7kiy6 r87yb 583i4 394ek 6fy7t iafzk zs28b tn9r9 af84t 2rtnz 6h5re i4esk sd6eb 72s6b r7ikz 69akn zfznz 43k7f 3nkty nnf6h iiezz Can healer characters (Barbara, Bennett, Kokomi, etc.) canonically heal in game? Like, can Barbara heal someone, story-wise, with her powers, or no? |

Can healer characters (Barbara, Bennett, Kokomi, etc.) canonically heal in game? Like, can Barbara heal someone, story-wise, with her powers, or no?

2022.01.26 19:29 I_am_Spectre Can healer characters (Barbara, Bennett, Kokomi, etc.) canonically heal in game? Like, can Barbara heal someone, story-wise, with her powers, or no?

I’m a little confused.
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2022.01.26 19:29 prettyboyv This pretty much sumps up the market

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2022.01.26 19:29 Kenshero99 is this normal?

is this normal? i have unlocked some achievements but then epic shows no xp and no achievements earned.
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2022.01.26 19:29 xGrimAngelx That one customer

Anyone here have that one customer that you go above and beyond for?
Maybe they told you a funny story, or they are simply delightful to be around, or they just like the food so much they can't help but come back.
Anyone come to mind?
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2022.01.26 19:29 littleleach Loft kitchen in Denver, CO

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2022.01.26 19:29 voe_lean Episode 3: Rising Stakes

