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2022.01.26 21:15 OiSoB Finished my walls today🙌🏽

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2022.01.26 21:15 Excellent_Musician38 I agree with this comment, the way she talks in general always makes it seem like she's the only one that does anything around that house

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2022.01.26 21:15 Crunchyisopod What are the chances of getting hiv on Grindr? I keep getting paranoid because I feel like some guys lie about their status.

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2022.01.26 21:15 Thirty_dirty_birds_ Excited for the series. Equally worried. Equally inspired.

copy/paste of my post in another subreddit that it was not popular in.
I’m new to this subreddit, just not Tolkien. I care deeply for the literature. I don’t know all the names in Silmarillion but I care very much for what amounts to me to be the culture of Arda. If that is even possible
I grew up thinking the silmarillion was an actual alternate book of the bible until I was like 11. My family didn’t care to differentiate the two to me, much like certain words and figures of speech that I would later be publicly corrected on in school
I’m sure it’s being talked about endlessly but what’s the general consensus on Rings of power?
I have incredibly high hopes with equal concern for the series becoming like wheel of time. Even rewatching the hobbit I’m disappointed in its “brightness”, overuse of CGI and characters like bolg etc. I still watch it, but it’s almost entirely for the lore and much of the side quests of Gandalf
I know the rights are only to select portions of the second age but I cannot help but hope for a long intro sequence detailing Eru Illuvatar, manwe and the beginning of everything in a very existential, mystical and borderline cosmic manner
To me, one of the greatest things PJ captured was The feeling of earth having a lost history that was elegantly touched with this unspoken, understated spiritual aura to middle earths background. At times the references to numenor and nods to the extremely deep well of lore, magic and basically religious spirituality was often haunting.
Decisions like choosing to only reveal Sauron in flashbacks while still making him a central character was so incredibly effective, he was the keystone that held up the rest of the Tolkien mysticism.
When they passed the enormous statues of the kings on the river, you truly felt like middle earth was a ruin for a lost civilization of near infinite time scales with an immensely rich history. Again, often haunting mysticism alluded to throughout…..
My greatest hope is that somebody in production at Amazon prime experienced the same effect and tries to recapture it and recreate the characters using the same template, avoiding GOT and WOT character and costume design at all costs. I feel strongly about this. Not militant. Just caring.
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2022.01.26 21:15 samplestiltskin_ Kyiv's mayor decries Germany's offer of 5,000 helmets to Ukraine as a 'joke' and asks if 'pillows' are next

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2022.01.26 21:15 cardibclosett i want to write paragraphs how muhc i love some people (u people 🙄) but it is so cringe and embarrassing and makes me cry i’m a sentimental cunt

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Wam, bam, thank you Envel!
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2022.01.26 21:15 groovybrent Feature Request: Update Loadout with Currently Equipped

Hey All -
There may be a way to do this already, but I haven't been able to find it.
I'd love to be able to update my loadout to what I have currently equipped. Mostly this is for fashion reasons, but there also have been situations where I've tweaked a loadout while playing and decided I liked the tweak.
Right now I save the Equipped loadout to something with a similar name to the loadout I want to update (IE: "Devour Lock v2"). I delete the old loadout ("Devour Lock"), and then rename the new loadout to the original name ("Devour Lock v2" becomes "Devour Lock").
Would love a more elegant solution (and if one exists, please point me in the right direction!)
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2022.01.26 21:15 RealBettyWhite69 AITA for wanting my daughter to be more inclusive with her friends?

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2022.01.26 21:15 DKFaust Is the teaching of Neville Goddard in alignment to masonry?

Not a mason myself, Have always had a burning passon for the occult and any esoteric knowledge that I can wrap my brain around. So just wondering if anyone one here is familiar with neville goddard's beliefs in god.
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2022.01.26 21:15 ProcedureAlive2158 When can I cut ties?

Throwaway account. Trigger warnings: depression, suicide

I have a friend I met on the internet through a fairly small community of a streamer. Friend, who we'll call A because I'm uncreative, would occasionally talk in the discord with the community. At one point, A DM'd me directly and we would message back and forth and play some games together. I came to realize that A was deeply, deeply depressed. Suicidal at times. And had no support system. A sent me a suicide note once and I went through the usual stuff -- try to DM/call on discord, asked other people A was close with in the community to try to reach him, and report the message to discord so they could alert authorities via IP address or whatever, all the stuff. Well, A did not go through with it and was kinda upset that I'd told other people about his problems. But... I'm basically his only lifeline. He gets worse eventually, through something that was kinda my fault (I refused to do something and he had a mental breakdown as a result). Since then he's been waaaay worse than before. I had made some progress with getting him to contact a therapist, but this undid everything. And it was right in the middle of 2020, so the hospital sent him home and never followed up because of course they were swamped.

Yeah. 2020. I have been dealing with this since 2019, actually. Long story short, I have been trying to get him to a therapist, a psychiatrist, all of that. Well, A doesn't want to take pills. I had to remind him every single day to take his antidepressants when he finally got a prescription for those. Every time he's on them, he asks the doctors to take him off of them because he doesn't like pills. His family's fucking useless, they don't believe in mental illness. He has no friends IRL. He talks to me for hours every day and I feel like I need to because I know he's gonna kill himself if I disappear on him. But just under a month ago, he slipped and broke his pelvis. He didn't tell his family, who he lives with, about breaking his goddamn pelvis. So of course he walked and stood waaaay too much on it and ended up in a much more severe situation. I told him to go to the hospital, which he did this weekend.

