2022.01.26 20:13 Ice_Feet24 ❄️❄️❄️

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2022.01.26 20:13 azatoth12 [H] XBOX game pass 3 months [W] 16$ Paypal, Steam gift card money

USD, AUD, HKD steam cards. AUD must be 20 dollars worth, not AUD
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2022.01.26 20:13 Fellkitten_Alt This sub fucking died

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2022.01.26 20:13 KayakingHedgehog I have a question about lighting

Does anyone make led strips that will attach to the inside lip of the fish tank? Everything I am finding on Amazon or google are either the wide bars that clip onto the outside or the led bars that use suction cups.
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2022.01.26 20:13 CounterSYNK Spoiler. Watch BoBF episode 5 first.

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2022.01.26 20:13 Flyinpotatoman Everybody wants Danny DeVito everywhere, but what about Joe Pesci? Which movies would you like to cast him while keeping his Casino/Goodfellas psycho persona?

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2022.01.26 20:13 precisioncompoundny Ketamine Specialty Pharmacy, Bellmore NY

Hello TherapeuticKetamine ! We are Precision Compounding Pharmacy located in Bellmore, NY and we are so happy to have found this community.
We compound a large variety of medications to serve patients across the country, and ketamine is definitely one of our specialties. Our compounding pharmacists have tons of experience with both new and experienced ketamine patients and prescribers and will do what they can to help YOU!
Our prices vary depending on what prescription you are receiving, but on average a month supply can range from $48-$75 quantity and strength depending.
Here is a link to our site with our contact information as well as some videos our pharmacists have collaborated with renowned ketamine physicians to provide education to those interested. https://precisioncompoundingpharmacy.net/news/
We are new to reddit so please bear with us on some response times to posts and comments. You can always give us a call or message us through our HIPPA compliant application Klara with any questions!
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2022.01.26 20:13 Quick_Meth He stole my picture, posted it on the same subreddit and took the credit for it, this guy istg

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2022.01.26 20:13 YuriJoe_Arya shit got crazy..

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2022.01.26 20:13 Silversurfer300 Gram passed away. She left me a bunch of these! Any suggestions or tips on how to turn them into coins?

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2022.01.26 20:13 Astrozee [Positive] u/Lukewarm_Pizza

Mentioned I was looking for cards of a certain player and Pizza sent me one unprovoked, wanting nothing in return. Class act.
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2022.01.26 20:13 Vyper30000 Ummm... That's not a a usable ground

Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past I installed large scale PBX phone systems in a number of southern states. We did hospitals, businesses, and a surprising number of department stores. It was one of those stores where this story takes place.
I was working for a company whose phone systems had an on-board computer system complete with 8" floppies and a distinct dislike for unsteady power. In order to appease the PBX gods we had a strict list of requirements for the room environmentals and the power and grounding. The room needed to be clean and without excessive dust, with climate control - temperature in the 70 degree range on the fahrenheit scale. Most of all, it needed dedicated three phase 208vac power with a dedicated computer ground. This involved the XO lug on the supply transformer and ideally included a link to a ground rod or building steel. The number of times I - a brash young guy in my mid 20s - had to inform a crusty good-ol-boy electrician that what he thought was a ground wasn't good enough and weather the resultant storm still gives me nightmares, but it paled to one install I did in a small city in South Carolina.
I arrived at the start of the scheduled installation week bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go. As we descended to the intended phone room I became quickly aware of the technological revelation that we were bringing to this store. Sitting outside the phone room was the current phone console, with the operater wearing a headset and very literally switching and connecting calls like you see in old movies: plugging and unplugging cables in an upright patch panel. Keep in mind that this was the late 80s. From the room next to her - our destination - I heard a steady "clack - clack - clack" of machinery. Upon entry I discovered that the phone system was the old style "stepping switch" equipment. The noise in the room was deafening and relays and contacts continually made and released. My interest in the antiquated equipment was, however, dampened by the condition of the room.
They had mounted the plywood on the wall that we required for our 66 blocks (wiring points), and electrical power had been pulled into the room - but that was it. There was no ground bar, no power, the room was at least 90 degrees, and worst of all, the floor was covered in such a thick layer of dirt and dust that we were leaving footprints as we walked. I immediately informed our customer contact that this was not acceptable and why - and after I left a specific list of items that needed to be done before I returned, I drove back to the airport to return home.
A week later I returned to the site, and things were better - marginally. The floor had been wet mopped, so that parts of it were now at least clean enough to see the tile, buit other sections were covered with dried mud where the mop water and floor dirt combined and settled down together. The ground and electrical still hadn't been done, and the HVAC contractor was there giving a quote for putting A/C in the room. The room was still unusable and the client wasn't happy when I told him as much. We had one more quick meeting going over the problems, and hand written copies of our requirements were given to everyone involved and a few people that weren't. Since the floor in that spot was relatively clean I uncrated and moved the phone "switch" - the main cabinet with the phone system, in this case about 6'x6'x3' - into position and mounted some of my equipment on the wall. I then returned home for another week.
One week later I was onsite in the store's basement again, and this time was pleasantly surprised to feel a blast of cool air hit me in the face as I opened the door. The floor had been decently cleaned and looked good. My pleasure started slipping as I walked through the room, however. The electrical source still was not terminated. I saw no ground bar on the wall. The air conditioning had been lovingly and professionally installed, complete with open top drip pan, directly over the top of my $200,000 phone system. My imagination didn't have to work hard to figure out where that condensation was going to the first time that the drip pan drain clogged and the pan overflowed, and the realization wasn't good. Calming myself, I asked about the 208v power: the building engineer replied that they had tried and were unable to find that particular NEMA connector anywhere. I grabbed the nearest phone book (remember - it's the 80s!), specifically the Yellow Pages, and found an electrical supply store within walking distance. I left the store and walked down to the supplier, who quickly sold me the necessary electrical connector. I took it back and tossed it to the engineer with a jaunty "there you go!" Then I addressed the last item on my list.
"Where's the ground?" I asked. The engineer pointed me to a large 1-1/2" braided copper cable mounted in the corner. It dissappeared into holes in the floor and the ceiling. "OK" I said, pointing to the hole in the floor. "Where does that go?" I asked. "To a six foot ground rod under the building." the engineer replied proudly. "Excellent!" I replied. "And where does that go?" I asked, pointing to the hole the ceiling that the cable disappeared into. "To the lightning rods on the roof!" he replied.
He wanted me to connect his new $200,000 phone system, and every phone in the building, to the lightning rods on the roof.
We didn't do the installation that weekend, either.
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2022.01.26 20:13 Whiskymonopolet Ardnamurchan AD/09.20:01

