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2022.01.26 20:41 rye9283 Memes

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I hate the rain
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2022.01.26 20:41 Specialist-Chef-7027 Is fenix connected with the surenos now a lot? Always see him on instagram posted with em

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2022.01.26 20:41 Ma3lst Tell me about myself

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2022.01.26 20:41 BarcelonaHornets Bella Hadid

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2022.01.26 20:41 TheL0neW0If Just joined a company and they started restructuring within 4 months

I joined a company 4 months ago. my team was great and my boss was giving us freedom to handle our tasks the way we want after she assigned it to us.
We were able also to find and fix issues.
they merged our team now and demoted my boss and now I have a new boss and she micromanages everything and keeps saying something and doing something else. she would give me a task and then she would do the task too while I am working on it and her solutions would often be wrong, she would force me to talk to programmers and try to get them to implement it.
I organized a meeting with her and asked her to stop interfering, because it is doubling up my workload, she would say ok and goes back at it again.
After trying to be up front with her, I noticed she criticizes everything I do or try to find fallacies in my work. It is getting on my nerves, my old manager is quitting and everybody is getting really angry.
the upper management seems to be happy with her performance and it does not seem that she is leaving anytime soon, I am also trying to jump ship, but since it is my first job my I lack experience and everyone says 2 years experience at least.
they offered a new role, where one would have more freedom. they said they are pretty happy if I wake that role, but my boss still thinks she has the right to interfere and she made it very clear she will interfere in everything.
I am pissed off because I really want to fix things and I have a very good work ethic, but I am starting to think more and more often should I just keep my mouth shut and be a zombie get my paycheck and stop caring if that place would crumble?
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2022.01.26 20:41 Kamelryttare Streak 1: Labern

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2022.01.26 20:41 gopnik457 Psa 74 worth it ?

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2022.01.26 20:40 JynxedMonkey Occulist here, which would be better secondary? Necro or shaman?

Can anyone give a good pros and cons for these choices.?
For play style...I tend to stay away and kite... but not opposed to getting close if needed.
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2022.01.26 20:40 Flat-Lettuce-2706 would you say this is 2 cups of broccoli?? i lost my scale

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2022.01.26 20:40 nopotencial_flamingo GOLDEN FRIZA

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2022.01.26 20:40 Fun_Instance_809 how is polisci 111? is it easy for a non-polisci major to take?

i need to take diversity electives, and polisci 111 seems like a cool class. how is it, from someone who has taken it?
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2022.01.26 20:40 Trev0r_P 6th order in the subi?

So I've been playing around in WinISD trying to design a decent box for my Subaru (outback, i have space). I have, however, made the unfortunate discovery that a parallel 6th order makes a really good looking curve. I have built a couple boxes before and am confident in my skills but I dont really know much about these higher order enclosures.
The subs I'd like to use are two Skar SDR-10s on 600wrms each. The box I've come up with has a 2cf rear chamber and a 4cf front, tuned to 65 and 28 hz respectively. This results in a wide curve louder than a ported box over the entire range and less peaky than a 4th. Space is a consideration but it is something that I believe I can work around.
I want to push myself but I also know that this is a very big project with a lot of variables. Are there any major issues with the box that im not seeing? Any tips? Do you think it would be worth the time and effort? I really want something that will sound good and loud musically but still able to play down to 24hz or below.
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2022.01.26 20:40 BryanBlitz Stream for tonight’s game?

Anyone have a stream for tonight’s game vs Universitario from Peru?
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2022.01.26 20:40 videoscape Trying to find out a decent to-do list app with specific features

Hey there,
I am trying to find a good to-do app where I can have the option to set a due date/time or not have one but it can be an option for today or sometime in the week depending on the priority and due date if specified.

