engine a while ago to enable Noclip when my Arkham Knight game bugged out and I got trapped in a Bank mission with nobody to defeat, so I have a very, very basic knowledge of it. I'm hoping now that it's going to be my salvation.
All I need, really, is for the Worst Nightmare challenge to be ticked off, although at this point I'd be willing to just check off the entire list in one go and be done with it. I found a list of commands for Origins on the official site, I was able to get the console to work in-game, and I even managed to get a dump file from the game for various things, including Worst Nightmare challenge IDs. I just have no idea how to make any of it work.
Can anyone offer me a hand in what I ought to be doing to fix this mess of a game?
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2021.12.02 18:45 mangolulu Pedophilia is okay because God says so

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2021.12.02 18:45 buttercups07 i got my nails done today, extremely happy with how they came out!

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2021.12.02 18:45 N0TW1ZZ4RD Monsieur, your total is:

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2021.12.02 18:45 birddog206 Centurylink won't send a tech for 4 Days... Is this normal?

Waste Management guy ripped out my wire to the pole with his truck this morning and they won't send anyone until Monday. Is this normal? Because if it is I might need to switch providers. I could see 24-48hrs. But 4 days!? Seattle Area
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2021.12.02 18:45 SnooHedgehogs1900 Bad

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2021.12.02 18:45 sportscapitalists NFL DFS Week 13 TNF Breakdown | FanDuel & DraftKings Advice

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2021.12.02 18:45 ConsolidatePain Just got out of REG

Wow. It honestly blows my mind that REG has such a high pass rate. I’m 99% I just got turned upside down from those SIMs. I thought I knew Basis…NOPE!
Anyone have any suggestions for practicing Basis? I can’t even believe that thing
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2021.12.02 18:45 sleepytipi Does the Archon of Emeria negate Winota's ability?

So, I have the Archon of Emeria and Winota in play. Does the Archon prevent her ability from triggering? Also, the creature (human) that's in the top six of my library happens to be Daxos of Meletis. If the Archon does not prevent her ability from triggering would it prevent his ability from triggering, considering it states that after exiling the top card of the opponents library and gaining life equal to its CMC, you may cast that card as though it were mana of any colour. Thank you.
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2021.12.02 18:45 Early-Ad1412 Aiai esses bans

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2021.12.02 18:45 Hyygt4756 repost

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2021.12.02 18:45 Satanic_Nightjar An attractive mushroom and chestnut pie.

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2021.12.02 18:45 Best-Arachnid-9025 [For Hire] Fantasy Digital Artist, Commissions Open! Starting at $25 for comic book style art like this

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2021.12.02 18:45 juanimaggio [Pedido] Alguna promoción para el pago de servicios?

Que no sea el primer pago de tap, ese ya lo use.
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2021.12.02 18:45 pumfr Federal court dismisses Helbachs' mask violation case in favor of Public Health Madison & Dane County

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2021.12.02 18:45 trashplace100 CIMS 103

what are the thoughts about CIMS 103? What kinda assignments are assigned, how much work, how difficult is the class, how interesting is the class, how many papers, exams (averages), etc.?
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2021.12.02 18:45 Patj07 Online with friends

How can i join my friends in online games?I keep trying to join via the join game option but i never get their sessions
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2021.12.02 18:45 Short_McSmalls6 Most Popular Driver….

Chase has pretty much been guaranteed the award the past few years but Larson’s fan base is constantly growing, could he give chase a run for his money? Will Algaier in the Xfinity series and Zane Smith in the Truck Series go back to back?
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2021.12.02 18:45 Algorithmic_Anomaly What pathogens are immune to quaternary ammonium compounds?

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2021.12.02 18:45 Milfipede Recent pic of my set up...bottom two are connected internally and top one is separate as I have two mice that are bullied so they live together away from the others. 9 mice in total :)

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2021.12.02 18:45 SeattleiteShark What if a few owners get bored and decide to play the season on their own?

The lockout is initiated by the owners, right? Let's say the lockout continues through April. If Steve Cohen gets bored and wants to see his new free agent acquisitions play as soon as possible, could he and a few owners decide to play the season with 4 teams?
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2021.12.02 18:45 oflightsortide_ South Circular Road, a snap from a few years ago

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2021.12.02 18:45 pyritevixen Zekrom add 0897 0656 7293

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