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2022.01.26 20:13 j-bone-84 Who is responsible for customer support content?

Hi there fellow PMs! I work in a start up and as we’ve recently scaled our team, we are working to define and rethink our product development process.
One suggestion that’s being made is that the product team should own the FAQs/support content that sits outside our product (eg in Zendesk or on our marketing page). Currently it lives with the customer success and marketing teams. I’m curious to hear other’s opinions on this and how that role is fulfilled in your organization.
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2022.01.26 20:13 rewns02 What would you tell your 20 year old self?

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2022.01.26 20:13 ReactQ Sandy Ryan (3-0) vs. Erica Farias (26-5) on March 12th, Matchroom Boxing

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2022.01.26 20:13 lhatebeetroots Setting up a LTD company - profits made as sole trader still taxed as income or dividends?

I am planning on incorporating my 'business' before the 2021-2022 tax year is over.
My question is, will the profits I made as a sole trader between 2021-2022 be liable for income tax, or can I write them off as company profits and pay myself through dividends? At what point do my company profits become 'company profits' and no longer income?
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2022.01.26 20:13 Comfortable-Pies Umbrella recommendation

Hello Folks,
The storm has killed my umbrella!
Does anyone have recommendations for decent umbrella that will survive Melbourne weather?
If possible, one that wont make you cry because of how much you wasted if you left it behind somewhere!
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2022.01.26 20:13 needmoregatos Looking for Experiences with Pursuing PSLF from abroad

Hi all, I am 4 years into PSLF and am currently working for a 501c3 in the US. I am planning on moving out of the US next year with my family to return to my spouse's home country. I have $105k in debt. I am hoping to remain an eligible employee with a qualifying organization once abroad and am beginning to do some research on some possible avenues for that to happen.
I previously worked for a US based 501c3 in my spouse's home country and was able to get my employment certified. That job has now been eliminated and I'm looking for opportunities for remote work with a qualifying organization.
Does anyone here have experience while working for a qualifying organization while overseas? I've found some remote opportunities with US based nonprofits, but they prefer hiring any staff not based in the US as independent contractors. That obviously won't qualify me for PSLF, so I'm interested to learn how others based overseas have managed to remain in eligible employment.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 20:13 theGrassyOne [WTS] Pitis Party in Palembang! Cool tin Islamic coins from a sultanate in Indonesia, ~1750-1820. Big variety, attributed by catalog, unbeatable price!

Having 40¢ is cool, but having one of these is cooler.
Hi! I went through a huge pile of these coins, straight from the Musi in Sumatra. They are recognized by Robinson number (Catalog and info). These are fascinating tin-lead coins from the far reaches of the Islamic world. They run for $1 each or more on eBay in small lots, and even then they're not attributed. I am happy to answer any questions you might have!