Following the Alliance’s retreat before the Security Coalition reinforcements at Rasterous, both sides benefited from a short reprieve ahead of the incoming battle over Zeltros. Murith Severan returned a hero to the Despot’s palace where, backed by his wife and the Despot’s guards, he beheaded the inept Despot and assumed power in his place as Princeps, turning the Rasterous Despotism into the Severan Principate. Rax Halligan commenced negotiations to acquire Gyndine’s shipyards, and Supreme Commander Maippo finalized the Alliance’s preparations for the impending battle with Captain Estric and Io’saris. Knowing his requested reinforcements would never arrive in time, Maippo organized his forces to fight the Security Coalition’s vastly larger fleet and planned for his own replacement should the worst happen, rather than retreat further to Kashyyyk. With Rax occupied with the Alliance in contested space, Admiral Druhn Strellic and Captain Dorfus Tardo undertook the conquest of Cyrillia in his stead as ordered, setting their sights on the world’s high-end droid factories. A trouble-free space battle and invasion were followed by a methodical planetary campaign: Cyrillia’s capital surrendered and Admiral Strellic’s forces marched on, continent by continent, until the planet was finally secured with the orbital bombardment of the fortified city of Kadoctu, the last major bastion of resistance.
Above Corellia, returning triumphant from his special mission to Abregado-dai, Crixus Payne was welcomed home to Monolith by his uncle Dumenaris’s anger and Force lightning that left him on the brink of death. When he finally regained consciousness after three days, Crixus was told how, by subjugating Ulric Sigliano through the Force to procure equipment for his mission, he had scared the mobster into contacting the Jedi. Alliance operatives within Sovereignty borders had now captured sensitive information and fled, intending to deliver it to the Jedi Council. CorSec assigned the hard-nosed and loyal Major Arajane Caiwick to intercept the data chip before it made it to The Wheel where the Jedi would collect it; unbeknownst to her, Arajane was also being tested, as this difficult assignment would determine if she had what it took to become one of CorSec’s few and elite marshals. And in the meantime, Crixus was tasked with finding Ulric Sigliano, and dealing with him.
On their way to Fondor, deep in hyperspace, the Jedi prepared to face their destiny against the Lord Protector and the Expanse. Answering Herschel, Halen, Se’Soom and Rid’s call for reinforcements, an elite Jedi strike team was travelling from Ossus, comprised notably of masters Lytrinn Halt, Obadd Ulat and Kian Dasnus, as well as knights Allan O’Brian, Ravee Chasel and Koh-Tal Gresh; the team was also joined by two powerful members of the Jedi Council, the Abednedo Master Gan and the Order’s very own Battlemaster, the Elomin Arranmaneth N’on Valbedeth. In the time before they reached Fondor, as other Jedi meditated or sparred, Ravee tended to the injured Master Halt, still suffering from his cruel captivity at the hands of the Ascendants.
At the same time, on their home planet, the remaining Jedi were organizing the mass evacuation of their temple, having to reckon with an imminent attack by the Expanse should the strike team fail in their mission. Grandmaster Larsei tasked certain Jedi with finding a suitable planet for the Order to seek refuge; one of them, Jessice Tatham went to the remains of Scarif after having a vision of the planet populated with Jedi. There, she met the carefree Mandalorian scavenger Jak Streborn and hired her to guide her over the planet as she looked for answers to her vision. Meanwhile, back on Ossus, the young padawan Bael Staark was briefly reunited with his sister Raerra during the evacuation, who gifted him their father’s lightsaber before his master Daryon Langrow took him to Telos IV for training. Only a select few Jedi stayed behind to watch over those too frail to be preemptively displaced; in charge of them was the Chief healer of the Order, Master Tovi Aruwa, assisted by her padawan Volene.
Having fought fiercely to capture Kuat with the Cerulean Guard, Chessis Remora now had to fight fiercely to retain it, as a powerful force of Kuat’s Neimoidian and Balmorran allies attacked with everything they could muster to retake the Kuati empire’s former capital planet. Chessis and her squadron defeated the superior enemy fleet by infiltrating its capital ship, the Pylat, causing a distraction and buying enough time for reinforcements to arrive and swing the battle in the Guard’s favour. But just after the battle, Chessis faced a dilemma as her old crewmate Darros came to Kuat with shocking news: Arthur Xadran, warlord of the Carida Authority, was still alive and hiding on the remote planet Batuu. Despite considering herself loyal to the Cerulean Guard after months of service, Chessis chose to honor her allegiance to Carida, and left with Darros aboard the Crystal Skull.