That brings us to today. He comes back and tells me that if I ever tell him to go to the hospital again, I can fuck off. Because apparently they stuck him in a room with a person he knew in school and she killed herself in front of him. He insisted on going home and has survivor's guilt and thinks it's his fault, and won't listen to a damn thing I say. He has an emergency session with his counselor tomorrow but he told me he never wants to talk to a psychiatrist again.

I'm not a mental health professional. I have a job, a family, a life. I cannot keep talking to this guy for at least an hour, day after day after day, for him to refuse to get help. I'm fucking sick of it. I have only stuck it out for this long because I don't want his suicide on my conscience. But he never tries! And dammit, I have anxiety and depression too. I know it's hard to try when you feel this way. But for over 2.5 years I have been talking every fucking day to him and he self-sabotages all the time.

Everything in my brain tells me this is an abusive "friendship". That I need to get out before he drags me down too. But then he'll probably kill himself. I don't want that, but I cannot do this anymore and he won't reach out to anyone else because he keeps telling me there's no one else in his life (and won't try to find any other friends either IRL or online, either).

So... What can I do? I have no way to find someone IRL who can help him. He almost definitely won't respond to any people from the community we're in (he's been inactive in there for ages anyway) if they reach out. Can I even help him anymore?
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2022.01.26 21:15 doclark28 Ultimate token

I recently got my first ultimate weapon (Golden tower) and I've been saving up the tokens for a bit and I was curious whether it was better to upgrade Golden Tower or save up for a 2nd ultimate weapon
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2022.01.26 21:15 monibl Alguien sabe como se llama o si tiene nombre esa sensación de darte cuenta que de verdad inevitablemente te vas a morir en algún momento y sientes un escalofrio y te quedas helado? Como que justo en ese momento que lo piensas la muerte se vuelve algo muy real para ti

Alguien sabe como se llama o si tiene nombre esa sensación de darte cuenta que de verdad inevitablemente te vas a morir en algún momento y sientes un escalofrio y te quedas helado? Como que justo en ese momento que lo piensas la muerte se vuelve algo muy real para ti submitted by monibl to DylanteroYT [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 21:15 EpicGamerGenZ Why GlamFreddy is Charlie + Wall code explained, and Gregory’s sacrifice