Business: Minimum order $5 due to large volume. I will review smaller orders on a case by case basis. I offer a bulk discount; feel free to make an offer. I can do risky shipping (price by weight, ~$1) or a tracked parcel (~$4+) via USPS. Other shipping options through USPS available at cost. I take Zelle, PPFF, or PPGS (you pay the fee).

The coins: Proof Album (Some pics are brightened for clarity. I don't have good lighting. See the pictures on white paper for what the coins look like in the sun)

Coins are available as direct type selection or as custom lots. By default, I will assemble an order with random coins of specified types at the price listed in the table. Just tell me what you want and I'll put it together.

Recommended lot keywords:

Variety (A bunch of types and subtypes. A nice variety may run about 50-60c per coin average) Retrograde (Get coins with backwards inscriptions)
Error date (Get coins with error dates)
Specific types (Make a request)
High quality (+5c per coin; I'll make sure you get a higher-end one)
Direct choice (+10c per type; you choose the exact coin you get)

Table of types:

(I did my very best to ID these. Main type is guaranteed. Subtype is pretty certain, but there could be mistakes due to the crude make of many of these coins. I have designated possible type matches as 'Like' a type, and non-matches as 'Undocumented' types. Undocumented types are fairly common and are probably contemporary imitations. See the online catalog for more.)

Main Type Subtype Notes Quantity Price
3 0 1 $1.40
3 2 1 $1.00
4 0 46 $0.60
4 1 2 $0.60
4 3 Retro 1 $0.80
5 0 7 $0.40
5 2 14 $0.40
5 2 Like 18 $0.40
5 3 4 $0.60
5 3 Like 6 $0.50
5 4 00193 4 $0.60
5 5 Small 21 $0.40
5 5 Like, Small 7 $0.60
5 7 1183 5 $0.60
5 8 193 1 $0.60
5 9 Like, 113 1 $0.60
5 23 Like 2 $0.50
5 24 011192 2 $0.50
5 53 Like 1 $0.60
5 N/A Undoc 61 $0.40
7 0 Sold Out $0.60
9 0 17 $0.50
9 0 Like, + Line 5 $0.50
9 0 Like, - Dots 5 $0.50
9 1 65 $0.40
9 2 1 $0.60
9 2 Like 3 $0.50
9 9 1603 1 $0.60
9 48 Dateless! 1 $0.60
9 N/A Undoc Retro 1 $0.80
9 N/A Undoc 2 $0.50
10 0 15 $0.60
10 0 Like, dotless 4 $0.60
10 1 3 $0.60
10 2 Like 3 $0.60
10 5 Like 2 $0.60
10 13 Like, retro 1 $0.80
10 17 Like, retro 3 $0.80
10 N/A Undoc 6 $0.50
10 N/A Undoc retro 3 $0.80
11 0 79 $0.40
11 0 Like 3 $0.40
11 1 2 $0.60
11 1 Like 5 $0.60
11 2 Like 4 $0.40
11 3 3 $0.40
11 4 2 $0.50
11 6 1 $0.50
11 11 3 $0.50
11 11 Like 14 $0.40
11 12 Like 2 $0.50
11 13 2 $0.60
11 13 Like 1 $0.50
11 20 Like, retro 1 $0.80
11 21 5 $0.50
11 21 Like 3 $0.40
11 22 11 $0.50
11 36 Like 1 $0.60
11 N/A Undoc 52 $0.50
14 0 22 $0.60
14 1 3 $0.60
14 N/A Undoc 6 $0.60
16 0 Like 3 $0.60
16 4 Like 2 $0.80
17 0 19 $0.60
17 0 Like, + 3 dots 2 $0.80
17 1 9 $0.60
17 2 Large hole 5 $0.70
Cemented doubles Pretty cool! 2 $2.00
Poorly cast Pretty cool! 2 $1.50
Doubling Pretty cool! 3 $1.00
Catastrophes Idk 2 $0.60
Culls Large cracks, super rough, etc Available Free with purchase!

All purchases come with access to educational documents to help you read your coins. I made these from scratch, and I think they're pretty good. An example is on my profile.
Looking for a type you don't see in the table? There's a small chance I have one in my personal collection. Let me know.
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2022.01.26 20:13 LotsoHug My baby, Fat Jo.

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2022.01.26 20:13 rob5i Russia under pressure.

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2022.01.26 20:13 Kazuliski The Witcher - Geralt - Kazuliski

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2022.01.26 20:13 Guilty-Carpenter-838 SIGNED- Tyler The Creator IGOR vinyl w/ Drawing

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2022.01.26 20:13 bot_painani SEMMEXICO: Galería| Movilizaciones de Periodistas en Riesgo

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