On lawless Serenno, unrest took hold after the illegitimate son of the former Serenno Count Leonsis II, Almorus Serenno-Borgin, returned to his home planet at the head of a considerable fleet of Kuati and Caridan ships and seized power for himself by killing his clone half-brother; immediately, Almorus began a war on spice against the far-reaching and established Serenno Cartel, striving to restore Serenno’s former prestige and root out the rampant criminal element spreading suffering and debauchery. To that end, he opened positive relationships with neighbouring worlds and created the Serenno Ministry of Security, a loyal planetary-wide police force to replace Serenno’s corrupt law enforcement institutions. As he announced the initiative in a public speech, Almorus survived a direct hit from a long-range blaster rifle thanks to his Serennian armorweave suit absorbing the worst of the blast; he even took care to finish his allocution before he received medical attention aboard his flagship, pleased to see his policies were starting to unnerve the cartels enough to attempt on his life.
Crixus began his hunt in Sigliano Cartel territory, but he quickly realized he would have to make do with terrorizing henchmen as Ulric himself was long gone from Corellia. Seeking a trail, Crixus oversaw a raid conducted on a suspect spice lab by the implacable Valkyries, CorSec’s intervention task force commanded by the blunt Lieutenant Freya Grime. His suspicion aroused by the strange Corellian-made spice as well as the rabid criminals who seemed to bear all but the deadliest wounds without a flinch, Crixus requisitioned the service of the clever and wisecracking Lieutenant Inspector Leysson Isoder to help make sense of the scene. Together, the three CorSec officers uncovered multiple leads on this new and experimental substance; leveraging his authority as a marshal, Crixus took lieutenants Isoder and Grime into his personal service, as he needed them to carry on the investigation at the Gold Room, a classy nightclub with apparent connections to the crime scene, later the same day. In the hours before then, Crixus conducted occult research that he hoped would help him overcome his powerful uncle Dumenaris, Leysson investigated leads into spaceports tied with the illegal substance, and Freya sought fashion advice from a friend in anticipation of her night at the Gold Room.
Meanwhile, Tonveth’s Sith academy thrived. With his newly-bled lightsaber, Tonveth played master to sixteen trainees, among which his associate Yathrea and an old Pantoran and former Jedi master, the bookish Yanus Vanchuit. Feeling ire and indignation at being lectured and made to stand at attention with initiates rather than treated as equals, Yathrea and Yanus bid their time, each vowing to one day take revenge on Tonveth for the humiliation he put them through. Soon enough, Yanus was promoted to Sith mystic and tasked by Tonveth with discovering a new hyperspace route to the planet Roon through a near-impenetrable nebula known as the Cloak of the Sith; Tonveth hoped Roon could host his new Sith Order should their current academy ever be compromised. With Yanus away, Tonveth and Yathrea finally had their inevitable confrontation as Yathrea put in motion her plan to kill Tonveth for corrupting her children and turning them away from her. In the ensuing duel, Yathrea was momentarily paralyzed with distress as she felt her children be wiped out by poison gas, and Tonveth seized the opportunity to disarm and kill the former Enlightenment master. Victorious, Tonveth displayed Yahtrea’s lightsaber as a trophy as he promoted more Sith and carried on with his academy’s operations, informing a returned and successful Yanus that they would soon be ready to fight against Jedi…
Over Zeltros, the Security Coalition fleet headed by Murith, Rax and Moff Garel dropped out of hyperspace to find the Alliance ships still present despite the terms of the ultimatum, and after a tense standoff, the Coalition’s ships opened fire and the battle began. Both fleets exchanged fire, and in their respective ships, the Mandalorian mercenary Borcha Ferel and Commander Hieronymas Bayanian engaged the Alliance’s superior starfighter force. As the Coalition adopted a tight formation that the Alliance tried to disrupt through the use of tractor beams, Murith unleashed his powerful Force powers, entering a dominant battle meditation that disheartened the Alliance forces and let his own troops act with unnatural coordination, allowing for tactics that should have been impossible to any navy. Contrastedly, the Alliance ships were in disarray: their shots started to go astray, comms became cluttered, uncoordinated commanders ordered frenzied charges or panicked retreats on their own authority, even causing collisions amongst themselves.
As the battle raged on, a few Alliance ships who had remained stationed in the Mattri system enacted Supreme Commander Maippo’s plan and jumped to Rasterous, hoping to find it undefended and inflict a critical blow by destroying their shipyards as the Security Coalition fleet was gathered at Zeltros. Unfortunately for them, the system was defended by Vice Admiral Kel Las and the ISD Sacrosanct; the small Alliance force engaged the Star Destroyer and the shipyards, but when their ships started to take sizeable damage, they were forced to retreat having only dealt minor blows to the shipyards. Back over Zeltros, Io’saris sent dozens of unmanned ships filled with explosives to detonate against Coalition capital ships, severely damaging Rax Halligan’s Aphelion, before herself losing her lucidity to Murith’s battle meditation. Even Supreme Commander Maippo fell victim to it. Advised by one of the Jedi present, he ordered every ship to fire on Murith’s Extirpation to disrupt his concentration, but unbeknownst to them, they were targeting the wrong Bellator in their confusion. In one final, desperate assault, Maippo, Io’saris and what remained Alliance fleet launched themselves at the second Bellator, managing to tear apart the massive ship even as they were battered and destroyed by the rest of the Coalition fleet, until the Supreme Commander was dead, his Hunter’s Steed destroyed, and there were no Alliance ships left to oppose the Security Coalition in the system.