I am loving the theories going around SB, and with Matpat’s new video on who Gregory, Vanessa and Freddy are, I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring. I think his theories are very good and pretty plausible, but I’ve reached my own conclusions. You read the title; I think Freddy is Charlie, and I’m going to explain how that relates to the wall code, deciphering it in full and revealing the possibility that Gregory dies in the True Ending. It’s a long post, so let’s get to it.
1: Freddy is Charlie
1A: Puppet symbolism in SB
A few of you are probably already dismissing this theory because “the Puppet moved on, her eyes aren’t glowing in The Blob and she does have tear tracks”. And while that is possible, all it technically confirms is that the Puppet isn’t in The Blob. I believe there are a lot of things that seem to imply that the Puppet is still around, even if they aren’t exactly solid evidence.
1A I: Miscellaneous symbols
-Across the game, you can find multiple collectible items, ranging from T-shirts to popsicles. Most of them are related to the SB animatronics; the Glamrocks and Daycare Attendant. There’s also a few things from the ‘83 pizzeria, and some things that aren’t related to any animatronics, like the therapy CDs. There are only six items related to any animatronics that don’t fit that.
•The Mr Hippo magnet and El Chip piñata. I don’t think this ones are lore relevant, and also Hippo does technically show up in one of the endings, as well as El Chip being featured in some signs around the PizzaPlex.
•A Bonnie plushie and a Foxy plushie. We do know they were at the PizzaPlex at some point, as there are a few posters and cut outs centered around them, among other things, so it’s not strange to find plushies of them.
•A Baby plushie. This one’s more interesting, but I’ll just leave it here and come back later.
•And… a Nightmarionne plushie, labeled “Nightmare”. If it was a normal Puppet plushie, maybe it could imply she moved on, but that doesn’t work with Nightmarionn, an expressly aggressive version of the Puppet. It is very interesting to me that this and Baby’s plushies are the only items related to animatronics that have never been in the PizzaPlex, and to me it implies the Puppet might still be out and about, even if it’s only Charlie soul.
-Aside from the Nightmarionne plushie, there is a Puppet plushie in the kitchen office. I don’t have an explanation for this one, but it’s there. There might be more scattered around, but this is the only one I know of.
-The Nightmare bots have a toothy, wide grin, with black tear streaks coming down from black eyes with glowing white pupils. It is the exact same face as Nightmarionne. Also, other Security Bots have triangles under their eyes resembling tear tracks, which could be related, as the Puppet was originally made as a human-like security animatronic.
-There are two points in the game (that I remember) where we place a head in an animatronic; the first Parts & Service mini game, and the helper boy in Roxy Raceway. This could be seen as a parallel to “Give Gifts, Give Life”, where animatronic heads are used to represent life.
-Lots of Happiest Day imagery. Not directly related to the Puppet, but Charlie’s still an important character for Happiest Day. There is a room near the Daycare where you see a 40 year celebration in a party room that’s very reminiscent of the one in Happiest Day. Note that this room seems to correlate Monty to the Puppet, but it’s a bit long winded to explain here.
Additionally, Balloon World Adventure features Balloon Boy glitching through a wall and going to the right, before falling for a long distance still going right. That’s basically the same as the first mini game you need to complete for Happiest Day in FNAF 3, where BB glitches through a wall and falls down-right for a while. Though it isn’t related specifically to the Puppet, I want you to keep this in mind for later, because it will come up again.
-But perhaps the biggest call back to the Puppet comes in the form of the Daycare attendant:
1A II: Daycare Attendant as a parallel to the Puppet
Now, I don’t think DA is literally the Puppet, but they do mirror a lot of the Puppet’s characteristics. This, again, makes me think that Charlie is more important to this game that we first assumed.
(Though I also have another theory about the DA being a parallel to FNAF AR Ness, but that’s not related to this)
-They are both human-like animatronics with permanent smiles. Additionally, DA has bells on their feet I believe, and the only other animatronic with bells I can think of is the Security Puppet.
-Moon Guy can be seen floating around the Daycare, pulled by strings. Self explanatory.
-Moon Guy can kill you even if you’re “disguised” inside Freddy, like how the Puppet can kill you even if you have the FNAF 2 mask on.
-Daycare is where parents leave their children when they have to go do other stuff, and so the Attendant works as a guardian to these children while they’re there. Puppet is also a guardian of children, as she says in one of her UCN lines.
”The others are under my protection”
-When you go to the security desk in the Daycare, one of the activities that Sun Boy will suggest to distract you is a “puppet show”. Odd.
-Remember that Nightmarionne plushie I talked about earlier? You find it in a padded room that has a Moon Guy image displaying on a TV. Also, the “Yay 40” room, related to Happiest Day, is right next to the Daycare. And on the topic of Happiest Day, the DA is also seen on the BWA mini game I mentioned I believe is related to it as well.
-You can relate “Lights On” with keeping the music box wound. The animatronic is docile and confined to one room, but when a condition is met (Lights Off/music box unwinds), the animatronic becomes aggressive and is free to wander the establishment.
-The way that Sun Boy moves to block your vision when you first get to the Daycare is very reminiscent of how Phantom Puppet blocks your vision in FNAF 3.
-Some collectible items relate DA to the masks of comedy and tragedy, which can also fit the Puppet (always smiling wide, but with tear tracks).
-The secret room behind the Daycare features a bunch of plushies and children’s drawings, similar to the Prize Corner in FNAF 2.
Once again, while there isn’t solid evidence of anything, I think the big takeaway here is that the Puppet is more important to this game than we’ve thought she was, and that leads me to my next point:
1B: Freddy is being guided by Charlie
Now, I want to preface this by saying it isn’t technically impossible for GlamMike and this theory to both be true, as we know that multiple spirits can inhabit one body. It could explain why Freddy’s eye color changes erratically between endings, but I’m not sure enough about that possibility to make any strong claims on it.
Let’s take a look at perhaps the most important line of dialogue in figuring out who is controlling/possessing Freddy, the line he says right before seeing The Blob.