I want the app to bother me consistently if I am close to the due time and remind me that it is close or even overdue so I can get motivated to do it. For some reason I am pretty specific and it needs to “click” for me UI wise.
I feel that Kaban type UI’s seem to work best for me though I would say.
I have tried apps such as
Clickup - it was decent but a bit too restrictive with what can be used and not sure how to make it bother me more via in-app notifications
Monday.com - I didn’t like the UI and felt way to business for me instead of personal use
Notion - it was okay but I couldn’t get on with the UI and the notifications wasn’t delivering or was delayed by a little bit.
Tiiimo - it was way to restrictive with it‘s time and always needing things to be blocked out when I didn’t know when or where to place it.
Google Keep - It was too specific time wise and not sure on the notification system
Apple Reminders - it is the same as Keep
Brill - It was too specfic and had the same issues as Tiimo
Would love some advice, I am up to any ideas or how-to’s or even open source or self hosted systems.
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2022.01.26 20:40 AustralianNFTartist Winner will be announced in 1 hour 1 of FREE NFT from the Aussy Dictaters collection. For a chance to win, jump over to my page follow the link to opensea, like and share, drop wallet addresses and share :) much love

Free NFT
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2022.01.26 20:40 aleto_aleto 🚀Hey guys! We are launching our CHERUB BEAUTY CONTEST COMMUNITY EVENT! 👼🏻 Look at the comments for more info! ⤵️

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2022.01.26 20:40 IrrelevanT_-_ Rate pls

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2022.01.26 20:40 missdoublefinger February 2022 “Sailing in the Sun” Set [Spoilers]

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2022.01.26 20:40 S3ut I fear no man.

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2022.01.26 20:40 Firaol_Birhanu Creaite 2.0 Demo: Full Inside Review ➕ [Creaite 2.0 OTOs and Prices]: In this Creaite 2.0 demo and review video you will know everything you need to know in detail about the software or how it works. Get Creaite 2.0 (Low Price) Here - https://firaallreviews.com/Creaite2.0

Creaite 2.0 Demo: Full Inside Review ➕ [Creaite 2.0 OTOs and Prices]: In this Creaite 2.0 demo and review video you will know everything you need to know in detail about the software or how it works. Get Creaite 2.0 (Low Price) Here - https://firaallreviews.com/Creaite2.0 submitted by Firaol_Birhanu to Fira_All_Reviews [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 20:40 Vezachs I created an easy-to-use combat width simulator (Link included in post).

Hello everyone,
I have created a combat width simulator, which allows you to optimize the combat width for divisions yourself. The simulator takes into account the overstacking penalty, attacking from multiple sides, and outputs combat strength (Total Width used times modifiers) as function of division size. The credit for including attacking from multiple directions goes to this post.
Combat width simulator.
To give you an idea of what optimal combat widths are, here are some examples:

In addition, I've created an extensive land combat guide for the current open beta patch. You're welcome to view it on Steam.
Some interesting conclusions from theorycrafting and experimenting in the guide:
If anyone has additions or suggestion, I'll be glad to hear them!
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2022.01.26 20:40 dedusitdl Lithium Bank to IPO

With the demand for electric batteries and other green technology growing the demand for lithium is outstripping supply.
Because of this, I am always on the lookout for new jr lithium and lithium exploration companies.
One that I have recently been looking into, Lithium Bank, is expected to IPO on the TSXV under the ticker $LBNK.V
One of the company's biggest projects Sturgeon Lake looks very promising to me.
The project is located only 270km NW of Edmonton, Alberta making it more accessible than more remote projects.
Additionally, Sturgeon Lake is thought to contain 5.97M tonnes of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent and have an average lithium concentration of 67.1 mg/l.
$LBNK's IPO is one to watch out for in my opinion and I will try and keep you all updated if I find out more info regarding its exact IPO date, opening price, etc.
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2022.01.26 20:40 dresmonkey Todays parlay!

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2022.01.26 20:40 39220DPW People seem to like the Citizen App on this sub.

If you like this app, great. You do you. For me, though... not into fear mongering companies that are interested in building up a private security force. What could go wrong with that, right?!
(expecting an avalanche of downvotes, but I figure it's good for people to know what's going on with the apps they are using)
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