Rumors of Rax’s death at Zeltros reached Mimban and spread like wildfire; word made it to Captain Tardo’s ear that some among the Mimbanese were advocating for a return of the old democratic regime to replace Rax’s autocratic rule. At once, he left Cyrillia with Admiral Strellic and brought two Star Destroyers, the Fortune and the Maelstrom, to safeguard Mimban’s stability. But when the former Despotism admiral hinted at repressing the peaceful and limited reformation sentiment through his usual violent means, even on the heart of Rax’s seat of power and popularity, a horrified Tardo invited him to his office to discuss, where with a shot of his blaster, he rid the galaxy of the Butcher of Zeltros.
After some searching, Chessis and Darros found Arthur on Batuu and successfully extracted him in the face of violent opposition. The two pleaded with the former warlord to return and reinstate the Carida Authority while loyal support still remained, but Arthur declined, knowing the galaxy was too dangerous for him while so many wanted him dead. Instead, he handed them a datastick with information that would help them find a former squadron mate of theirs and asked to be left on Jakku. There, however, left behind by Chessis and her squadron, Arthur was identified by facial recognition and followed by the Hunter’s Lodge. Huntmaster Zaytris herself descended to Jakku’s surface and breached Arthur’s hotel, chasing him as he jumped out of a window and escaped on a speeder which crashed in their struggle. The two finally entered a duel, with Arthur wielding a phrik rapier and Zaytris her sister’s lightsaber. Zaytris disarmed Arthur and blamed his Jedi bounty for her sister’s death before executing the former warlord, obtaining her personal revenge as well as collecting vast bounties for the Lodge’s benefit.
Back in business for the first time since his prison break, Marclay Coppola carried out an operation with Cain on the desert planet Er’Kit, where he freed a brilliant Twi’lek chemist by the name of La’Cruz, who had been kept as a slave, and took him on as a partner. Learning about Almorus’s takeover of Serenno and his war on the Serenno cartels, Marclay saw his chance to finally take revenge on Del Descoteaux, cartel leader and his father’s murderer. Collaborating with old friends as well as with Almorus himself, Marclay learned about the new state of the underworld, and began to plan his strike…
From the planet Bastion, in the distant northern reaches of the galaxy, the Velmerian Empire moved. Tired of seeing her Empire’s military used as glorified mercenaries by the Intergalactic Banking Clan, dreaming of expansion, Èlodie Velmerys, daughter of the aging Emperor, launched a comprehensive campaign against Yaga Minor which she helmed, both in space and on the ground. As they laid siege to the city of Yegram, the Velmerians faced heavy resistance and their advance stalled. Still personally leading her forces, Èlodie was wounded by Yagai artillery and transported off the battlefield as her troops carried on the fight in her name with renewed vigor, until the defeated Yagai agreed to peace on Èlodie’s generous terms; no sooner was the armistice signed than the Empress-to-be turned her attention to Borosk and the rest of the Prefsbelt sector.
In the Gold Room, Leysson and Freya carried on their investigation on behalf of Crixus, who was occupied playing the organ for the night’s entertainment. Near the end of his solo performance, Crixus drew upon the Force to alter his music and touch the minds of the attendees in a powerful display, which was felt all the way to Monolith station by the wandering dark Jedi Julia Verence, who made for the Gold Room with the intention to confront the being at the source of the outburst. Meanwhile, the show went on and the investigation resumed; Leysson and Freya made meager progress before leaving by the end of the concert. Crixus then met with the famous Sierra Langley, socialite and former holovid actress, who made cryptic references to Crixus’s Force sensitivity that she and mysterious others had always known about.
Julia landed at the Gold Room and immediately recognized Crixus as the Force-sensitive she was after, but their encounter was interrupted when the cartel-affiliated security personnel flooded the nightclub and opened fire on Crixus. The assassination attempt was thwarted as Crixus and Julia fought off the enforcers, helped by the unexpected intervention of an off-duty CorSec intelligence operative, Lilith Amaria, who was present for the concert. With Julia having revealed herself as a former Jedi during the fight, Crixus knew too well she would imminently become a wanted fugitive in Sovereignty space; having his own personal plans for Julia, Crixus used his position as a marshal to mislead CorSec and facilitate her escape from the Gold Room as the two left in a transport speeder piloted by Jhoro Daraay, spacer turned driver-for-hire after falling on hard times. Only stopping by CorSec headquarters to recover the fruits of his earlier research, Crixus guided Julia and Jhoro to find refuge within his family’s estate aboard Monolith station.