What’s always bugged me about this line is that Freddy calls The Blob his “friends”. Well, technically the Glamrocks are also down there at that time, but The Blob also doesn’t attack Freddy, seemingly implying that they ARE on friendly terms, and the way Freddy talks about them being angry seems to refer to The Blob.
However, the GlamMike theory fails to explain why Freddy considers The Blob his friends. The only friends Michael has are the kids from FNAF 4, but none of them are blond and therefore Susie is not one of them, as well as the fact that you’re missing a Fritz (as Michael is Foxy) and a Cassidy (there are only four children). At most, only two of the souls in The Blob could potentially be Michael’s friends, but why didn’t William kill Chica girl? (Remember, Susie is blonde). Why does Michael refer to all of them as his friends? It doesn’t fit, in my opinion. Additionally, The Blob is so angry it even attacks Gregory without thinking, but Michael, who has historically been confused with his father, gets away scot free? I doubt they would just let GlamFreddy through if they don’t recognize him, so it’s possible that he is haunted/guided/possessed/controlled by someone they DO know.
Of course, that doesn’t have to mean the Puppet, even though it’s one of the only animatronics that we know for a fact isn’t in The Blob. But there are other things that indicate that Charlie might be the one controlling Freddy.
-The BWA arcade cabinet is seen in the room where you fight Burntrap. If burning the Blob saves the souls trapped within it, doing so could be seen as bringing forth Happiest Day. The arcade cabinet seems to imply the incidents are related, and the animatronic that causes Happiest Day is the Puppet, who brings the cake in the mini game.
-Freddy’s protective behavior over Gregory is directly parallel to the Puppet’s protective nature (again, ”the others are under my protection”).
-When Freddy gives you the Faz Watch, he does it in present form. Yes, that’s just how items are given in this game, until you consider that a lot of story items (flashlight, FazMap, Party Pass at 6 AM, animatronic parts, therapy CDs, etc) are given in different ways. It could just be a coincidence, or it could be a reference to how the Puppet gives gifts.
-The Savior and True endings feature the FFPS hill. Same green grass, there’s a tree, they are the same down to the flowers and the white orbs floating around in the True Ending, both extremely similar to things we see in the FFPS pat credit Lorekeeper image. And what’s on top of that hill?
Nothing, technically. There are two hills in FFPS, and the one with a tree doesn’t have anything else there. However, the grave that is on A hill is thought to be Charlie’s. Even if there are other implications for this hill in the True ending, as I’ll get to later, in the Savior ending, I am led to assume it is possible that it is evoking the image of the Puppet’s grave. And since neither Gregory or Vanessa are the Puppet, it’s possible this means Freddy is the one with Charlie’s soul.
-Some things that support GlamMike also fit with the Puppet. Freddy’s “second wind”, even though it can be related to Michael getting up and walking in SL Custom Night, could also be caused by the Puppet’s “Give Life” ability. And Freddy burning down the building in the Fire ending could be the Puppet following in her father’s footsteps, especially considering that it is started specifically in the Prize Corner after looking melancholically at some plushies. The Prize Corner and plushies have historically been related to the Puppet, which is especially interesting when you consider that to get this ending you need to get golden plushies.
-Speaking of the Prize corner, there are two arcade cabinets near the security office right next to its security office. One is Glitchtrap themed, and the other is “SuperSkate Superstar”, themed after GlamFreddy. I don’t think there are any other arcade cabinets there, but I’m not sure, it’s hard for me to check.
-Most Golden plushies are placed in significant places for the animatronics they represent. Golden Chica’s near the kitchen, Golden Sun’s in a lighthouse (gives light like the Sun), Golden Moon’s in the secret room behind the Daycare, Golden Monty is near Monty’s Mystery Mix, Golden Roxy’s… well, this one is in a place that doesn’t really have anything to do with Roxy, but still, 4/5 have a relation. Golden Freddy is in Monty’s room, next to an arcade cabinet. The arcades are related to Happiest Day, and if you recall, Monty is the Puppet stand in for Happiest Day. Could be a coincidence, or maybe not.
Additionally, the room near the kitchen with the Puppet plushie also contains Freddy Fizzy Faz, so there’s that.
-Freddy mentions he can’t enter Fazer Blast because that would be against the rules. That’s funny, until you consider that the only other animatronics that specifically mention rules are Security Bots (see: Security Puppet) and the DA (”Rulebreaker! Rulebreaker!”), related to the Puppet.
-Take a look at this line from UCN Puppet:
”The others are like animals, but I am very aware”
Aside from a possible connection to how GlamFreddy is more “aware” than the other Glamrocks, who attack Gregory like animals, this is a similar attitude as what Freddy says about the Blob.
”They are so angry… confused…”
The Blob acts like an angry and confused animal, attacking whatever comes near it in a misguided attempt at self preservation. Even before the Blob, these animatronics attacked whoever they thought was the Purple Guy in search of revenge, without considering or being aware that they were attacking the wrong people. Both the Puppet and GlamFreddy seem to be aware that that isn’t a good idea by the way they talk about it. This could just be because they fill similar roles and therefore must have similar personalities, but I’m pretty sure these are the only animatronics that have this kind of attitude. I’m not sure if this makes sense to anyone but me, though :v
-Though Freddy considers all the Glamrocks his friends, he specifically calls out DJ Music Man as a “nice fellow”, the only animatronic he compliments (I think, he has a lot of lines). And the Puppet has always been related to music, always depicted as liking music. Stretch? Yeah, kinda.
