Ideas for a character for Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

2021.12.02 19:39 WorthTooMuch Ideas for a character for Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

I'm quite new to D&D and i'm having difficulties making my second character and would like to ask for some idea's. I'm going to play Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus languages with a team of five other characters.
My main idea was to play a smart/cunning character, a tank or a necromancer (this fits the story).
His background would be something like a fallen religious/noble/knight/ect person who became haunted by memories of war, saw the worst of men there when he got defeated in the last large battle of his home country but survived when most of his company did not. Most of them lost their minds after (PTSS or worse) but he (just) lost his faith/believes and said fuck it all. "might. In life as in war, the stronger force wins". Due to this he started researching evil, and how to make himself stronger so he would never be defeated again and live forever.
He will be loyal to his party for a certain degree although it could cause some friction with the "really good guy, i do not harm anyone" guy/girl. I do not know yet if one (or more) of those are in my party yet but the DM at least knows what i'm planning.
Do you guys have any ideas/ help for this? I was thinking of character with tank characteristics or one with some kind of necromancy kind of thing.
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2021.12.02 19:39 GeometryDash_Gamer TDWT Thoughts/Commentary Part 4

TDWT Thoughts/Commentary Part 4 Note: I'm not going to do this for a bit. Episode 16 is the episode I've pretty much typed up my thoughts up to. Plus regarding college, finals are coming up for me, and I really have to focus on that way more. I may even try to stop Reddit cold turkey for a bit, because NGL, there's plenty of times I spent way more time on it than I planned to. And that especially isn't good for finals. I think in a couple weeks, I'll be pretty active again tho (but even then, I really want to try to tone down my Reddit use in general). Anyways, without further ado, here's my thoughts from episodes 13 to 16, which also happen to be the episodes containing...The Love Triangle
  • (Episode 13)
  • The floating skeleton outside of the plane during the intro is great foreshadowing of what the episode is about
  • Noah, Owen, Courtney, and Gwen are the shining beacons this episode
    • Noah roasting Sierra is gold; his dynamic with Owen in general is really good; “Don’t kill him you clown”; him figuring Alejandro is also cool even though it goes nowhere
    • Only complaint I have is his dumb cryptic warning about Alejandro at the end; served as obvious plot armor for Alejandro
    • Owen trying to make Noah laugh was a great plot and made for some hilarious moments, especially his English accent and him trying to imitate queen Elizabeth; oh yeah, and them stripping down the whole guy only for Owen to find out the clue was in the hat was hilarious
    • His fart humor was cringe tho
    • Courtney helping Gwen with her sunburn via her CIT skills is really great; she also gets further fleshed out; her final note in “Changing Guard Mix” is amazing; also her and Gwen getting back at Heather was really satisfying. Don’t really have any complaints about her
    • Gwen makes a big brain move at one point with the dogs; she also has some really good lines, especially this; her way of getting Sierra to strip the guard instead was also really cool
    • That being said...I call BS on the fact she had a Cody mask in the first place. Also there is the kiss at the end, but I won’t hold it against her this episode since Duncan dragged her into it. It’s the way she handles things afterwards where she goes downhill
  • Sierra and Cody are barely relevant. Sierra in particular is absolutely terrible here. Harassing Cody is all she does this episode, and the extent she goes is really bad
  • Zeke’s implementation in the challenge was interesting in theory. But he has multiple moments of unrealistically god-playing to an insanely BS degree; also there’s no way he could have ended up on the plane wheels given how horizontal he went when Chef threw him out
  • I feel bad for Duncan coming back onto the show against his own will, and also having to sing against his own will in the next episode
  • Chris already sucks bad enough because of Noah’s really BS elimination. But the confirmation that he gave Noah a fake parachute makes him a WHOLE lot worse
  • Duncan’s thought process regarding the kiss is straight-up confusing and inconsistent. Plenty of moments point towards it being an impulse decision (him being surprised when he saw Gwen in the confessional, and his line in Greek Mix: “I don’t know what happened”). But then the fact he led Courtney on and didn’t break up with her when it was indicated he was done with her and liked Gwen now, is contradictory to that
  • (Episode 14)
  • Ok, Chris breaking the lock under the possibility that Duncan and Gwen would kiss behind Courtney’s back doesn’t make much sense. Either that, or he’s just taking false credit
  • Hilarious Chef moment
  • Gwen: “Is it bad that I want the kiss to happen again?”
    • Me: ......
  • Gonna get this out of the way, I don’t really hate Duncan being a dick to Courtney during TDWT in general, given how straight-up terrible she was to him back in TDA. However, him trying to hide the kiss after cheating is an awful look, especially given he’s supposedly a tough guy. Even morals aside, it’s also just not cool and makes him a coward. I wish he at the least came to terms with planning to tell Courtney about the kiss himself, instead of doing so because he realized Tyler saw it. Also not helping my opinion on him this episode is him getting saved from elimination because of Chris’s bias
  • For some positives, “Greek Mix” is a great song putting context aside. And at the least, he gets his ass clapped plenty of times this episode. Overall, I don’t like him here tho
  • I had some sympathy for Gwen most of the episode. I can definitely get her being afraid of how Courtney would react upon hearing about the kiss. And as for that also coming off as cowardly, I’m willing to give her quite more leeway than Duncan in that regard considering she was dragged into the kiss by Duncan. That being said, she especially goes downhill after the kiss is revealed. Her confessional at the end is just really bad. 1) She feels the need to mention how the kiss actually felt great, and 2) She now only feels bad for it just because her and Duncan’s chances of lasting much longer in the game are very low...
  • Love this line from Courtney (confessional): “But she (Gwen) also likes her teeth...a lot”
  • LOL oof the terrifying irony behind this line
  • Alejandro’s implementation into the drama was great