Following that night, relentless in his investigation, Leysson came to worrisome conclusions regarding the strange substance from the spice lab, dubbed spixie – it appeared that in the course of their experimentations, newcomers to the spice scene had unwittingly created a supersoldier serum with debilitating long-term effects, which threatened to spark a war between CorSec and cartels and throw Corellian society into chaos. Suspecting Ulric Sigliano to be behind the accidental discovery, Leysson went to meet with rival crime syndicate leader Corin Ordo and reached an agreement with him: in exchange for information on Sigliano’s whereabouts, Leysson would capture Mikael Coppola, who at last had decided to leave Corellia after learning of his brother Marclay’s escape from prison, and deliver him to Ordo. During this time, Freya and her Valkyries, among which promising rookie Juno Taliran, descended upon a mysterious OxnFree compound on the planet Duros, revealed by a tracker Leysson had planted on one of the company’s ships. In extremis, Freya managed to stop the gangsters from detonating the entire facility, leaving it ripe for investigation…
Still dealing with the aftermath of Arthur’s death, Zaytris had to mend the Lodge’s relationship with an important contributor, Grobbo the Hutt, after one of the Lodge’s recruits, the Mandalorian Draak Gedyc, went rogue and participated in his clan’s killing of Lodge client Shizu the Hutt for placing a bounty on one of their own. To redeem the Lodge in Grobbo’s eyes, Zaytris mobilized its hunters to eradicate the Gedyc clan in retaliation, eliminating every last member as she personally slew Draak in duel. Her task complete, the Huntmaster then left for Ossus to find Allan, having been alerted that he had not erased her sister’s file in the Jedi archives despite their agreement. Waiting for his return to the Jedi temple from Fondor, Zaytris spent time reflecting on Ossus before visiting her sister’s old master, Master Traufurt, to inform him of Sara’s death; she was then taken into Jedi custody.
At last, the Jedi strike team reached the Expanse and the operation began. At their side, a Coalition fleet engaged the superior Fondorian ships against dire odds, only hoping to grant the Jedi more breathing room as they boarded the monstrous SSD. Battlemaster Arranmaneth, Master Halt and Master Alendi led half the Jedi through the ship, dispatching stormtroopers and Saber Rakes as they made for the Lord Protector’s observatory to apprehend him; meanwhile, Kian, Se’Soom and the remaining Jedi attacked alongside the bulk of the Coalition troops led by the grizzled Sergeant Fastle, aiming to destroy the Expanse by planting powerful bombs in its engine room. Thanks in no small part to their spy Umi Laa subtly assisting their advance from the SSD’s bridge, both teams made steady progress until the first team reached the observatory and realized they had been deceived: a Force-sensitive impostor, the Fondorian lord Sinclair Dugaul, had assumed the Lord Protector’s identity in the observatory just as the real Lord Protector moved to intercept the second team in the engine room, laying waste to Jedi knights and his own Saber Rakes indiscriminately.
The first team had to fight through the deception in the observatory, met with a barrage of fire from the men of Lieutenant Ahto Haedus that claimed Rid Shert’s life before the Jedi could close in on their assailants and defeat them. In his final moment, Lieutenant Haedus armed a thermal detonator that maimed both Master Gan and the impostor Lord Dugaul. Allan stayed behind to heal the injured councillor as the rest of the team pursued the Lord Protector to the engine room, where Kian was barely holding him off in single combat; Udon-Zan struck down the Jedi master seconds before he was engaged by Lytrinn and what remained of the first team. Standing alone against five Jedi, the formidable Lord Protector crushed Battlemaster Arranmaneth despite Master Ulat’s attempt to supress his connection to the Force. Elsewhere on the Expanse, even as unfolded this clash for the ages, the tenacious Sergeant Fastle managed to make the best of his hopeless situation and blew up the ship’s bridge at the cost of his own life, and Padawan Ra’Bhamus faced his own predicament as he fought off and bested four Saber Rakes by himself. Meanwhile, the tides were slowly turning against the Jedi, now four against one, as more of them were inflicted severe injuries by the Lord Protector. Allan and Gan’s heroic intervention swung the fight back in their favour as the Lord Protector abandoned all semblance of humanity, taking a mortal wound only to inflict one back with the ferocity of a wild beast, creating an opening for Lytrinn to finish him off and end his reign of terror over Fondor. Victorious, the surviving Jedi narrowly escaped from the Expanse before it exploded, limping back to Abregado-rae to regroup and recover.
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2022.01.26 19:29 SpiritualRuin3126 JoJo Splatt Talks About Memphis, Just Starting To Rap, New Music