-Freddy mentions in a secret line that he wonders if he has always been a Freddy. Although this could be just a joke, it could also mean he WAS another animatronic before SB, like the Puppet. This one is not specifically Puppet-related, but there’s very few people Freddy could actually be, and I think Puppet is the most likely animatronic to have possessed him.
(Also, the Puppet being trapped by Lefty could be seen as her “turning into” Freddy, so… there’s that)
-In the Loading Dock ending, we see Freddy leave the building, get in a car, “die” as his battery runs out, and get revived by a car battery. The only other time we’ve seen a car be important in this franchise is in Midnight Motorist, where Charlie dies and is revived. Is it possible that this ending is a parallel to Charlie’s death? And if it is, Freddy is Charlie in the metaphor.
-If you really want to stretch, Freddy having space for “oversized birthday cakes” in his chest cavity could be a reference to Happiest Day as well.
-Another big stretch: there is a message in the game called “all staff meeting” on the loading dock, which reminds staff of a meeting that Thursday, saying “there will be cake!”. That might be a reference to Happiest Day. Around the room, there are a lot of posters of Freddy’s mouth saying “never stop smiling!” The Puppet isn’t the only animatronic stuck in a permanent smile, but it is the only one related to Happiest Day. Honestly, I don’t even consider this evidence with how big of a stretch it is, but there’s no harm in mentioning it.
(By the way, the “Yay 40” room implies that Happiest Day happens on March 9th. I checked just in case, and that date falls on a Thursday in 2023, which would be 40 years after the bite of ‘83. SB likely isn’t happening in 2023, but if Happiest Day is supposed to happen in Fazbear’s Fright or something, it could work? I don’t know, again, this whole thing is Olympic levels mental gymnastics)
Now, a lot of this is pretty circumstantial and, if I’m being honest, I’m reaching a bit on some of them. A lot of this feels like they could just be coincidences. But that’s the thing, how many coincidences can there be? Even if each piece isn’t much by itself, put them all together and you get something a bit more substantial.
However, there is one more relation between Freddy and Charlie. To explain it, we’ll have to take a look back at FNAF 2.
*1C: SAVE THEM, and its SB recontextualization”
”She brought me here. I found myself for the first time when I cleared the path”
Who led Freddy to The Blob? A lot of people assume that Vanny did it so that Freddy could “clear the path”, especially as he mentions he had no choice at the time. However, if you think about it, it starts to fall apart.
Freddy doesn’t know about Vanny in the bunny costume, and Vanny shouldn’t be able to get past the Blob without it. If the Blob saw her, it would likely attack her, so Vanny would need to be invisible to the Blob to walk past it. Additionally, while he had presumably seen the Blob before, Freddy hadn’t been as far down as the room where we fight Burntrap. If you look back, you’ll see that you enter the room by crashing through the floor as it caved in under Freddy’s weight. If Vanny brought him to “clear the path”, why wasn’t this part broken already?
(Also, wouldn’t it make more sense for Vanny to bring Monty, who is often portrayed as the strongest?)
So, who did bring Freddy down here? Well, have we seen anyone do something like this before? Indeed we have; the Puppet does something like this in FNAF 2’s “SAVE THEM” mini game.
In that game, you play as Freddy, as the Puppet asks you to follow her around the pizzeria, where you find the corpses of the missing children. The letters “S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M” are spelt out in the background. Additionally, the game can end with William attacking Freddy, saying “you can’t” (save them).
Now compare to SB. Someone leads Freddy to the souls of the missing children, possibly to help him “save them” (burn the Blob like we do in the True ending), where he also finds William, and is attacked by him.
The situations already sound pretty similar, even though “SAVE THEM” can’t possibly have been about SB at the time. But there’s one thing that truly tips me off that it is none other than the Puppet who is leading Freddy along this adventure.
Because the Puppet isn’t only guiding Freddy. She is also leading Gregory.
And to understand why I think that, we will need to decipher the meaning of the famous “wall code”.
2: The wall code
*”Break and mend, I built the breath.
They hunt now, drawn to life.
Not real, still me.
And frit and fraught with thought and zest and gest no blunt woes.
Dodge, duck, flash, shoot, crawl, run, crush the vile band.
Cry not, try not, do not hold out hope.
Your life, your aim, will save those with soul”*
This is what is written on the wall in a SL themed room, encrypted as a strange code. So, let’s figure out what it means!
2A: What is the wall code?
A lot of people assume that this is some kind of abstract poem, meant to relate to, for example, Michael’s journey along SL. And while I do think the message is related to that (the room is themed specifically around Michael’s house in that game), I don’t think it relates to him in the way that most people assume. I’ll explain later, but for now, I believe it’s important to clear something up.
The wall code is not just an abstract poem or narration of an event, it is a message.
”Break and mend, I built the breath”
“Your life, your aim, will save those with soul”
Note the use of both the first and second person. That, to me, means that someone is sending this message, and someone is receiving it (even if they probably can’t actually read the thing, I think the message gets to them in some other way). So, of course, that leads to the question of who is sending it, who is receiving it, and what it means. I think the easiest place to start is who is receiving the message.
2B: Who is receiving the message, and what is it telling them?
”Dodge, duck, flash, shoot, crawl, run, crush the vile band.”
This specifically refers to Gregory, unambiguously. The only other character that even comes close to doing all of this is Michael, but as silly as it sounds, Michael never “shoots” anyone. Only Gregory, with the FazerBlaster, can claim to do that as well as everything else in that line. Importantly, this line is written in the second person, almost like an instruction. This is honestly the only thing I’m 99% sure of in this code: it is a message meant for Gregory.