  • I’ll give Cody more of a pass for punching Duncan this time, given he also mocked him. But in general, his motivations for antagonizing Duncan are a bad look for him. This confessional also doesn’t help my opinion on him this episode whatsoever
  • I sympathize with Courtney this episode for obvious reasons. But the one weird moment she had was her being sus of Gwen because she was concerned about Duncan when last time she saw him, he was getting mauled by a bear. Like other people can also be concerned about someone in danger, y’know
  • Hilarious Owen moment
  • I’m tempted to give Sierra shit for screwing up the wrestling challenge for the team, but at the same time, how far she would go to protect Cody is kinda admirable. It’s even comedic in a way. And her anger does make sense given how much Cody got disrespected this episode in general
  • On that topic, the gag of Team Amazon being called a team of just girls while Cody was on it was pretty funny
  • Hilarious Sierra moment
  • (Episode 15)
  • All of Team Chris is really great this episode. Owen was hilarious. Tyler’s wholesomeness especially shines this episode. Duncan and Alejandro both displayed great strategy here
  • While shitty from a moral standpoint, Owen’s “Babe Olympics” comment was funny with just how ridiculous it is. It also makes him kinda more interesting in that while he’s generally well-intentioned, he has a pretty questionable sense of morality at times (looking back, I’d still overall rank him as “Moral” rather than “Decent” on a 7 x 7 morality scale tho)
  • XD the way Owen pronounces “Jalapeños”
  • Cody sacrificing his candy to set off the mines and clear the path was a real big brain move. It’s his one good moment from episodes 8 through 16 IIRC...oof
  • Also yeah, a more general thing. I’m doing this episode ranking chart. And from episodes 8 through 16...Cody is just either unremarkable or bad
  • Courtney flirting with Tyler even though he’s with Lindsay is hypocritical on one hand. But her motivations make it understandable
  • Her attempts at throwing challenges were surprisingly funny at times. Also love this facial expression
  • I feel a little bad for Gwen being called “New Heather” and getting accused of full-on stealing Duncan, even though he was the one who dragged her into the kiss whereas it was the other way around with Heather and Trent. And she does get quite a bit of torment this episode (and rightfully so). Though outside of that and the Gwuncan kiss, she’s pretty unremarkable here. And her continuing to stay with Duncan romantically is not a good look likability-wise
  • Well at the least, this episode more so adequately explains Duncan’s feelings for Gwen, despite the terrible build-up (or lack thereof) beforehand
  • Owen’s dancing was absolutely hilarious in hindsight, and it’s still pretty funny
  • Sierra is great this episode. Her being able to perfectly cut a paper figure of Gwen was really cool. She also shows she has some standards with her disdain for Gwen. Plus, this following moment was pretty funny
  • Another hilarious moment
  • While it would have been better for Tyler to stay over Owen screentime-wise, him going home completely makes sense. Plus I do really love Owen’s role in episode 17, which I’ll get to later
  • (Episode 16)
  • Gwen especially becomes unlikable this episode. Now not only does she stay with Duncan, but she tries to save her own butt by getting Courtney eliminated after backstabbing her. And the fact she has the gall to get mad at Courtney at the end is also terrible. This line especially sucks. Though at the least, she gets her comeuppance, so I don’t dislike her all that much character-wise
  • (I know I’ve already made a post regarding this before, but...) Unlike some others, I don’t think Gwen was painted as sympathetic during the Love Triangle during TDWT. I definitely get why people argue otherwise tho. And either way, I really don’t like the direction she went in terms of likability. But IMO, she got punished plenty. She got trashed on by the majority of her team. Plus even fate was against her. Sure Heather started turning on Courtney after one episode. But that was mainly because her anger started affecting everyone else on Team Amazon besides Gwen and Duncan, which is totally understandable given her trying to throw challenges. And even when people turn on Courtney, fate is still against Gwen and makes it so that she ends up going home instead, and in a very karma-induced way too. I guess at the most, you can argue that her going home was just because of Duncan and Cody’s feud. But then there was also her being given a challenge that involved something she was allergic to
  • This is definitely Cody’s worst episode. Him repeatedly antagonizing and laughing at Duncan’s pain would have been a lot better if it was actually because he cheated. But no, it’s just him being a salty entitled douchebag because Duncan “sToL3” Gwen. It especially doesn’t help that he STILL tries to get Gwen’s attention while she’s with Duncan, and supports her despite her being in a cheating scandal, which is probably his worst set of actions honestly. Though hey, he does at least get his karma in the hands of Duncan at the end which was really satisfying honestly. And I don’t even care if it was excessive on Duncan’s end either. Plus it also leads to his crush getting eliminated (even though it was also Duncan’s girlfriend). It’s the only thing that prevents him from being straight-up awful this episode
  • It’s also kinda funny how Duncan and Cody’s feud leads to the girl they both like getting eliminated
  • Duncan and Alejandro messing with Courtney is really good from a strategic standpoint. Duncan trying to protect Gwen from getting eliminated was also really cool
  • Heather trying to flirt with Duncan to get back at Alejandro was funny
  • For its faults, the Love Triangle (and Duncan’s inclusion for that matter) really adds more layers to Alejandro and Heather’s rivarly
  • One hand, Duncan’s fake crying voice was funny. But that being said, his hypocrisy regarding fake crying given how he acted towards Leshawna back in TDA, was a sucky look
  • His “Babe Olympics” comment here is also questionable
  • Heather and Courtney feuding over their problems during the song was pretty funny
  • Oof, Heather was indeed kinda off time during the beginning of the song
  • Also bruh, 1) What was Sierra doing not singing? And 2) The joke of her fangirling over Cody while he was on the stage was just annoying and unfunny
  • For a couple more thoughts on her this episode in general, her taking Cody’s underwear down to his swim trunks also really ticks me off. Doesn’t help she’s completely stupid during the challenge
  • Oh yeah, that emu barfing was hilarious. Would’ve been funny if the same thing was included at another point for Duncan x Gwen
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2021.12.02 19:39 Reasonable_Row5715 ☘️ Weed Factory | 8% BUSD holding rewards | Stealth launched 1 hour ago| Doxxed dev/admin team| Low Fees & Market Cap | 100x potential 🚀