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2022.01.26 19:29 UnderGround802 The Dissolved Sixfold Path

so what do people know about this
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2022.01.26 19:29 doobsk3n Numb tooth after falling over

I have fallen over and I feel like my right front tooth is entirely numb, there is absolutely no visible damage at all it is just numb with a slight dull pain whenever I scrape it with my other teeth, any help? Kinda freaking out.
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2022.01.26 19:29 iwongmusic IMAP to help you start your day with calm and beautiful piano music

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2022.01.26 19:29 thesearemydarktimes Oh, how the scales have tipped.

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2022.01.26 19:29 AnteaterToAggie The Dumpling House RETURNS

We have lost many, many mainstays to the Davis area over the last two years. But take solace, friends. There is hope. The Dumpling House, damaged by a neighbor's fire in May of 2018, has returned! Nearly FOUR YEARS LATER, the owners have made the repairs, weathered the Pandemic, and are re-opening!
For those who never got to know the Dumpling House, here's what to expect: big dumplings, better-than-fair prices, simplicity.
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2022.01.26 19:29 andredlvcosta Can we get some love for Shallow and Deep?

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2022.01.26 19:29 bobbae Paid up but I have no regrets

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2022.01.26 19:29 luvintheride Catholic Neurosurgeon on why Machines will never think

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2022.01.26 19:29 battleship217 POV: Black Navy

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2022.01.26 19:29 innosflew Irish fishermen plan to disrupt Russian navy exercises

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2022.01.26 19:29 Unfair-Carpenter-876 I have a GitHub repo connected to a Dir, but I am thinking of moving the dir to another location. If I move it will I loose the GitHub connection?

I have /home/usefoldeGitHub
But I am thinking of moving it to /home/useGitHub
Will this break my connection?
(I am on Linux)
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2022.01.26 19:29 clip_mirror_bot Waxing new twitch meta?

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2022.01.26 19:29 -_-iamsad-_- they’re beautiful 😻

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2022.01.26 19:29 iccaecumsa 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Just Launched | 💎 DEVS KYC with GemFinder| ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

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2022.01.26 19:29 Keamor1998 Any good OC fics out there in the wide Tower?

What it says lmao.
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2022.01.26 19:29 Early-Seaweed9113 2005 Escalade 6.0 won’t turn on after accident

I recently was in an accident (wasn’t my fault) and the other driver only hit my passenger side front tire. I pulled over to assess the damage and turned off the truck. The hub cap was pushed through the lug nuts, but other than that, there’s no other aesthetic damage. As soon as I tried starting the Escalade again, it wouldn’t crank. The starter only clicks once when I turn the key, and the battery still works. Is this some kind of security feature on Escalades? Or is it just the starter that’s f**ked?
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2022.01.26 19:29 argonaut0 Mega Man X Dive Leaps Onto Steam

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2022.01.26 19:29 604spicy Can only get close to fully hard if I don’t touch myself for a week

I’m 21 and ever since I was 12 I masturbated almost daily and everything has been fine. Since last year I began developing ED. Sometimes to get hard I require a tight grip and rough method. I think some rough masturbation has even caused damage to my penis as it now curves noticeably, and is a little smaller than before. My erections are soft and go away fast if not being constantly touched, It’s taken a huge toll on my confidence, and I feel like I won’t be able to have sex with a girl. Just last year before my problems I could barely stop myself from getting hard if I was standing next to a hot girl, but now I can’t even get a good erection with porn. My ED is stopping me from getting into a relationship and even getting to know girls. All girls my age want is sex, and I can’t even give that to them. I’ve noticed that if I avoid masturbating for a week, my erection goes pretty close to the length it used to be before my problems, and is pretty firm. I’d say the “full” erection is about 95% of what my full erection was like last year. After masturbating with that erection, the next day the problem is back and I struggle to get hard when masturbating.
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