But what is it telling him to do? Well, I think the last line especially gives a pretty clear indication:
”Your life, your aim, will save those with soul”
“Those with soul” likely refers to the Blob. You save them by burning them in the True ending, which is importantly the only ending that outright requires you to have all Freddy upgrades; the only one that needs you to “crush the vile band”.
(DISCLAIMER: I don’t know wether or not you also need them to get the plushies for the Fire ending, but the requirement for that ending is more the plushies; wether or not you need the upgrades to get them is secondary. Also, you don’t save anyone in this ending, so…)
So this message is not only talking to Gregory, it is telling him how to get the True ending. And I believe Gregory actually may have received it.
Something I don’t see a lot of people bring up is that Gregory doesn’t actually exhibit any murderous intent towards the animatronics until he learns he can upgrade Freddy, almost as if he’s more interested in the upgrades than in destroying them. He also never attacks the DA or the Security bots beyond flashing them in the eyes, likely because he can’t upgrade Freddy with their parts. And why is he interested in upgrading Freddy? Well, because he needs it for the True ending, as I said.
Additionally, Freddy and Gregory never exchange a word about going below Roxy Raceway before doing so. Freddy guides Gregory on how to leave through the three possible routes, and Gregory is the one to offer attacking Vanny if you pick that option. However, to my knowledge, neither of them ever says anything about going down to the FFPS location, they just kinda… do. Almost as if they already know where they have to go. Almost as if they’re being led by someone else.
I’ve already explained who I think is leading Freddy. But is it safe to assume that Charlie is also leading Gregory?
2C: Who sends the wall code?
”Break and mend, I built the breath. They hunt now, drawn to life”
This is probably the most important piece of evidence that we have for who actually sends this. Whoever it is, they “built the breath” of those who “hunt now”. But, who are “they”?
Are they the Glamrocks? We don’t know who built them, but we know William/Vanny are the ones that cause them to hunt. So, William/Vanny sends it? Well, if you’ve been following, that doesn’t make sense, since the wall code is telling Gregory how to destroy Burntrap and free the souls of the children. No one in William’s side, including himself, Vanny, or even Scrap Baby, is sending this message.
Well, what about Michael? He breaks and mends the Funtimes, right? The problem is that he doesn’t really “build their breath”. Maybe he GIVES them breath, as he sets Ennard free, but “building” implies creating something that wasn’t there before. Additionally, “they hunt now” implies that whoever “they” are, they started hunting after the speaker “built their breath”. But the Funtimes were already hunting before Michael got there, so that doesn’t make sense. Of course, the message is likely related to him in some way, as the room it’s in implies, but I’ll explain how it’s related later. In the end, I don’t think Michael is sending this message.
What about Henry? He “builds breath” because he created the animatronics, right? While I do think it’s possible, I find it unlikely. He builds from the ground up, nothing was broken, so “break and mend” doesn’t make much sense. The only other thing Henry does is try to burn a bunch of animatronics, which doesn’t “mend” anything. Also, there’s nothing else in the game that relates to him, unlike the other characters I’ve considered.
Well, what about Cassidy? “Break and mend” could mean UCN, how she “breaks” William and then puts him back together to break again. Maybe doing that allowed him to survive in Glitchtrap, thereby “building his breath”. In that case, “they hunt now” refers to the Glamrocks, “drawn to life” by William, whose breath was “built” by Cassidy in this interpretation. Also, Cassidy is known for being cryptic as heck, so it’s in character to write something like this.
I definitely think Cassidy is a possibility, and I don’t want to tule her out, but I don’t think it’s the most likely. First, because she’s likely in the Blob; either she’s the Funt. Freddy head (because she’s the leader since UCN or smth) or the Broken endo head (fits more with Golden Freddy). Yes, BV would technically also be in the Blob, making 5 lights even without Cassidy, but they’ve always come as a package deal, don’t see any reason that would change now. Also, there is no indication that the “breath” was “built” accidentally, like this possibility requires.
But believe it or not, the line that really eliminates Cassidy for me is:
”And frit and fraught with thought and zest and gest no blunt woes”
Yeah, the line that no one born in the last two centuries can even understand. Let me translate a little:
”And [meekly] and [stressed] with [thought/sentience] and [eagerness] and [gest doesn’t really fit grammatically I think, but it’s related to epics, tales of heroes, so I’ll say heroism] no [worries]”
So, what does that mean? There is definitely room for interpretation, and I would like to hear what other people think (a lot of people just skip this line in their analysis, I’ve noticed), but this is what I get from it:
This is talking about the animatronics that form part of the Blob, before they merged, back around the ‘80s and ‘90s. They are scared, confused, worried (frit and fraught), but their conscience (with thought) has given them hope that they can do the right thing (gest), which in their minds would be getting revenge on the person who killed them, and they are eager to do it (zest). However, they don’t consider the possibility that they are harming innocent people, and keep hunting despite that possibility (no blunt woes).
This kind of philosophy doesn’t fit “Vengeful Spirit” Cassidy, who is so spiteful she doesn’t let William go even after he burnt, despite the warnings of Old Man Consequences. It doesn’t make sense that she suddenly started worrying about that maybe they were getting the wrong people, and that they were too eager to kill. This line is spoken more from a logical standpoint, from the point of view of someone who can observe the situation and realize that the animatronics’ actions came from a misguided sense of vengeance and righteousness. And remember who has a similar way of thinking to what this line implies?