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I think imma kms on my next day off work. I've attempted 4ish times this year. Dont rlly know how much it counts cuz most were really half assed and I just went back to life like nothin happened but yeah. Cant deal with it anymore. My whole life has been kinda shitty. Got kicked out twice, boutta have to move back in with my fam for a little while cuz I cant find an apartment that isnt ass, working too many hours at a shitty job to pay for a shitty life I dont even want. I've been living alone since I was 17 and I went thru some shit when I was younger that made it where I didnt have much time to actually be a kid. I cant get close with ppl cuz my brain is fucked so its really rare for me to be able to form connections with people so I have few friends and relationships are pretty much out of the question. I think the only chance at me being able to be even a little bit okay is if I go back on medication but I dont wanna have to pay for that shit or deal with the side effects. Idek why I'm posting this. Maybe if I type it out itll get off my mind for at least an hour or so. I'm so tired.
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2021.12.02 19:39 cgriffin7622 Pretty underwhelming for UC, no?
Middle Georgia area
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2021.12.02 19:39 RogueFlash Google Play - 4K Extended Edition

For those that don't have the films on digital yet, the Play Store have both the two trilogy packs & the 6 film pack on sale.
The 6 film pack is pretty well priced in the UK at £38.99.
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Has anyone heard anything about Tennessee PE Exam results? Still have not heard anything....
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Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinet hi does anyone have a psd of the Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinet for Quanba Obssidian ?
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2021.12.02 19:39 Icy-Worth-8906 No sound while attenuated help!!

Hi guys can you please help! I have an attenuator between my head and cab which works when I run the guitar straight into the amp, but when I have the guitar>hx>attenuated amp there is no sound. If I remove the attenuator there is sound through the hx effects I'm so confused
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2021.12.02 19:39 Gammamales my friend really loves kpop, what should I get her for her birthday?

Hi, my friend’s birthday is going to be in early January and she is obsessed with kpop groups. What is something relatively cheap I could get her as a gift for her birthday?
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