”The others are like animals, but I am very aware”
Yeah, that line again. The Puppet understands, perhaps more than anyone else, the complex and powerful emotions that lead the missing children to kill so many night guards, and understands that they might be doing something bad. At least, that’s what I get from that line.
But that’s not the only reason that I think the Puppet is the one that sends the message. After all, she’s the only character that effortlessly meets everything else we know about the messenger.
“Break and mend”. Well, she “Gives gifts, gives life”, she lends what William breaks in a more direct way than most other characters could claim. And “giving life” is the most literal interpretation of “building breath”, especially when it’s about “they” who “hunt now”. It also makes sense that “they” are the Blob, since it comes up again later (“those with soul”).
And then, there’s the last line of the first part of the code:
”Not real, still me”
This line, to me, is a reference to Freddy’s ”I AM NOT ME” line. Especially combined with the similarities between the “frit and fraught” line and what Freddy says when meeting the Blob (”They are so angry… confused…”), it makes me think that the spirit guiding Gregory and the spirit guiding Freddy is one and the same. And the character that I think fits both of those roles the best, considering what we know, is the Puppet.
Once again, I am reminded of the “SAVE THEM” mini game. How the Puppet tried, long ago, to guide Freddy in order to save the children, and how that didn’t work back then. She couldn’t save them, she couldn’t give them a proper Happiest Day, because she just didn’t have that choice. But now? With Charlie’s guidance and protection, Gregory’s unbreakable will and unwavering spirit, and Freddy’s assembled power necessary to clear the path to William Afton, now, they have that choice. They have the choice to save those with soul, who have suffered for decades, in a blazing inferno that takes out William once and for all, and finally is able to bring forth these kids Happiest Day, at long last.
At least, until the sequel.
But of course, you might notice there’s a bit of the wall code I haven’t talked about yet. And that’s true. But first, we need to address the purple elephant in the room.
We need to talk about Michael.
2D: Michael’s relation to the wall code
As I’ve said, the wall code is in a room that calls back Michael’s own room in SL. This implies that the message must be related to him in some way, but if the Puppet sends it and Gregory receives it, then where does Michael fit into it? Because Gregory isn’t Michael, right?
Well, about that.
Now, I don’t think Gregory is literally Michael. I’m not convinced he’s a robot just yet, and while Gregvictim doesn’t convince me either, I don’t want to rule out that possibility. Instead, I think that Gregory mirrors Michael, he works as a parallel to him, and goes through a similar experience. Don’t believe me?
2D I: Gregory’s connections with Michael
-A few pieces of evidence for Gregvictim also fit with Gregmike. In the “Savior” ending, we see him biting the head off of a Freddy popsicle, possibly a reference to the bite of ‘83. It could connect him to BV, but if you take it more literally, Gregory is metaphorically “causing” the bite, which fits with Michael. Additionally, while I believe it’s possible that his shirt is purple because of the lighting (red light from a sunset + blue shirt = purple), if we do take it as evidence, purple isn’t related to BV the way it IS related to Michael.
-Gregory has a rather similar personality to Michael. It could just be because they’re protagonists, though.
-Vanessa’s pre-6 AM speech. Right before 6 AM, Vanessa speaks through the intercom, telling Gregory that he should “join the internship program” because he “would make a great security guard”. This is a very random line, especially because I’m pretty sure Gregory’s too young for the job, unless it is alluding to a connection between Gregory and Michael. After all, Michael is the most prominent night guard in the franchise, believed to be the playable character in pretty much every game up to and including FFPS.
-Gregory’s goal isn’t made immediately obvious to the player, same with SL Michael. We initially think Gregory wants to get out of the PizzaPlex and Michael’s just looking for a paycheck, but we later learn that Gregory wants to stop the disappearances at the PizzaPlex (see: the dialogue with Freddy at the beginning of 6 AM) and Michael wants to free Baby & Co.
But you see, the parallels between Gregory and Michael don’t stop in just the characters. No, I believe the entirety of SB mirrors SL, and Michael’s journey in that game. Here’s why I think that.
2D II: SB mirrors SL
I want to preface this by saying that I fully believe a lot of these things can be written of as coincidence, and there are definitely some connections that are less convincing than others, but when put together, it makes a pretty compelling case, like I said about GlamPuppet.
-The SL themed room in SB, the Baby-themed security bots in the ice cream parlor, and maybe even the Baby plushie I mentioned at the beginning of this post, all imply some kind of connection between the two games.
-You are mainly guided by an animatronic; apart from some intervention from Hand/Dread Unit, Baby and GlamFreddy serve as the guides for their respective games. No phone guy or cassette man, only animatronics.
-The gameplay constantly changes through the night/nights. Also, time only progresses when you complete a task, though that point isn’t unique to these two games.
-At one point, the power goes out and you are forced to restore it. Night 2 in SL, Daycare in SB. Note that this are the only times in the franchise that we actually restore power, instead of “Lights Off” being an immediate game over.
-At one point, you are caught, pass out, and wake up someplace new. Funtime Foxy catches you in Night 3, Vanessa catches you right before 2 AM.
-The creation of an amalgam. In SL, the animatronics destroy themselves to create Ennard, and in SB you destroy animatronics to put their parts into Freddy.
-Parts & Service mini games guided along by Hand/Dread Unit.
-Important blueprints; SL’s animatronic blueprints, and SB with the blueprints for the specific parts that you can upgrade Freddy with. Steel Wool did say they were important! The only other game with important blueprints is FFPS.
-Vanessa trying to lure you to the main stage at almost 6 AM could be seen as a parallel to Baby sending you to the Scooping Room in night 5.
-The absence of an important member of the band (Chica in SL, Bonnie and kinda Foxy in SB).
-An underground location: Circus rental in SL, and the FFPS location in SB.
I think all of these make a pretty compelling case that the story in SB is pretty close to SL. There is more evidence, but I definitely think some of it is probably coincidental. I still feel like pointing them out, though:
-The way Gregory uses Freddy as a suit could be a parallel to Ennard using Michael as a skin suit. Then again, it could also be a parallel to Lefty, or SL’s stomach hatches, or springlock suits, or basically anything else, so it’s not really evidence for any theory.
-There are not only small and lethal animatronics (Bidybabs, Minireenas and Bon Bon; as well as mini-music man. The only other cases I can think of are Plushtrap/Nightmare BB and plushies in VR, though even those plushies are Baby-themed), but also animatronics where music gets louder as they approach (Ballora/the Music Men).
-A completely blind animatronic (Ballora and Roxy).
-A but if a stretch, but they are the only games with full blown endoskeleton only jumpscares. Unmasked Ennard and Yendo in SL, and GlamEndos in SB.
-Lots of gameplay mechanics: controlled shocks, passes being required to enter certain areas (the office of the Fake ending in SL, and all the SB passes), “Boss fights” (apart from Ennard and SB’s Boss fights, I can only think of Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare as bosses), crawling through vents, music growing louder when certain animatronics approach (Ballora/Both Music Men), flashing on a timer (Night 3 in SL, Faz Cam in SB), etc.
-Perhaps the biggest stretch: in Mazercise, Chica says that the place is to “work off the calories WHILE you eat”. In SL, Hand Unit says that Ballora “encourages children to stay healthy, and eat pizza”. Probably just a reused joke, but just felt like pointing it out.
So, as you see, there is a lot that makes me believe that SB and SL are parallels. That, to me, is the reason why the room the wall code is in is themed after SL era Michael Afton; in order to get the True ending and save those with soul, Gregory will have to embark on a similar journey to the one that character goes through in that game.
But the keen of you might have picked up on a pretty important missing link. After all, Michael dies at the end of SL, right? Are these parallels telling us that Gregory also dies at the end of SB?
Well, about that.
2E: Gregory’s sacrifice
Your life, your aim, will save those with soul”
Not your efforts, not your actions, not your bravery, your life, will save those with soul. This seems to imply that Gregory is sacrificing himself for the cause, for the True ending that the message is instructing him to reach, once again mirroring SL era Michael Afton. This also gives a bit of context for the line prior.
”Cry not, try not, do not hold out hope”*
“Cry not” seems to imply that this line is supposed to be comforting, but if I was trying to comfort someone, I wouldn’t tell them “don’t try” and “don’t get your hopes up”. Unless those two phrases aren’t supposed to be comforting, but rather warnings that Gregory isn’t likely to survive the ending. In full, I believe the meaning of the last two lines is:
”Don’t get your hopes up, and don’t try to survive, as it is unlikely you’ll succeed, but also don’t cry. Your sacrifice is necessary to save those with soul, those who have suffered for years”.
Sound like a stretch? Yeah, honestly I wouldn’t be not too sure about this one, if it weren’t for the other pieces of evidence that point to Gregory dying here.
When you go down the elevator to the FFPS location, Freddy has this to say:
“Gregory, be careful. This elevator does not appear to follow any safety protocols. I do not think it can survive more than one trip
That could mean one full trip, down and up, and this is just the gameplay way of saying “if you go down here, you can’t go back up until you get the ending”. However, it could also mean one trip DOWN, and it wouldn’t be able to get back up. Especially considering the circumstances of the ending; the entire place is crumbling and literally on fire, I find it unlikely that this already shady elevator can function under this conditions. Additionally, we never see Gregory and Freddy getting onto the elevator; the ending cuts off before they can. So it’s definitely possible that they don’t make it out.
Additionally, the logistics of getting Freddy up there are… complicated. He would run out of battery quickly as his whole body is still functioning, and he doesn’t look more damaged than he did in the Burntrap fight, when he seemingly just escaped a burning, crumbling building.
But the final nail in the coffin (no pun intended) for me, and what initially tipped me off to the possibility that these two don’t survive, is the post credit scene after the True Ending. Once again, we are on top of the FFPS hill. This post credit scene is intentionally evoking the image of a graveyard.
Of course, a valid counterpoint is that no one dies in the Savior ending, and yet the same hill is used. But here’s how I see it:
The Savior ending post credit scene is used to relate these characters back to old characters, be it a literal or metaphorical connection. If Gregory is “new age” BV/Michael, Freddy is Charlie, and Vanessa is “new age” Elizabeth, then the hill is used to represent that Charlie is here.
However, it would be redundant to use the hill for the same purpose in the True ending. What, it’s just telling us Freddy is Charlie a second time? That’s not very useful. So I think it takes on a new meaning as the representation of a graveyard, which indicates that Freddy and Gregory are dead.
And so, the entire wall code has been deciphered
The Puppet tells Gregory how to get the True ending, warning him that it’s dangerous.
I think that’s good. What do you guys think? I love discussing theories about this game, and I definitely don’t think my theories are perfect, so leave your thoughts in the comments!
(BTW, I’ll leave a comment with possible counterpoints and concerns. There’s a 40000 character limit on posts)
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